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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jun. 30, 2013) — The Democrat Party, immersed in their Administration’s crimes and scandals and therefore at risk of losing the Senate in the midterm elections, is in a panic to retain their base through a 1200-page pork-laden immigration bill which is rife with lies, fraud and deceit.  If passed into law,  it would continue the path of destruction of our nation’s cultural identity and economy while ensuring little to enforce CURRENT border security laws.  Some gullible Republicans such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham have bought the Democrat lies ‘hook, line and sinker’.  These GOP cheerleaders of a massively flawed immigration bill have been led by Democrats to believe that the GOP will melt away if they don’t pass this horrible ‘compromise’ bill.  So what is wrong with the current Senate bill and what are the real solutions?

One must first face the fact that current and past Administrations (both parties) have refused to complete and enforce current federal border security laws and are therefore in violation of the rule of law.  In 1986, Congress passed border security measures which were never enacted, resulting in the current debacle of an additional 12 million or more illegal immigrants, many of whom are not accounted for, most subsisting off our poorly regulated taxpayer-funded welfare system which contributes to fiscal and economic calamity particularly in border states.   So why should we believe the Senate’s promises now?   The Democrats are all about winning elections by redistributing wealth from productive citizens and giving to those who are not in order to win votes—expanding the welfare state.  But what about the ‘border surge’ amendment proposed by Republicans which should make the bill more palatable to the GOP-dominated House?  The bill and its amendment are a concoction of promises without teeth which accomplish the Democrats’ goals while providing numerous loopholes in  border security enforcement provisions.

Wayne Allyn Root,  the well-known Libertarian politician, entrepreneur, TV/radio personality, author and political commentator (who attended Columbia University with Obama) has a new video clip which outlines the correct solution to illegal immigration and border security which safeguards our nation’s citizens, our values and prevents further destruction to our economy at the hands of power-hungry misguided socialists.  He correctly points out the solution is not 1200 pages of pork-containing legislation which not one senator has completely read,  much less analyzed—just like the debacle of Obamacare.  Root points out that the current bill is no ‘compromise’ despite the ‘border surge’ amendment because that amendment is full of loopholes not covered by the secular regresses of the lame street press nor apparently recognized by the Kool-Aid- drinking Republicans who voted for it.  Said loopholes defeat the publicized border security provisions and therefore allow yet more illegals to cross the border and plunder taxpayers, hastening our economic and cultural decline.

Root suggests a separate stand-alone border security bill now.  Any bill to address the status of current illegals would be addressed only after the border is verified as secure by Congress and an independent panel of citizens—not DHS and the Administration, which have self-serving goals.  Only after border security is verified should there be a separate bill which incorporates the following points (no ‘compromise’ scams):  illegals must be identified and only those with work go to the end of the line behind those waiting for legal citizenship; end all welfare (and no Obamacare) for illegals and allow them to collect Social Security only after they pay taxes for years just like the rest of us; end birthright citizenship; learn English as a requirement for future citizenship eligibility.

Wayne Root believes correctly that Democrats will not agree to real compromise.  That, he says, would be a huge problem for them in future elections IF smart Republicans will call the Democrats’ bluff and the fact that the current Senate bill is full of lies, fraud and trickery.  For the good of America, the Senate bill is dead in the House despite Senator Schumer’s fantasy that it will eventually pass in that body.

The Perfect GOP Compromise On Immigration: ROOT For America   

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