A Helping Hand


by OPOVV, ©2013

“The Hand of God,” Medieval fresco from Sant Climent de Taüll, Catalonia, Spain

(Sep. 11, 2013) — It was an 80-degree, cloudless sunny Florida day. Lunch over, I decided to make one more inspection on how the rebar was placed in the tie-beam form of a four-plex building in preparation for the concrete pour in an hour.  I was walking the form that was 24 feet above the ground and, as I was going around a corner, I spotted one of the rebar not tied correctly, so I bent down and fixed it. After retying the rebar, as I was straightening up, I lost my balance and started to fall backwards, a fall that would have ended in a pile of broken concrete blocks, over two stories below.

I was actually going over with nothing to stop me. The nearest tree was 100 feet away; there were no cranes or ladders around, nothing but air. My wind-milling over, as I was just past the point of no return, when every muscle in my body failed to upright me, I felt a hand on my back, not only stopping the fall, but slowly and gently pushing me upright.

So I’m upright, standing on the corner of the tie-beam form, and, get this, turn around and look to see who saved me but there was no one in sight, as if, really now, I expected to see someone where it was impossible for someone to be in the first place. I think that was my first unnerving supernatural experience.

This is a 100% true story, and I’ll go on the 700 Club and declare it so. So the question is: Why? Why me? Why was I saved and for what, for saved I surely was. Believe me, I’ve asked myself that question many times since then and come up blank every time.

My Presidential run in 2012 was a total farce: I tried to get in to the debates but I wasn’t even invited, through no fault of my own. I asked them, “Hey, I’ll bring up the ineligibility and the stolen Social Security number of Obama if no one else will. I’ll badmouth the Federal Reserve and the National Fleece.” No banana, not even a “Thanks for trying, Kid.”

So, apparently, the Good Lord may not have political aspirations for me, although another run in 2016 is not out of the realm of possibilities. Of course not, anything’s possible, no matter how unlikely, but, at this time, that’s pretty unlikely.

I can’t help but think how our country would’ve been if everyone had written “OPOVV” as their write-in candidate for President in 2012; now wouldn’t that have been, well, entertaining is but one word to describe it all, I suppose. I’d have given my VP, Larry Meyer, a US NAVY Veteran, carte blanche on fixing our military and I know he would’ve made us proud.

Getting back to “The Hand in the Sky,” as I remember the episode, we accept that “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Being students of history, we’ve learned that the likelihood of a document such as the Constitution is a one in a quadruple-billion event; that the concept of “Freedom” is a relatively new invention on the world’s stage; that many people who have “Freedom” have no concept of living in a Totalitarian State, what it really means to be under the complete control of a Draconian Ruling Class, such as subjects under Sharia Law.

And being astute students of history, we realize that wars are inevitable as long as rational people allow irrational people to wander around aimlessly without a rope around their necks. Look at the Middle East as an example of what to expect when we give people the time of day who would like nothing more than to kill us.

The “Helping Hand” that America needs today is to give the people the brains to see that Obama and his policies are nothing but a one-way street to OBLIVION.


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