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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jul. 11, 2013) — From the moment the police officers arrived on the scene where Mr. Zimmerman was assaulted, beaten down, head smashed into the ground numerous times, finally shooting his six-foot-four assailant, every statement, every bit of evidence, all the facts of the assault were there, laid out in statements, the evidence, all reported in the initial reports.  Once the media took stock, the story began to change, deliberate lies were formed and broadcast, and despite all evidence, it was George Zimmerman the press called the racist criminal, not the man who committed the assault.  From the moment “the press” realized another black young man had been violent, the truth was left behind.

From the first reports, the facts regarding the massive assault on Zimmerman were completely excluded, the fact that his blood soaked the pavement under his head in a visible pool and spattering. The fact that it was a tall husky young black man allowed the press to publish a much younger photo, suggesting this was a case with a small, slight youth, poised in an innocent picture, deliberately hiding the truth.  From the first public reports, it was decided to make this racial, and imprison the victim, not the assailant.

The facts of the case have been too graphically stolen, replaced by lies for the bystanders and responders, neighbors who witnessed the assault, to stand by and let the press lie.  All the witnesses have spoken, some in public, many now in court as witnesses, and since it has been shown beyond question who the victim was, blacks around the nation have chosen to attack, en masse, whites, with the intent to hurt, maim, or even kill.  The black youth of our nation have been incited by the race-mongers, Sharpton, Jackson, and the Congressional Black Caucus, to presume the lie true, to brutally take out their misplaced anger on any easy victim available, and hundreds of whites have woken up wondering where, when and why they ended up in a hospital.  A couple or more have never woken up.  In each case, “This is for Trayvon” has been the charge.

In the past couple of weeks, the court has revealed enough for honest Americans to note the fact Mr. Zimmerman was violently assaulted and was almost dead when the police arrived, and every single witness has recounted the same testimony they gave when the investigating officers found no evidence of any crime other than the burglary attempt.  The attack on Mr. Zimmerman, by “Martin Trayvon,” by the race-baiters, the blacks who won’t accept the facts of “blacks, crime, the majority black victims” threaten riots, intent to “get the honkies” if the verdict is “not guilty.”  These and youth openly texting and using social media to organize for deliberate attacks are “not Americans” but have their loyalty tied to race, not the nation which allowed them to rise to the height of their ability and are the enemy of American principle.

My question is, who will be the first of these, knowing themselves and knowing they have deliberately ignored the facts, have worked to make something of this, who, knowing now they were wrong, knowing then they were “taking the bait” but wanting to, because they wanted Zimmerman to be guilty, because they are tired of it always being a black thug, which black racist will be the first to have the courage, the moral standards, the honor, to acknowledge they did cause this, and take just as open a stand because we should not watch wanton destruction reign, because we have too many weak and immoral folks who will choose to act like they believe, because to see the truth demands acknowledging the wrong which has been deliberately, willfully done, without concern for the consequences for the real victim?  Can one of those nihilist trembling cowards actually choose truth, and overcome their craven cowardice to be principled and stand for the truth?

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  1. If any out of control , criminal youth of ANY COLOR ,
    attack like a pack of animals, THEN STAND YOUR GROUND ! ! ? If your life is in danger, then shoot to kill! That is the law.

  2. All of Obama’s “fundamental changes to America” are becoming more evident with each passing day, and law enforcement has aided the trashing of the very document they swore an Oath to.
    Zimmerman could be the catalyst that sets off the road to martial law, or maybe it’ll be some other equally unbelievable circumstance in the future, but make no mistake, our country is sliding into the abyss of the world of the Muslim Brotherhood, where reason is suspended and hate replaces good-will to all, and to all a good-night.
    The case against Zimmerman is not about justice, for if there were an ounce of justice in the United States, the DHS goons would all be in prison, Holder and Obama would be sharing a cage down in Gitmo, and my neighbors could do away with the neighborhood watch for “unauthorized vehicles”, which in country-speak means cops, Feds, Revenuers, and Obots.
    Poor Zimmerman, I bet he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore.
    Truth? American troops were fired on by “juveniles” in Southeast Asia, and we fired back. This court in Florida is a real joke, but the aftermath certainly won’t be, no matter what the jury decides.