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by Sharon Rondeau

Is there a microfilm containing Obama’s financial aid information from his college years? Why is the media not curious about such a development?

(Jun. 27, 2013) — On June 25, a reader of The Post & Email sent a news tip to two New York newspapers with a link to an article from The Examiner on June 24 about Atty. Orly Taitz’s report of “a whistleblower” who had approached her at a rally on June 19.  According to Taitz, the woman claimed that she had viewed the microfilm containing Obama’s college financial aid information retained by the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) and that it indicated that Obama had received financial aid as a foreign student.

Taitz has submitted the information provided by her source to Judge Royce C. Lamberth at the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, where Taitz has a case pending which asks for the release of a certified copy of Obama’s Social Security number application.  Taitz believes that Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security number issued by the state of Connecticut, where Obama has never worked or lived, according to his life narrative.

Since 2007, speculation has grown that Obama attended college funded by money from Saudi Arabia possibly because of Obama’s claim to, or actual possession of, foreign citizenship. If true, Obama would have been prohibited from serving as president as a “natural born Citizen” of the United States, as is required by Article II of the Constitution.

Sheriff Richard Mack, who was master of ceremonies at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) conference held on May 31-June 1, 2013, told Alex Jones in a recent interview that Obama has used “aliases” and attended college using the name “Barry Soetoro.”  Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo has also stated that Obama has “four aliases” and that “there is no history on him” after a nearly two-year investigation.

Obama has not released any of his college records, theses, photos or transcripts.  Last year, business mogul Donald Trump repeatedly called for Obama to release his college “applications” and shortly before the election, offered $5,000,000 to the charity of Obama’s choice if he would comply.  Obama ignored the challenge.

Trump had pressured Obama to release his “long-form” birth certificate to prove he had been born in the United States.  On April 27, 2011, the White House posted what it said was a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health several days prior.  However, within a day, graphics experts claimed that the image was a forgery.

Mack said that the White House had to produce something quickly in response to Trump’s strident demands and supports Zullo’s findings that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Mack invited Zullo to present the posse’s evidence at the CSPOA.  Zullo gave two presentations, the second of which was attended by “credentialed” individuals only who were required to take a pledge to confidentiality of the information released.

Rep. Steve Stockman (TX-36) attended both presentations.

Zullo stated in a June 10 interview that Obama has financial connections to Saudi Arabia.

The reader sent the following email to the Times Union (Albany, NY, tucitydesk@timesunion.com) and news@wten.com.

The reader’s message to the two outlets read:

Subject: Albany Whistleblower; Update

It is now appearing at Examiner.com


The reader then received the following response:

Dude, Really?????

The bull**** “Birther” obsession AGAIN??

Get over it and get a grip on REALITY!!!

Orly Taitz is a ****** NUT JOB from the former Soviet Union.


The response appeared to come from a personal email account.  It is unknown if an employee at either news outlet forwarded the message to a third party or sent the response from a personal email account.

The mainstream media has not been willing to report on the Cold Case Posse’s discovery of fraud and forgery or the questions surrounding Obama’s constitutional eligibility which have never been answered.

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  1. Today’s American Mainstream media is the same type of media that the Soviet Union had. They towed the Communist Party line or they died. Obama is sovietesque as is our mainstream media.

    1. Good observation.

      Under that system, language also became “Politically Correct.”

      The famous German wooden ornament which turn by a fan powered by candles is known as a WEIHNACHTSPYRAMIDE (a Christmas Pyramid).

      Under the Communists, that term was banned in the press and official state run shops, being replaced by

      JAHRESENDPYRAMIDE or End of the Year Pyramid.

      This kind of pedantic silliness is rampant in the USA too.

      It is meant to send a message that the power structure has changed to a Socialist, albeit NON Judeo-Christian one.

      Only difference in America is that Islamo-centric references and practices would probably be exempt as the current “socialization” of US Culture is now part of systematic Dhimmitization and Triumphalism.

      Look at the Muslim Brotherhood members in the Obama Administation.

      Does anyone think that a NATURAL BORN citizen would act like this?

      They are actions of a wolf in sheep’s clothing parading as an “American” with VERY Internationalist underpinnings.

  2. Ayer’s family paid for much of aka Obama’s college funds. There also may be ties to the Muslim Bro’s for that extra pocket change. We can tit-a-tat about all this but NOTHING is really happening and NO ONE has been prosecuted or arrested in 5 years with ANYTHING to do with ANY of this madness. Muslim Eric Holder, ex Black Panther, psycho, is not in jail, Obama is not in jail, Pelosi/Biden are not in jail, all the Democratic Party Socialists that planned/carried out/forced this usurpation ARE NOT IN JAIL either! Martha Trowbridge commented on another brilliant part of this stupidity and there are a lot of “news” people that will not be able to deal with what is coming, now or later but it is coming as sure as we will all die and as sure as the Constitution was written. Buyer BEWARE!

  3. Isn’t Albany, NY known as an old Democratic Machine town where ward leaders run a tight ship for City Hall? Perhaps there is a systematic unwillingness in such a place to report fairly on the head honcho of the party in D.C. Thanks for this article, Mrs Rondeau. It seems the story has grown to include Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Albany, NY.

  4. Trump should never donate to Obama’s favorite Charity. Obama’s favorite Charity is Muslim “Zakat”. One eight of “Zakat” is dedicated to funding the ISLAMIC Military.

  5. Tensions are high, to say the least, yes?

    Those in the media with overblown egos have no experience managing what will be very public humiliation, for blindly defending aka Obama. To worsen matters, they are unfamiliar with the virtue of humility. Lots of wailing in store for these sad souls.

  6. Why wouldn’t a media outlet jump at “THE STORY” of all American history? Were they told to stand down like the abandoned Benghazi rescue team? or are they the state run propaganda arm of the hijacked Republic that once had free press?

    The escalating noose is getting tighter. Some corruptocrats are seeing the near future of their stupidity of policy and rethinking how it affects their families and realized the death sentence to freedom for generations to come. Viva La USA.