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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Marine Col. George Bristol testified on Wednesday to a House subcommittee that the orders flowing through the chain of command to Lt. Col. Steve Gibson’s unit “changed over time” as more information was gleaned about the attack.

(Aug. 1, 2013) —[Editor’s Note:  The following interview was Walter Fitzpatrick’s response to The Post & Email after the release of a readout of a classified briefing of the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations by Col. George Bristol on Wednesday. Bristol was reportedly “in a key position” to know the assets and response time which might have been involved in a response to the attack by Islamic militants on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed last September 11.

Originally, the Pentagon told members of Congress who wanted to speak with Bristol that he was “retired” when he was in fact still on active duty.

On July 25, Bristol testified to the House Intelligence Committee.

Wednesday’s subcommittee report said that Bristol had been in transit “in Africa” on the evening of September 11, although it did not specify where on the continent.  Libya is located in North Africa.  Bristol reportedly communicated once that evening with then-SOCAFRICA Commander Rear Adm. Brian Losey and Lt. Col. Steve Gibson, respectively. Gibson was identified as the leader of an emergency response team who wanted to travel quickly to Benghazi to assist the wounded following word of the attack.  On May 8, State Department career employee Gregory Hicks testified that Gibson had been “furious” when he was told to “stand down” and remain in Tripoli.  Gibson’s June 26 testimony to the House Armed Services Committee contradicted that of Hicks, who testified to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in May.

Losey was Bristol’s upward chain of command, while Gibson reported to Bristol.

Of Bristol’s testimony, the committee wrote, in part:

Col Bristol confirmed to the committee that, in his role as Joint Special Operations Task Force – Trans Sahara Commander, he gave LTC Gibson initial freedom of action to make decisions in response to the unfolding situation in Benghazi.  Bristol elaborated that Gibson’s orders changed over time, as conditions on the ground evolved.  LTC Gibson previously testified to the committee that, contrary to some reports, he was at no point ordered to “stand down” but rather to remain in Tripoli to defend American embassy there in anticipation of possible additional attacks and to assist the survivors as they returned from Benghazi. Colonel Bristol confirmed this account of events.

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had testified that there had not been “adequate intelligence information” to dispatch military assistance to Benghazi to assist with rescue and recovery efforts.  Panetta said that “(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place.”

Panetta also contended that there “was not enough time” to mount a military response.

The committee report does not explain how it was known that “conditions on the ground” were determined to have “evolved” over the 7-8-hour time frame of the attack launched against the U.S. compound by Islamic terrorists.

Obama has not explained his lack of response and his apparent absence after reportedly being told by Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey of the attack at 5:00 p.m. EDT that evening.  However, various retired military officers, including Fitzpatrick, have stated that Obama would have received a military “instant message” within seconds of the launching of the assault on the compound.

Fitzpatrick’s interview was conducted prior to the breaking news of Thursday wherein CNN divulged that CIA operatives in the vicinity of the Benghazi attack on September 11 have been threatened against speaking with members of Congress and the press.]

This was an American ambassador.  He is the direct representative for president of the United States overseas; that’s what ambassadors do.  You had an ambassador and his staff under attack.  A situation where an ambassador as an individual and an embassy as a physical location or any other place where an ambassador may be residing or geographically located is foreseeable that would come under attack by individuals who reside in the host country.  This is not hard to foresee.

We have contingency plans in place to go in and respond to this kind of in extremis situation where an ambassador and his staff are to be protected.  We have Embassy Marines who are posted as a matter of assignment.  There are contingency plans in place for when this kind of attack occurs.  It’s happened in the past; it will happen in the future, and it happened on the evening of September 11-12, 2012, and there were military officers who were in the process of carrying out those contingency plans which were already in place; they’re pre-approved. Somehow those orders were interrupted; they were changed.  They were countermanded, and the results is that we have four Americans dead in Benghazi, and we have not yet arrived at the truth of what happened that night.

We have the government of the United States forcing survivors of that event to sign non-disclosure statements.  The reason is that there are individuals in the U.S. government who do not want the American people to know what happened that night.  Anybody who is coming forward at this point as a government employee cannot be trusted to be telling the truth about what happened on the evening of the 11th of September going into the morning of the 12th of September 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

So that, all by itself, is evident on the surface – prima facia – what the American government is trying to do.  The American government is lying to the American people about what happened that night, and you have military officers who are more than willing to come in and be the water carriers for whatever motivation or threat by which they may be burdened.  So you have that all by itself, and without saying more about the political aspects of the attack, there are the companion issues, which are that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has left that position under a cloud and is, in fact, running for president.  She is the nominative lead right now for the Democrat Party.  She is directly responsible, as is her boss, Obama, for what happened that night, so the cover-up now has another layer to it.  They want to keep this quiet because Hillary Clinton is running for president.

Then there is another aspect to this because it’s been reported, credibly, by individuals such as four-star retired Adm. Ace Lyons that Amb. Stevens was involved in a gun-running deal and may have been the object of a kidnapping plot to be used in the lead-up to Obama’s re-election bid.

There are so many reasons why government officials will come to the microphones and sit in front of the TV cameras now and lie about what happened behind closed doors.  They’re going to lie, and any government official is to be viewed askance.

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  1. We have been living in an “after the fact” nation for many decades. Without media press to report truth to the public that has learned and been conditioned to rely on everything said by press may be true or that “they” have our best interests in mind had better see a good psychologist, as they may have been out of the loop for some time. All the phony journalist and broadcast terms are finally worn out by now and bottom line is Hillary and DNC Operatives were involved in this, murder means nothing and the “Clintons” are not new to murder. From what we know, Bill has racked up about 59 people since his college days in Europe. Vince Foster was the last one he had to get rid of, Hillary’s affair was getting too open at the White House and Bill called in the dogs to clear him out of the equation for his reign in DC. Hillary was having an affair in California with an African American girl and Foster when she left the Rose Law Firm and stold files from there. We know of people that knew of the Clinton’s in Arkansas, one owned a restaurant there and Hillary and Foster were always there-slobbering over each other for all to see. Another person who knew the Clinton’s there were members of a Country Club there and said the Clinton’s were big “swingers” at the club. I know a person who was a Federal Marshal in Arkansas who spent long periods investigating Clinton’s corruption there. When the troupe of Hillary travelled to DC, things got to hot and open and when the news came out in the press about a security guard finding Hillary and Foster in “a compromised position” Bill knew he had to quiet the stage. Foster was found about two weeks later shot in the head in a park in DC. We know the Clinton’s are crazy for power/money/control/promiscuous behavior and it goes on and on. I thought the Clinton’s were no longer running the country? Think again, Axelrod is one of the kingpins behind DNC closed doors and the Clinton’s never left the White house in many Democrats minds. The Kennedy’s were dirty and they killed Monroe and many others that were a threat or that got in their way. Where ever there is money or money that can be stolen these types of entitlement goons will show up and be there like maggots on a carcass and they are there now. These power crazed fools will stop at nothing, it has all been told so many times in The Old and New Testament so many times it’s comical. Their criminal activity had and is being watched. America is watching and as the rope draws tighter around the DNC and it’s dirty deeds, there are still jobless numbers, fraud, theft and more crooked DNC Operatives creating these distractions to keep the heat off Pelosi and Biden who falsified Obama’s POTUS while he is “dual citizen” illegal under Art. 2. and Eric Holder is a FELON from his gun wielding college days at Columbia University. America has never seen a line up of so many criminal politicians gaming the system that it is difficult to keep up with the daily happenings. Doesn’t it show that to the DNC it was a great planned effort from the 60’s to bring white radical Marxists and Black Panther/Black Power extremists to the long awaited front of American Political Power to try to bring it down in secrecy as they are doing daily? If you don’t see it, you are either with them and the DNC or against them as you realize what had been done in 5 years. America needs conservative leadership soon.

  2. We have truly reached the point whereby Joe Q. Citizen can NOT BELIEVE any single word — any syllable that is spoken or written or typed or texted by ANY PERSON IN ANY ELECTED OFFICE IN THE FORMER USA. It is disgusting and there is only one solution !

  3. Most of us squeeze through life without ever having the opportunity/bad luck of being forced to make the decision to “go for broke” or to hang back and let events dictate one’s Fate.
    I find it distressingly difficult to accept any excuse from those who had an opportunity to assist our troops in need and not act.
    I guess it’s in my genes, or my makeup, or my upbringing, or my life experiences, but the way I was brought up was to help those who need help, and if anyone needed help was those poor souls in Benghazi on the night of September 11, 2012.
    I’m not buying into any sorry excuse such as “I was only following orders”. That’s what the guards at the Concentration Camps whined to the court at Nuremberg.
    Point #1: Obama isn’t our Commander in Chief. We don’t really have a POTUS, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff is nothing but a dirty penny. Truth be told, I’m more of a Chief than anyone in Washington these days if only for a fact that I’m part American Indian.
    Point #2: Since the NSA has listened to all of our conversations, emails, since the de facto lying sorry excuse for a human being (that be Barry Soetoro, aka Obama) why don’t we ask them about all those calls that night?
    Bottom line? Our guys turned their backs on an operation that had a good chance for success.
    What? Is this like a LTC Terry Lakin thing, where the judge said that “we wouldn’t want to EMBARRASS the president to show his (valid/legal/real) Birth Certificate, so now “we wouldn’t want to EMBARRASS Hilary”?
    What a joke our military has become. If they tried to pull a stunt like that when I was in there’d be hell to pay.