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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is Islam attempting to stamp out Christianity worldwide?

(Jul. 6, 2013) — A while ago, farther back than your birth date, around two millennia, this Dude showed up on the scene and started talking about treating people about how they would wish to be treated, and he gathered himself quite a few supporters. It wasn’t a mystery why the head honchos of the temple lived large; it wasn’t magic because it was out in the open: people paid for their salvation, and the more they paid, the better gig they got when they arrived in heaven, so they were told by those in charge of their souls. Another thing this Dude said was that living a good life was more important than not and expecting to circumvent unacceptable deeds by buying your way in, maybe by killing other people who disagreed with you in some manner, is a bad idea.

Now let’s jump-start our story 600 years and welcome another group of people who think it’s a darn good idea to kill those who would give them the benefit of the doubt. Let me retract the word “welcome” and substitute the phrase “do unto others as they would do unto you.” Are we on the same page here, or do I have to spell it out?  But then, if I have to spell it out, we’re not on the same page so you might as well stop reading and go on your merry way and continue your oblivious life to what’s going on outside your window.

There, now that we got the Obots out of our hair, I’ll continue. There is a lot of information on the internet these days; some of it is true, and some of it is false. The true information is usually backed by video or some other collaborating evidence. Take, for instance, the short film “FITNA,” which starts off with planes flying into the Twin Towers and Muslims saying that they will bury Western Civilization by following the dictates of the Qur’an.  You know the verse, “Kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye find them.”

Websites such as Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch continuously give us videos of Muslim atrocities with the obligatory yelling and screaming of “Allah Akbar!”  These and other websites document Christians being killed all over the world in whatever manner humanly possible, or, more accurately, as savagely as possible.

We read about Christian Priests and Ministers being murdered in the most horrific ways, sometimes along with members of their congregations, and also of children either going to school or in school, with the attack on the Russian school being just one example.

Time, or the concept of time, differs between widely differing cultures. Thomas Lawrence describes the Arab mind as being “infinitely patient,” learned, no doubt, by the seemingly ever-unchanging vastness of the dessert. Even though 9-11 for us was last decade, for the Muslim it was just a moment ago. The Beltway Shootings, the killings at the El Al airline counter at LAX, the Ft. Hood murders, the beheading of the Catholic Priest in Syria, the killing of Christians throughout the world today, yesterday, last week, last decade, are but a single grain of sand falling through the opening to the bottom of the hourglass, except the Muslim hourglass.

Being right, just and honorable with compassion won’t see you into next week or your children dying peacefully of old age. The most prudent action a Christian can take is to expect the worst and plan for it to happen. Every Christian school and church should have armed guards, every parishioner conceal carry or open carry.

It’s better to be prepared, especially since it is quite obvious that Muslims are targeting Christians as their ticket to Paradise.

PS: Snowden is the red herring. The real problem is having an out-of-control government and a de facto president who isn’t Constitutionally eligible to hold the office, something to keep in mind whenever the name “Snowden” is mentioned. Do they attack the messenger or the message? If they attack the messenger, then you know whose side they’re on, and it isn’t yours.


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