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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Has Obama used some of the tactics of Adolf Hitler?

(Sep. 30, 2013) — The Obama tornadoes wreak destruction everywhere as he and his minions prune, trim and reshape America.  He and his demolition team could care less about broken legs and ripped-off arms here and there.  The lights are humming and buzzing as the Obama monster is getting ready to get up from the table and finish the job.  Will we let him?  I won’t insult Frankenstein.  I would prefer him to the Obama monster being built.

Where is the Obama vision taking us

Schools – There will be only one – Common Core

Everything must be one – controlled and shaped by Obama and his handlers.  As in the days of Adolph Hitler, Obama must take over the minds and futures of our children.  He will rise up an army of obedient ‘Stepford wives’ happily serving big Government and Obama.  They will stop dreaming about becoming a doctor, firefighter, pastor or teacher.  They will only think of their appointed place in the ‘Global Community,’  ‘Private-Public Partnerships’ and latest ‘redistribution of wealth’ scheme ordered by Obama and his staff.  Commentator and investigative journalistSher Zieve (a regular on my national radio show each Monday) captured this Nazi spirit beautifully in her article.

Through Common Core – public, then charter, schools are becoming nothing but deadly indoctrination centers to push porn, the gay agenda, Islam and sustainability.  History is rewritten to leave a strong impression of shame and need to submit and apologize to the world.  This is obviously inspired by our poser President who does nothing but apologize to the world for America.

As our new and improved ‘Sustainability model kids’ turn into perverted and globalist hacks, God of the Holy Bible and parents’ rights will be a thing of the past.  Right and wrong, sin and evil will become fossils to be viewed in the back room of a museum.  Obama and his backers will sooner or later control all curricula in every school in America that is recognized.  Homeschoolers will be increasingly persecuted and regulated until they are even more underground — then gone.  Achievement and exceptionalism will be gone.  What will remain is a sea of ‘Unitarian,’ ‘one-size-fits-all,’ low-achieving serfs. 

The battle against Common Core is going on in many states.  Shockingly, there are many ‘alleged’  conservatives’ pushing for Common Core.  They say it is a victory for conservatives.  I figure, either these ‘conservatives’ pulled a ‘Nancy Pelosi’ and planned to read it later but support it now because it is the trend, OR…they are progressive, sustainable traitors, just hiding behind the conservative limelight and sound bytes.  My guess is it is the latter.

I have been interviewing every Friday Christina Michas, www.natcure.org, who is a bold leader in this movement against Common Core.  She stated on my show that nearly all our states signed up for Common Core and were seduced by the Government contest ‘Race to the Top.’ This was nothing but a money bribe to swipe educational and state sovereignty away from the States. It worked, just like Obamacare.

Now the horror show is upon the states.  Almost every state is now drowning in red ink and realizing what the Common Core curriculum really teaches.  They are now pushing back.  States now see the ‘new world order-sustainability’ agenda peppered all through it. They are seeing the perverted sex education void of any Judeo/Christian values.  They are seeing the push for Islamic teaching and the rewriting and destruction of real U.S. history.  How is it that some ‘conservatives’ are still behind this?

Inspired and powerful works like our Constitution and Bill of Rights are put down and ignored in Common Core. Instead kids read instructional manuals from the EPA, IRS, Sustainability, U.N. and other Government-controlled groups.  Common Core is evil and perverted communism at its heart.  Any conservative or conservative group who says they are for this is dead wrong!

Healthcare will become one

Obama, stealing once again from Adolph Hitler, must control our health care system.  Obama knows, as Hitler did, that the dumbed-down masses will be stupid enough to fall for the national promises of ‘health care’ and ‘fairness’ for all.  Obama threw out the deadly and lying health care message spiders in a net across our nation.  These spiders have bitten most media and people all over and are far more deadly than black widows.

I find it most interesting, and indeed symbolic, if not planned…that the Affordable Care Act was voted and signed into law on March 23rd 2010.  On March 23rd, 1933  ‘Hitler’s Enabling Act’ was also signed into law.  In the occult, symbols and dates are critical and observed.  There is growing evidence that Obama is Islamic and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and plays in the Occult on a regular basis.  Did he arrange to sign his controlling health care bill into law the same day, March 23rd, to symbolically and satanically tie into the dark side power of Hitler’s Enabling Act?  I think so.

We are seeing the fight back and forth between the House and Senate, with the nation rising up against Obamacare.  Poll after poll shows that Americans have awakened to the unaffordable horrors in this bill.  Insurance rates have been rising while the health exchanges are creating Insurance monopolies (just as planned).   Insurance companies are going out of business, while death panels andridiculous lines are killing our seniors.  Thousands all across America are losing their jobs, working hours and health care.  Obama says there is no national evidence that the economy or jobs are being lost due to Obamacare.  He lies.

As Obamacare prunes, rips and shreds, everything is moving toward a big-government system…one system controlled by Obama.  Obama will be able to target his enemies through this bill and People will die. Money will be stolen and reputations smeared.  Get ready, folks.

Guns will be controlled by Obama and the U.N. – One

Obama must have control of our guns to complete his dictatorship goals, just as Hitler did with the Enabling act in 1933 that gave Hitler ‘temporary’ dictatorial power to take all the guns from German citizens.  He legally seduced the people and they bought it.  He was a ‘savior’ for a while, just like Obama.  The more you dig into history, the more Obama and Hitler have in common.

Obama has tried many times to get gun control passed through the House and Senate, but to no avail.  He has failed slamming through the front door, so he has gone, as usual, to the U.N. and played the ‘treaty’ card.  Even though the liberal-controlled Senate passed an amendment to stop Obama from entering the U.N. Arms Trade treaty, Obama found a sneaky way around it and did it anyway.  Obama could care less about the Democrats, law or Senate rules.  He has an agenda of gun control to fulfill and he will do what it takes to be the ‘one’ who controls the guns.

Obama plans to be ‘the one.’  He plans to control health care, all energy sources, jobs, schools and kids, guns, speech and religious choices.  I don’t know that he is the Anti-Christ as warned about and talked about throughout the Holy Bible, but if not, he is a bold precursor.

Sadly for Obama, he will find out one day that he is not ‘the one’ but Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible is and He doesn’t plan to give up His position as God.

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  1. Dr. Laurie – I think you just offended the Muslim in the White House – Americans aren’t supposed to offend Muslims. It’s okay if they chop our heads off, but not okay if we “offend” them by telling the truth.