by Sharon Rondeau

Mike Zullo is a retired homicide detective from New Jersey who led the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse in a criminal investigation of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website more than two years ago

(Sep. 8, 2013) — Die-hard Obama supporters appear to be panicking.

On September 6, Carl Gallups reported on his “Freedom Friday” radio show that “an Obamabot” had called Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo demanding to know if he is considered “a suspect” in the investigation which began into the image of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate two years ago.

The Cold Case Posse determined in March of last year that the birth certificate and Obama’s Selective Service registration card are “computer-generated forgeries,” which the U.S. military and most members of Congress continue to ignore.

Obama supporters, also known as “Obamabots” or “Obots,” have shown blind allegiance to Barack Hussein Obama despite the confirmation of forgery, fraud, election fraud, and possibly many other crimes committed by Obama and his executive branch cadre.

Zullo has been publicly pushing for a congressional investigation over the last six months.  In April, Gallups reported that interest in the forgery was growing on the part of “VIPs” contacted by Zullo.  Over the past five weeks, several congressmen have said that they are aware of the reports of forgery and may participate in some type of action or “legislation” on the matter.

An Obot who calls himself “Dr. Conspiracy” claims that the Cold Case Posse is wrong about the White House birth certificate image and that an exact replication can be produced by using a Xerox “WorkCentre 7655” copier.  Zullo and Gallups have challenged anyone to submit hard evidence to the posse of their claims that the Obama birth certificate is not a forgery, but to date no one reportedly has done so.

Dr. Conspiracy does not say how he or anyone knows that a WorkCentre 7655 copier is located in or used by White House staff or if, in fact, such a copier was used to create the White House website image.

The posse stated at its first press conference on March 1, 2012 that it was aware of the computer used to upload the birth certificate image to the White House website on April 27, 2011, but not of the individual who operated it.  However, in recent weeks, Gallups has stated that “persons of interest” have been developed in the case.

Douglas Vogt, who prepared and sent a criminal complaint to the FBI based on his 28-page analysis of the birth certificate image, stated that “trusted individuals” assembled and uploaded the forgery.

The Obot who called Zullo on Friday reportedly became frustrated and uttered obscenities when Zullo refused to provide him with any information as to whether or not he is considered “a suspect” in the creation of the birth certificate forgery or any other crime associated with Obama.

An experienced document examiner and handwriting expert, Reed Hayes, agreed with the posse’s conclusions that the White House birth certificate image is “completely fabricated” in a lengthy report which stated that it was “fraught with problems.”  Hayes has performed contract work for Perkins Coie, Obama’s law firm and that of the Democrat National Committee.

In a 57-page affidavit, Zullo submitted some of the criminal evidence the posse has amassed in a case which is before the Alabama Supreme Court challenging that Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman did not perform her constitutional duty to vet presidential candidates prior to the placement of their names on the 2012 ballot.  The affidavit states that Obama’s short-form and long-form birth certificates are forgeries as well as the Selective Service registration card.

Reports have been generated since 2009 stating that the name “Barack Obama” and its variants have been associated with multiple Social Security numbers.  Private Investigator Susan Daniels told The Post & Email that she found that the Connecticut Social Security number Obama appears to have been using since 1986 “was issued allegedly to him on March 28, 1977.”  However, in 1977, Obama was reportedly living in Hawaii, which raises questions about the Social Security number.

Dr. Conspiracy stated on Friday that he ordered security paper, presumably the type on which Obama’s birth certificate was copied, and sent some to “RC,” a well-known Obot, in the mail.  “RC” is known to host an Obot radio show in which a “White House attorney” substitute-hosted on at least one occasion.

Gallups said that extensive research has been completed by the posse on the identities of the Obots, many of whom blog at a website called “The Fogbow,” which purportedly “debunks” the “birthers,” who allegedly do not believe that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii.

On their Facebook page, Obama supporters reiterate posts from Dr. Conspiracy and the main Fogbow website, although some of the links to “The Anti-Birthers” are not functional as of this writing.  A graphics expert referred to by “RC” produced a report two days after the birth certificate image was uploaded to the White House website stating that “the PDF was broken up into multiple layers…the document image was broken up into several images and combined into one document” (Figure 1, page 8).

Fogbow reports as “rumor” that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, but last year, Obama’s former literary agent admitted to making a “fact-checking error” in publishing a biography of him which claimed he was born in Kenya, a claim which remained in place for 16 years.

On July 21, 2012, four days after the Cold Case Posse’s second press conference contending that the birth certificate image was “definitely fraudulent,” Dr. Conspiracy “charged” Zullo and Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio with “fabricating evidence.” It is unclear if the “charges” were filed with a district attorney or simply posted on the internet.

An Obot who calls himself “NBC” claims to have produced “workflow” to show that the Xerox copier can produce the intended results exhibited in the long-form birth certificate image.  The Obots do not say why they waited more than a year to release their “findings” which reportedly contradict Zullo’s.

The Cold Case Posse’s investigation did not center on where Obama was born, but rather, whether or not the “documentation” he has provided to the public is authentic.  Zullo has stated on numerous radio shows that Obama “has no past” and that no evidence exists that he was never in Hawaii before the age of five.

The hospital where Obama claims he was born will not publicly acknowledge it, citing privacy laws.

Obama himself has made contradictory statements about his childhood, including that he was born to married parents and a “single mother.”  While claiming to be a Christian, he openly supports groups with ties to radical Islam, including The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Many Islamics have visited him at the White House, and recent reports from Egypt say that Obama is a member of The Brotherhood, along with his half-brother, who is reportedly the organization’s financial mogul.

On August 23, Gallups reported that “the Obots are going crazy!” and that the claims about the WorkCentre 7655 copier were “of no concern.”

The tactics of Saul Alinsky, which include spreading propaganda, ridicule and defamation of one’s enemies, were used during Obama’s first and second presidential campaigns.  Many who questioned his policies were labeled “racist,” which acted as a deterrent to free speech.


This post was updated on September 9, 2013.

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  1. All this will continue to spin until Hillary releases her grips on the Judicial and allows them to accept Criminal Presentments against this criminal usurpation. Unless Discovery is allowed, there will be no prosecution. More talk and spin will do nothing to bring justice in a failed Corporate Trust Law System. When the law Under God Was amended in 1946, it gave free reins to trial attorneys and now we the result. It is time for “The Straw Man Redemption” and to bring our Constitution to it’s due place while finding and permanently removing all in the judicial that have aided this criminal act and allowed usurpation and misprision of felony to rule.

  2. Oh, it was so much fun, when they hid behind The Great “Obama”.

    Now that he is falling to pieces, as is their shield, they’re scrambling for cover. Indictments? Prosecution? Conviction? Jail? Death Penalty as co-conspirators to Treason?


    On the other hand, this is the time the squealers squeal to save their sorry hides.