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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 25, 2013) — The single most important aspect of the agitation of our founders against The British Empire across an ocean, dictating to us our laws absent our representation, without ever setting foot on the land here, was the seminal idea “The Great Enlightenment” provided via dozens of radically free thinking philosophers who followed Voltaire’s thinking; “the world will be right when the last King is strangled to death with the silk scarf from the neck of the last High Cleric,” and man would rule his own passions in himself, and we would live in a society of people governing themselves.

We, America, can be truly “free,” but the sole way of gaining such a wondrous outcome is for every single person to assume the complete responsibility for himself.  The most crucial aspect of the constitution is the principle running throughout that “The People” can rule themselves, if we realize we must do so, to live without kings.

In order to do this, we must, as an absolute, follow the prescription of Mr. Jefferson, and see the end of all affiliations, all party notion acts politically, all forms and means of gathering more than one, except that we gather all, because only those ideas we all 100% agree on as “the rule of law” can allow us to write “Law in stone” and at the same time, expect each of us to impose our “mutual consent” upon ourselves.

The two most critical aspects of human conditions that drive against this are the self-understanding that one is not equal to others based on one’s own fear or lack of experience, yet afraid to state the truth and fulfill “Sovereign Citizen” by choosing an education, and the knowledge that one is equal to “Sovereign Citizenship,” yet unable to allow others to judge themselves, and not capable of withholding judgment until another proves otherwise.

Both these conditions are absolutely true for each of us at some time or another, and when we have learned we are “qualified to be considered educated, with skill, and capable of earning our daily bread,” we still feel those inclinations and feelings. However, knowing ourselves allows us to deny the lie evil always pushes to the forefront for us to flail at, or through courage, denounce.

The single most important truth about “amnesty and border control” is the fact we only allow new third-class “persons” to enter “the Government plantation” with every plan including immigration. The only good we can possibly do for Mexico is to seal the border and share our principles, as they once assumed them when they evicted the Spanish, using our translated Declaration of Independence, and translating our constitution into Spanish, and establishing “the Republic of Mexico.”

They lost their republic because their Great General, Santa Ana, didn’t measure up to a “Continental Army private” for egalitarian principle, unlike our own General Washington, and the Mexican People were not knowledgeable sufficient on “principles of freedom and the responsibilities citizens must take, if they would do away with most of imposed government.”

I’ve been told there is another form of love which is not tough. I’ve heard this many times, but never witnessed it.

My parents raised three children to grow up and earn our way through life, and they prepared us for the reality it entails. There was gentleness in some of their actions, but even that was a lesson; harshness would have to be compensated for regularly, because it would visit constantly.  It’s about time we reconsider what an independent sovereign citizen must be, and choose to become such.

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  1. We MUST remain focused on God. Without God we will fail. God holds this Nation up. Girds it for task at hand…upholding divinely inspired American principles of “Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. These are called “The Blessings of Liberty”. They are Blessings that only God can bestow. As the founders wisely stated that only a Moral people is able to govern themselves.