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by Dwight Kehoe, ©2013, blogging at TPATH

(Jun. 26, 2013) — Well, now, what a surprise!  The newly appointed and unelected Senator Chiesa has voted with the liberal Democrats and the liberal Republican lemmings in the United States Senate.  What did he vote for?  We will go into that in a moment.  But first a short synopsis on the state of the Republican Party, not just in New Jersey, but across this land.

During this past off-year primary election cycle here in New Jersey, Tea Party groups as well as the up-and-coming independent organization, which is growing nationwide,
TeamNJ, had opposed the Republican establishment and much of their slate of candidates. 

What we heard from the GOP was,
“Why are you running candidates against us?  Our people are good, strong conservatives.”   Admittedly there were some good candidates running with the establishment, and TeamNJ and many Patriot groups did support them.  But a majority were and are party hacks who never fail to espouse conservative values while campaigning and then vote like liberals while legislating.   This, today, is the face of the Republican Party.

To further expound on this and to file a resounding alert to the GOP –  Yes, except in a very few areas, you once again managed to get out your primary voters and once again handed to the apathetic voter a gaggle of moderates who will continue to allow the destruction of our constitutional values.  Congratulations!

But be warned, the people of this country and state will not quit, and they will not stop fighting the GOP until it is either defeated or it returns to the values it used to stand for.

This is not a short-term threat; it is a long-term promise. 

Don’t surmise for a minute that those working for this goal are oblivious to the fact that it took hundreds of years for the GOP to build a reliable voter base that they can depend on in primaries, and it is understood that it will take more than just a few election cycles to undo that mess.  But undo it, they will.

The party can continue to expend resources battling its conservative members or it can rethink the direction it has allowed its party to be taken in.  The Tea Party, much to the chagrin of the regular Republican elites, is not going away, it is not dead, and the people behind it will battle your liberal appointments and selections for as long as it takes.

Returning now to the vote this week by that “Senator” selected by Christie.  Since this man was not elected by nor subjected to the citizens of New Jersey, can there be any doubt he was sent to DC to do the bidding of Governor Christie?  Or can there be any doubt that Christie has lost any and all credibility concerning any aspect of conservatism?

The questions which follow, one would surmise, should be directed at the one who cast the vote that helped get this Amnesty Bill moving forward in the Senate.  So we ask Governor Christie if he is aware of or even cares about the following facts.   And while we are at it, another question we could ask Governor Christie, “Did you, Sir, read and understand the amended bill before you sent our new Senator to vote for it?”  It’s clearly a waste of time to ask Senator Chiesa if he did, for his actions are restricted to the manipulation of the marionette master. 

You voted for the following.  Do you know what you voted to do?  Do you care?

ObamaCare and this Amnesty bill will force hundreds of thousands of American citizens to be fired or not hired.  Illegals will take their place.  The fines which will be imposed on businesses if they can’t afford health insurance
will be voided if that employer hires illegal aliens.  As crazy as this sounds, it’s the truth.

With just 50 employees, a business can save between $100,000 and $250,000 each year by firing legal Americans and hiring illegals.  

Unfortunately for blacks and those Hispanics who are legal citizens, they will be the first to either have their working hours cut below 29 each week or to be fired or not hired at all as a result of the bill you just voted “yes” on.

The question is, will this actually affect many low-income Americans?  The dirty little secret is yes, and in a big way.  As it stands now, blacks, Hispanics and young people just out of school are unemployed at a far greater percentage than higher-educated middle- and upper-middle-class people.

Despite what those scoundrels in the Press and DC are telling us, the number of illegals in this country who will benefit businesses if they are hired under this amnesty bill is not 11 million.  Anyone with a whit of sense knows the number is closer to 30 million.  And growing every day.

Is it any wonder why so many corporations and their Republican confederates are backing this bill?  A modest estimate for non-taxable income for corporate America, as a result of this bill, is $75 Billion annually.  A huge windfall.  Of course all 30 million illegals won’t be replacing 30 million Americans, but the incentive to do that will be overwhelming and millions of America’s minority legal population will indeed become part of that equation.

This aspect is just one reason why this Amnesty bill is bad.  The welfare portion of it – the schooling, medical care, food stamps and so many other welfare benefits we the tax payer will be footing, represent many more.

And then there is this:
Having run a small construction business for many years, a good rule to survive by is this – A lesson well earned is a lesson well remembered.   This comes from the very expensive schooling that has been the bane of many failed small businesses.  If the owner (or general contractor) intends to pay for extra work, he will sign a purchase order before you start; if he won’t sign it, he won’t be paying. Sound familiar?

All of us have heard that they intend to close the borders
if we just go along with this Amnesty bill.  Indeed, we have heard this before back in 1986.  There was no intention then and there is no intention now to close the borders.

Corporate Republicans will never tire of cheap labor and Democrats will never tire of building their voter base.  Neither group cares about the future of this country.  For one, it’s the bottom line; for the other it’s staying in power.  Therefore if they are allowed to pass this bill before the walls are built, it will never be built.

The American people had better demand that purchase order. Now! 

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  1. The GOP is populated by at least 80 % turncoats and spineless me-me – me pols. Some people NEVER learn by the past. Charlie Brown ALWAYS thought that Lucy would hold the football on the ground, so he could give the football a mighty kick !! He was fooled every time !! Let not the American people (those 20 % with a pulse) be as gullible as Good Ole Charlie Brown.