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by OPOVV, ©2013

Gen. George S. Patton led U.S. troops in the North African campaign of World War II

(Sep. 28, 2013) — Have you ever been in a situation when everyone around you was off their rocker and you were the only sane one around? That you, and you alone, could detect the fallacy of their warped reasoning; that you, all by yourself, figured out that by accepting the status quo you were all committing suicide; that you, and no one else, were rational when all the others were irrational beyond redemption? How can one explain sanity to one who is insane?

Good question.

“Stop the War.” Thou dost protest to hear the sound of your own voice. Ye has too much free time to contemplate childish thoughts. Hark! What do we have here, behind this curtain, this wall of cloth, this impenetrable fortress, this moat of disconnect? Do we have a gaggle, a coven, making elaborate and intricate plans to gain the spotlight, to glean favor among the unfulfilled, the dissatisfied, the hopeless discarded shrouds of wasted youth spent in feeling sorry for oneself because of, well, you name it.

In 1945 General George S. Patton hit the nail on the head when he said that, hey, we’ve the Army here, in Europe, let’s topple Stalin and his murderous government.


A couple of years latter General Douglas MacArthur said about the same: we’ve our fighting force in the vicinity of China; what do you say we topple North Korea and China?


Our Soothsayer reports that he sees some sort of pattern, some sort of repeating behavior. Do NOT belittle the messenger! Leave him to toil on his own terms. Refrain from murderous intent. Accept the facts as they stand, naked in the sunshine of oblique scrutiny, of penetrating questions, of dialog begun, of debates scheduled.

What’s in yonder quiver save an arsenal of half-truths and lies? How do you slay the foe with damaged thoughts, with diminished punch-lines, with misunderstanding or, equally as ridiculous, no understanding, Occupiers answering attacks with memorized words and phrases learned by rote, of all things.

We gather on this day, under the sacred teaching tree, the place where facts may fall but never land. We’ve another name for such emptiness: mainstream media.

Take the test, see where you stand, where America stands. See if your answers match the “Unhealthy Index.”

Q. Benghazi

A. Racist

Q. “Affordable Healthcare Act

A. Bigot

Q. “LTC Terry Lakin

A. Birther

Q. “Fundamentally change America

A. Neanderthals

Protest not yonder war, for death and destruction is at hand. Is not Ft. Hood in our land? Are not the bricks on the pavement from the Twin Towers within our borders? It is of no consequence if the acts of savagery are years or miles apart, not in the broad scope of the war. Picture each event happening in a single day, and judge our responses. Have we counterattacked with meaningful blows, or have we been playing politics again, afraid to do what needs to be done, afraid of, once again, receiving the sound of the gavel yet one more time, perhaps for the last time:


Obamacare is a ticket to the ovens. You can count it six ways to September, but the bottom line is that if you don’t have a line, your goose is cooked. Now, just answer one question: if you are required to purchase a product that is detrimental to you and your family OR (your choice) opt to be exempt, which option would you choose? And that’s the answer to the question of the Mental Health of America: to even to ask the question is the answer. Ask to opt out and there is no doubt that you, too, will be:



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