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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama still insists that he has “brought transparency” to government despite his fraudulent documents

(Sep. 1, 2013) — In an official White House photo taken on Saturday of Barack Hussein Obama and putative Vice President Joe Biden, Obama is seen talking on the telephone in the Oval Office, presumably about whether or not to intervene militarily in Syria, with his foot on the desk.

In a posting from 2010, Obama is seen with both feet up on the “Resolute Desk” speaking with his advisers.  Snopes points out that Presidents Ford and Bush also rested their feet on a desk while working.

The Resolute Desk was named for the British Naval ship HMS Resolute which in 1850 became entrapped in ice during Arctic exploration and was recovered five years later.  Years later, pieces of the ship were made into the desk, which became a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Lou Dobbs tweeted that the photo made public on Sunday was “released by mistake.”

Obama has used the edge of the Resolute Desk as a prop for his feet as well as the top.

White House Dossier shows Obama in many positions with his feet on various pieces of White House furniture.

Another source shows Obama in two different positions with his feet on the Resolute Desk, a coffee table, up against a desk, and tipping back an expensive leather chair looking half-asleep during a meeting at an unspecified location.  A second coffee table becomes a prop for Obama’s feet as he again speaks with Biden and an unknown third person.  Farther down the vertical photos, Obama’s feet rest on a another low table near a bowl of apples in two different settings.  Obama is shown placing his foot on the arm of an upholstered chair near a computer workstation.

No one else in the numerous photos has his feet on any piece of furniture, nor his or her knee against the table.

The gesture that Obama made in the photo released on Sunday has resulted in several schoolchildren having been suspended and expelled from public school this year in response to the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012.  For Fathers’ Day, the White House tweeted a photo of Obama running around a swimming pool carrying a large water pistol while his younger daughter looked on from while floating in the pool.  Several days prior, Obama had hosted Sandy Hook family members at the White House to push for stricter gun control.

Is Obama sending messages to the American people through his gestures and actions?  Some believe that Obama has insulted America with his words as well as his actions.

A blogger on the topic of etiquette who addressed Obama’s use of the White House furniture as a pedestal contends that “these photos show that the present day occupant of the White House, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, is agresssively [sic] trying to impose this vulgar and primitive habit as normal for a President of the United States to take. Therefore, I propose to White House supervisors to establish a code of manners for the next Presidents, so that these and other extravagances will not be repeated and the dignity of our country as well as the furniture of the White House, purchased with the people’s money, will be duly preserved.”  She concludes with, “In all circumstances don’t put your feet on the furniture.”

Obama has described American history as “tragic,” and his wife has called America “ignorant.”

Many have wondered if Obama’s background is an American one.  To date, a two-year law enforcement investigation has found no evidence that it is.  With fraudulent documentation, the American people do not know his true identity.

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  1. Years ago, it seems, on GRETAWIRE BLOG (which had become almost entirely “Birther” before Greta took it down and changed the format), posters were bringing up that observation.

    Isn’t one of the Alinsky tactics to degrade, denigrate and disrespect national symbols, traditions, archetypes, etc? This is then like the “Chinese water torture” which gradually and incrementally torments the Nation psychologically.

    History SHALL REVEAL who O is…his identity, his mindset, his allegiance(s), those who influence him, and those whom he hopes to impress (which is NOT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS).

  2. He’s a punk and a low life hood and if lawful prosecution occurs, he and his criminal assistants will be punished by law for usurpation, not soon enough.