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by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 20, 2013) — Chris Matthews stated in a recent interview on his Hardball program, “I’ll just tell you one thing. And I’m speaking now for all white people, but especially people who have had to try to change the last 50 or 60 years. And they — a lot of them have really tried to change, and I’m sorry for this stuff.” Thanks, Chris, but white people can speak for themselves; they don’t need or want your help.

For years I was beset with “white guilt” that afflicts millions of Americans.  Every time I observed a black janitor or laborer it sickened me because it conjured up a mental picture of the days in American history when those images would have been real ones of slaves. Although the guilt was not incapacitating, I was troubled by the fact that America has this blight on its history. I was also troubled that for subsequent decades after the Civil War, mistreatment of black Americans continued.  But, I got over it when a retired black Army Colonel, a Democrat who I regard as my best friend, pointed out that contemporary blacks have every opportunity to succeed and one way or the other chose to be where they were. I don’t entirely agree with that, but I got over it.

For too long blacks were subjected to the unendurable, to unconscionable treatment by police, racial discrimination by employers, educators, religious leaders and through legislation in some States that deprived them of basic human rights.  Yet, despite seeming insurmountable obstacles and personal hardships, many rose to national prominence and excellence in most walks of life; every right-thinking American applauds that.

It is an interesting aspect of one’s psyche that despite the fact of having nothing to do with slavery and eschewing it as deplorable, “white guilt” afflicted me and continues to afflict millions. This despite the trillions of dollars spent in what amounts to reparations by granting blacks head-of-the-line privileges in most aspects of American life, shouldering the costs of their basic needs and education for the past six decades, and instituting a system of quotas throughout government and society through “affirmative action.” Affirmative Action Programs were deemed appropriate given the long and dismal history of racial discrimination in America and held to be Constitutional until recently.

But, contrary to pervasive popular thought, “black issues” do not arise from the color of their skin alone. There is no doubt that skin color was/is a major factor in social, economic and political bias, but is broader than skin color. In my opinion, bias persisted and persists today because of “black culture,” a culture that blacks are loathe to abandon or modify. On the one hand, it is rich in history and tradition; on the other, it is an albatross around their collective neck. Yet, they cling to it tenaciously, largely refusing to integrate into American society despite their culture being at the root of their problems.

On January 20th, 2009, the first mulatto President of the United States was sworn into office. He promised to be a “uniter” despite his thinly-veiled personal animus toward Caucasians, and despite the “white” blood that courses through his veins; which incidentally, he would “like to expunge.” He promised racial harmony, but his actions fracture and divide the nation along racial lines; that is either intentional or grossly incompetent.  It is paradoxical that he laments that at an early age he might have been Trayvon Martin, but laments not at all the killing of thousands, perhaps millions of black babies that are born alive, but who survived the abortions.

Despite Civil Rights legislation that opened wide the door for opportunity, rather than grow and fully participate in the American Dream, overwhelming numbers of black lemmings followed race profiteers who promised them everything, delivered little but took a lot.  They are the maggots of politics whose objectives are designed to provide them a stream of income at taxpayer expense. They created a bloc of racist voters to perpetuate their economic fortunes on the backs of enslaved black clientele situated on their socialist political plantation.

The present condition is due in large measure to the actions and attitudes of one person, the President of the United States.  As a consequence, unfortunately, no, tragically contemporary race relations are worse than at any time since the Civil War; and there is reason to believe that is exactly what Obama wants. He wants it to build to a crisis of violence to justify imposition of totalitarian government.  Why else spy so expansively on ordinary, patriotic Americans? Why else transfer retrograde military equipment to the Department of Homeland Security? Why does DHS need billions of rounds of ammunition? Why are spent military ammunition casings destroyed and sold to the Chinese rather than sold whole to American citizens?

The question has been repeatedly asked, “How is it that immigrants can come to this nation penniless and within a generation become contributing members of American society, while our black brothers and sisters for the last six decades have been housed, fed, clothed, had the benefit of free education and Affirmative Action, yet largely remain in a pit of self-pity, racism and malice?” The answer is they are willing victims of Democrat “Race Profiteers” who have used them, some for votes, and others as a source of income.

The Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin episode illustrates the breadth of the cultural divide.  On the one hand, Trayvon is depicted as an innocent seventeen-year-old boy who Zimmerman, depicted as a vigilante, “hunted …down like a dog.” On the other hand, Trayvon is depicted as a “Chicago-style thug” who bore watching and attacked the Neighborhood Watch Captain who feared for his life and used deadly force to defend himself. Both positions were argued at length at the trial.  It would serve all parties well to take a deep breath, count to ten and deal only with facts and desist from watching programs designed to stir the pot for ratings’ sake.

I urge full, honest and open discussion but not race-baiting or profiteering. There is no need to rehash the jury’s decision in the Martin/Zimmerman case…that was argued for 20 days by highly-qualified attorneys and judgment was rendered by jurors who were agreed upon by both the prosecution and defense. Both sides brought forth their best evidence, put on their best witnesses and made their most persuasive arguments. At trial’s end, Zimmerman was adjudged “not guilty” under the applicable laws of the State of jurisdiction, Florida.  If the law is flawed, the Legislature should change it, but “News Alert,” ex post facto changes will not restore Trayvon nor convict Zimmerman.

Since the trial, race-baiters and profiteers have been in full swing. What is this? Is there a Constitution in this country or not? Should Zimmerman be retried until “social justice engineers” get the answer they want despite the facts? Come now, let us reason together!

I have a number of black friends who I trust with my life and am witness to the loyalty and integrity of a host of black Marines with whom I was honored to serve. All are without exception patriotic Americans, not black Americans.

There is an urgent need for an honest discussion among Americans of all political persuasions and color to both air and resolve justifiable grievances. Then knock off the bickering and malice and move forward…together!  But race-baiting and profiteering by those who have a vested interest in such an enterprise have no place in it…and, associated language needs to be left at home by serious participants. In the meantime, grownups need to rein in the “destroyers” who cost everyone treasure and resources, make most citizens angry and contribute nothing of substance to the discussion. So, I call on Race Profiteer Sharpton to call off his planned racist protests! When and where do we start the discussion? I am ready!

Now, where do we stand on Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, H&HS, and other matters of great national  concern? Methinks Obama is basking in the reprieve.

Semper Fidelis

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  1. a.k.a. Obama’s father, Malcolm X, also publicly stated that he hated the white blood in him.

    So what we have is more “Dreams From My Father”, yes?

    As for the white blood “O” would “like to expunge”, this is, simply, psychodynamic expression of his primitive hatred for his mother.

  2. I don’t have “white guilt” – I am not responsible for what my grand-daddy did or didn’t do. And why should I be forced to pay someone in my generation for some supposed mistreatment that happened to his grand-daddy? And what about my and his next generation, or the one after that?