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by Anonymous

“I have no voice”

(Jul. 20, 2013) — You won’t recognize me. My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month-old child who was shot at point-blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty…too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.

I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me – so he doesn’t care and the media doesn’t care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick, GA to demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

So while you are seeking justice for Trayvon, please remember to seek justice for me, too. Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee-shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

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  1. How long are the American people going to put up vigilante justice? We have to decide if we are a nation of laws, that are enforced equally under the law, or barbarians who riot and scream when we don’t get our own way.

    Many of us have been treated unfairly in the justice system, but it is still the best system in the world, where you have the most hope of getting justice. There was a fair trial, and a fair outcome. Move on.

    It is just plain wrong that the Obama administration is allowed to use selected situations to comment on and push their agenda. I’ll tell you what this is all about…gun control. Just like the tragedy of the school children being massacred earlier this year that they used. They could care less about Trayvon or anybody else except their own hides and their own agenda. How long are we going to let ourselves be used like this? We’re better than this folks.

  2. In every other country teenagers are considered adults and adults make no excuses for the horrible choices teenagers make.
    In Vietnam the majority of the ones that were shooting at Americans were of the teenage years. American soldiers had no qualms about shooting back, dropping bombs and napalm on those teenagers.
    Those “teens” who murdered the defenseless the little 13 month old boy will, eventually, someday, reap exactly what they have sowed, so let’s all pray it happens quickly before they can cause anymore heartache in the world.
    Most people in this country are decent folk, and I’ve heard tell that our revolving door criminal justice system keeps recycling the same ones over and over, a minority of the minority that causes a misappropriate percentage of the crime.
    It’s just too darn bad, a real shame, that the criminals of this country aren’t targeting the judges, lawyers and the politician’s who make the rest of us suffer for their misguided compassion.
    [please read “The Depths of Depravity Holds No Bounds” by OPOVV July 15, 2013]