Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator: “Start Writing Letters of Support” to Congress


by Sharon Rondeau

The image purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate has been declared a forgery by a criminal investigation and court-certified forensic document analyst

(Aug. 4, 2013) — After the release of an audio of Rep. Ted Yoho telling his constituents at a town hall meeting that he would support “a bill” to investigate the Obama birth certificate forgery, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo told radio host Carl Gallups that he believes Yoho’s statement was “not an intentional announcement.”

The posse has been investigating Obama’s long-form birth certificate since September 2011 and declared the image a “computer-generated forgery” in March 2012.  For the last year, Zullo has been attempting to enlist members of Congress in launching an investigation into why the forgery was posted and who created it.

Yoho said that Rep. Steve Stockman had drafted some type of bill dealing with the issue but asked his constituents if his joining Stockman’s effort was “the best use of his time.”  Zullo’s response to Yoho was that there was “nothing more important” issue than the forgery, which has been posted on the White House website for more than two years.  Nevertheless, Yoho was soundly applauded when he said he would support Stockman.

“This issue strikes at the heart of everything that is being done to this constitutional republic,” Zullo said.  Previously, he has said that there is no evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is a U.S. citizen.

The Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born Citizen,” which requires U.S. citizenship and possibly more.

Zullo told Gallups that citizens should now engage in a letter-writing campaign to their respective congressmen “demanding” that a congressional investigation be launched into the forgery.  Zullo and Gallups also urged listeners to encourage and thank Stockman for having taken a stand to advocate for a congressional investigation.

Rep. Steve Stockman is reportedly writing a bill or resolution after having approached Zullo at CPAC in mid-March for information about the Cold Case Posse’s findings that the birth certificate image is a forgery.

Since questions arose about Obama’s eligibility in 2008, his supporters and media sycophants have attempted to denigrate and discredit the investigation and anyone seeking the truth about Obama’s birthplace and past.

Gallups and Zullo said that “a number of congressmen” have indicated that they give weight to hard-copy letters sent to their offices on the issues their constituents are concerned about.  Yoho affirmed that contention at his town hall meeting.

Gallups said that Stockman will need strong support to continue on the path he has chosen to expose the forgery, as he will now be a “target” for detractors of an investigation.

Many who have attempted to expose the fraud have been threatened with their careers and lives should they continue with their work.

Of Stockman, Zullo said, “He is taking a stand for all of America as far as I’m concerned.”

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