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(Aug. 19, 2013) — [The following is what may have transpired in a high school gymnasium in Kentucky last week]

Hello, you-all, and welcome to my world. This is a first, as some of you know, me meeting with a large group without the “Show-it-or-you-can’t-get-in” policy, meaning if you’re not carrying (a gun), you’re not invited, unless, of course, you’re with someone who can vouch for you.  Almost any other excuse will do, as long as you’re not some brain-dead government Obot, like anyone employed by the FBI or Homeland Security.

We encourage recording devices but no picture-taking. It’s not that we want to remain anonymous as much as it isn’t anyone’s business, especially with this so-called government that isn’t for us and will not stand by us, which is why we’re here in the first place.  At least, that’s why I’m here and I’m sure you feel the same.

In other words, we’re on the same page and that page is titled “What Constitutes a Safe Environment?”

The first topic is defining the word “safe.”  Driving in, I noticed that the police and fire station share the same building.  Right across the street is a little apartment complex which looked like 10-12 units. So let me ask you this: let’s say half of those residents of that apartment building are armed and half aren’t. Now, remember, the police station is about half the length of a football field away. Who’s safer, the ones with pistols, rifles, and sawed-off shotguns or the ones who are helpless, who are going to be some future statistic in the “home invasion, pistol-whipped, robbed, raped, murdered” column?

The police say that they’ll protect you, but who’s protecting you from them, or any other government agency? Look, the bottom line is that you, and you alone, are totally 100% responsible for your own safety. You cannot rely on anyone else for any reason.  What I mean is, you can’t delegate the safety of your family or yourself to anyone other than yourself.

Each of us has a God-given inherent responsibility to protect himself, which is why He gave us all that sixth sense when the hairs stand up on the back of our necks, when we subconsciously tell our brain that danger is imminent. Fight or flee. Nothing wrong in avoiding a fight. Most people are bitten by the snake while trying to get rid of the snake, chasing it away or trying to kill it. Sometimes it’s better to retreat in order to be able to fight another day.

Second on our topics to discuss tonight is “When the daughter leaves the nest.” Every father who ever had a daughter has said that he’d kill the man who raped his daughter. I say, “Let the daughter kill that man and not get raped.”  Thank you, I thought you’d like that one. Look, starting today, in every high school, there should be gun safety courses for all students. Upon graduating from high school, every qualified female graduate, after passing the appropriate background checks and safety course, will receive a free lightweight .357 Magnum and 100 rounds, to be paid for by donations from the parents: no tax money, no federal intervention allowed. Besides, it’s cheaper to kill the rapist-torturer-murderer than to incarcerate him for a few years so he can do it all over again. So you young men out there, don’t be standing any girl up on prom night.

And finally, the last topic we’ll bring up is individual and State rights over the federal government. It used to be that the federal government existed by consent of the States, but (especially) ever since Obama, decrees (known as Executive Orders) have usurped our Constitution.  They have the full backing of the corrupt Department of Justice, which has nothing to do with “justice” and everything to do with control, just as Obamacare has nothing to do with “healthcare” but is all about control.

You have to wonder why the federal government thinks it needs all this “control.”  Well, the answer is very simple.  Because of the spying done by the IRS and the NSA, when the time comes for the complete takeover of our country, those traitorous departments within the government will know who to go after first.  Every address in this country has already been pinpointed to within six feet of the front door, as exactly what was done during the 2010 census. It was the reason to “GPS” the addresses. The takeover by this government is real, which is why each of us not only has to carry, but also must have multiple weapons for multiple contingencies.

Be forewarned and be prepared. Thank you for having invited me and, Mrs. ‘J’, never had ‘possum before, but I had monkey while I was in the Philippines, and it tasted a lot like that. Thank you all.


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