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by OPOVV, ©2013

The movie “Giant” was based on the novel by Edna Ferber

(Aug. 6, 2013) — In the movie “Follow that Dream,” Elvis’s father explained that it was his patriotic duty to collect as much as he could for as many reasons from the government because, by doing so, he was creating jobs for the people whose job it was to pay him:  the whole college course of “The Introduction of Socialism” in one sentence.

In another flick, “Giant,” James Dean was “killable” when he was poor, but, as soon as he struck it rich, he became off-limits: “Should’ve killed him when we had the chance.” Yep, yet another course on “Capitalism: Funding the Wheels.” Take away the creators of wealth, and what are we left with? A downward spiral into the land of Mordor, that fictitious wasteland in Middle Earth where the only product is hate.  You can’t eat hate, you can’t hold it and you can’t save it. Hate begets envy and provides a scapegoat for why people’s lives are meaningless, where a human being is worthless compared to, for instance, a camel, for there are too many non-productive humans vs. working beasts of burden.

The difference between creating a commodity that requires follow-up compared to one that, once made, becomes removed from the equation of longevity of sustainability is a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon. You have, on one side, a washing machine, made from many parts that, in turn, are assembled, shipped, used, repaired, and recycled to become yet another washing machine, or a part of a blender or fender.

On the other hand, the returnable income from a completed bomb, or bullet, is finished (except for the mark-up between the seller to buyer, add shipping and handling). A bullet fired, the bomb exploding, that’s it; the investment is completed and the resources expended to manufacture the weapon are spent, out of the circle, from mining the ore to producing the materials to manufacturing the parts. All the manpower it took to fly, or, these days, to drive the explosive to, let’s say a check-point, goes up in smoke, and that’s the end of all the expenditures. The return on the investment ceases. The money spent, whether for a good cause or bad, is gone.

The same argument goes for, let’s say, in the future all bombs must be encased by a washing machine, or dryer. You load a B-2 Spirit up with a hundred dryers with bombs inside and drop them on some point on our planet, and Kaboom! No return on the dryers; we took them out of the loop, beyond repair.

You know what? Next time you’re at the DMV, for example, picture the government employee as a completed washing machine and dryer, with a bomb inside. Are you with me here? Okay, these dryers produce no additional wealth for us, for anybody: they’re out of the loop. There’s no more revenue generated by these washers and dryers; all they do is take the finite available money that’s circulating for their maintenance.

One more time:  Government workers provide services, which, in some cases, are necessary in order to run the country, but, and this is where it breaks down, to have so many who are not providing a service is approaching the mindset of “The Dark Lord,” the tyrant with his all-seeing eye (NSA?). Government policies that are wasteful, departments that aren’t needed, handing out money for no return. Giving out welfare and Social Security/Disability checks, and what do we get for it? What is our return on our investment on these people? I’d rather give a welfare check to a person who picks up trash on the side of the road than give money for a lousy washing machine that doesn’t work.

Let’s “Follow that Dream” to its conclusion. We have, on the one side, people working to pay their taxes and, on the other, people not working collecting the taxes. I used to be the foreman for the county’s low-income housing projects and, one hot and humid South Florida morning, I was walking up to a building and the ladies were all out there, sitting on their folding chairs in the shade, sipping their Colt 4’s, and one of them said, “You work’n fo’ me!” and they all laugh with known smiles.


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