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by CDR Charles F. Kerchner Jr. (Ret.), ©2013, blogging at CDR Kerchner’s Blog

(Aug. 30, 2013) — Mark Levin’s brazen misstatements and disinformation on his radio show Thursday were unbelievable and shocking. He said Ted Cruz is eligible to be President even though he said Ted Cruz was a “naturalized Citizen”.  As I said, unbelievable. I guess Mark, it’s hard to keep your mind straight when you are twisting the truth about what a “natural born Citizen” truly is to constitutional standards. And this disinformation is coming from a man who holds himself out as a constitutional expert. He is doing this on purpose. In my opinion, he is a coward on this issue of presidential eligibility since he will not allow anyone on the air, constitutional expert or otherwise, to debate him in a courteous, intelligent, and respectful way on this. All he spews out on this issue is anger, intimidation, disinformation, and ridicule. And he blocks all calls from listeners on this issue. What is he so afraid of?  Maybe that the real truth might get onto the national airways. By way of a note as to correct historical information given to him in the past, a team of constitutionalists, me included, attending a conference in Washington DC in 2010, presented him and other dignitaries attending that event with historical and legal information on the founders and framers intent and true meaning of “natural born Citizen” of the United States”. Levin is obviously ignoring it when he says nothing in history supports the definition of natural born Citizen that to be such one must be born in the USA to two Citizen parents and the founders purpose and intent for its true meaning, i.e., a person born with sole allegiance and unity of citizenship at birth. Dual-citizens by birth need not apply to be President and Commander-in-Chief. He cited the 1790 Act of Congress but neglected to tell his listeners it was repealed 5 years later with the 1795 Act to correct mistakes made in that first act such as removing any mention of declaring people born out of the country to be considered natural born Citizens if born of parents who are citizens. People born outside the USA in the 1795 Act were considered simply Citizens, not natural born Citizens. In addition his citing of other man-made statutory laws such as the U.S. Nationality Acts are meaningless to the true meaning of natural born Citizen, which can only be created by the laws of nature, not man-made laws. The man-made laws he alluded to do not even address the term natural born Citizen but only address who is a basic Citizen of the United States due to some circumstance of that person’s birth, such as birth outside the USA, that preclude that person from being automatically a natural born Citizen of the United States, for which no law or act of Congress is needed, and which need no paper citizenship document issued to the parents from the U.S. State Department. Levin instead is using intimidation and ridicule and other tools straight out of the far-left’s training book – Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. If Mark Levin was even remotely fair he would at least have either Atty Mario Apuzzo, Atty Herb Titus PhD, and/or Atty Larry Klayman or maybe all of them on his show to debate the issue fair and openly for an hour or two.  But he won’t. His agenda is to keep the cloud of disinformation and cover-up in effect on this blatant usurpation of Article II, Section 1, the presidential eligibility clause of the U.S. Constitution by both major political parties. I believe he’s a coward on this issue. He is sure acting like one. Or maybe the Obama regime has something on him and is threatening him, his family, or his show producers. Whatever the reason, he is not telling the truth on the historical and legal facts regarding the constitutional term “natural born Citizen”. On his show this time he even ridiculed by implication and innuendo the great legal writers of the founding era such as Emer de Vattel and his preeminent legal treatise of that time, “The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law” which our founders along with the Bible used to help write the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents, and which treatise contained a legal definition of “natural born Citizen” therein. This is not the actions of a historical and constitutional scholar seeking to air the truth. Mark Levin on his show demonstrated the traits of a scoundrel. Mark Levin should be ashamed of himself for his tirade and disinformation rant on his radio show Thursday.

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

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  1. It is apparent that until such time that we can get a majority of Conservative Constitutionalists voted into the US Congress, we are not going to see any adherence to the Constitution or the question of eligibility resolved. The Democrats want the Constitution ignored because they want their Communist Obama to remain unchallenged and the Republicans, RNC sanctioned, want to promote the up and coming lying Ted Cruz to be the possible next POTUS. So, the disinformation continues to fool the American Sheeple.

  2. I have been “on” to Mark Levin for a long time. I had him pegged as a conservative constitutional patriot until he showed his true colors about the Obama ineligibility issue. I don’t listen to him at all any more along with not watching that fraud Bill O’Rielly.