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by Sharon Rondeau

After leaving Fox News, Glenn Beck founded an internet TV station and continues to host a daily radio show. His “The Blaze” is a news and commentary website contributed to by numerous national writers and reporters.

(Jun. 25, 2013) — Beginning at 5:52 p.m. EDT on TheBlazeTV, Glenn Beck is discussing with Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that the deeds of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell went unreported by almost all U.S. media.

Dietrich Bonhoffer was a pastor who opposed Hitler, was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp and killed days before the Allies declared victory over the Axis powers, of which Hitler’s Third Reich was the main aggressor nation during World War II.

King, a Christian, responded that “It’s got to stop…” and said that the state of Texas, where she lives, has become a haven for the abortion industry.

Beck recounted a time earlier this year when he said he spoke with God, who he said told him to “stand up” and “have no fear.”  Beck said, “The time is here.”  On Monday, Beck had said that he would be making an important announcement and would introduce “the man” who was going to lead the “movement.”

“I believe courage is contagious, and if we have a few people stand up, I believe others will.”

King then directed herself to the audience and said, “You’ve got to help us, people.”

At 5:54 p.m., Beck ended the segment with, “This fall, we’ll roll up our sleeves, and we’re in it to the end.”  He did not elaborate on what “it” is, but King appeared to agree that something new is about to begin.

A commercial break then ensued, and when Beck returned, he said, “Get yourself a diary, because you’re living in historic times.  Good night, America.”

Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email was not able to listen to the first 45 minutes of Beck’s show live on Tuesday but will be downloading the podcast when it is available.

Update, June 25, 2013, 9:50 p.m. EDT:  At the beginning of Beck’s Tuesday show, he said that his studio audience would be witnessing something significant and hearkened back to his 912 appearance three years ago in Washington, DC.  He said that he stayed in the same hotel as Martin Luther King, Jr. had when he wrote his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.   Beck said that “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” was also written by Julia Ward Howe in the same hotel 150 years before King’s stay there.

Beck said that “freedom” was the theme of Howe’s song and King’s speech.

“Now is the time.  Our rights to self-defense, our right to privacy…is being abused,” Beck said.  He stated that constitutional rights are being “rationalized” and decried drone strikes and politicians “setting a frightening precedent.”

“We have seen this movie, and we know how it ends…It is up to us…We have to defend, but defensive action is really only to stall things.  You must start to go on the offense…” he said.

Beck said that he plans to “teach” people how to fight offensively.

“912 came to me after I developed the principles and the values,” he said, explaining that there were nine principles and 12 values of his national action program developed in 2009.

Beck said he will be examining how today’s events compare to those of the 1960s civil rights movement.  “Make no mistake; there is a civil rights movement coming,” he said.

“It’s pretty audacious to say we’re fighting for civil rights…I know that it won’t be easy for any of us…some of us will pay a small price, and some of us will pay an ultimate price,” he said.
“We are to further the rights of others…at all times.”

He spoke about the “torch of freedom” and “purpose,” referring to God’s purpose for man.

Beck then said that civil rights actually “began with Moses” rather than “MLK.”

“On March 7, 1965, over a thousand Americans began their march for freedom,” Beck recounted of the civil rights demonstration in Selma, AL. He said that “thousands” marched because of a “calling” as video from the march was shown.

Beck said that “the idea that all men should be free” developed from the civil rights movement.  He said that “civil resistance” was the manner in which Southern blacks accomplished equal rights.  He said “cultivating a soft heart” was important to take the steps to “battle” now.

He said “the time is here.”

“What is that equipment?  Certainly, it’s not a gun,” Beck said, then referring to the pledges the Founders took of their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” before the American Revolution.

He then invoked Hitler, who pumped out propaganda during his reign in Germany.

Beck said that “our media” and government are now doing the same thing.

“…our enemy is injustice, not people,” he said.

He spoke about “evil” and “redemption” and choosing “love over hate.”

“It is only love that will destroy hate,” he said.  “We must restore our communities with love.”

He showed video of the “Audit the IRS” rally held last Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol at which Beck spoke, citing “honor, courage, and love.”

“We must use this summer to prepare,” he said, “because fall is a-comin’.”

He then showed video from the civil rights marches of the 1960s.

After the advertisements, Beck had Dr. Alveda King, who talked about loving God and people.  Beck described her as “a pariah in her own family.”

Dr. King said that she signed a pledge to “read her Bible daily” and to always practice “non-violence.”

King spoke about her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his ministry and “methods,” which resulted in “six steps.”  She agreed that he ‘died for the Bill of Rights,” which was asserted by Beck.

For the last two weeks, Beck had been promising an event which would cause “the whole world to change” and suggested that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts had been “blackmailed” to change his vote on Obamacare last year in order to see that it was upheld.

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  1. I’ll add that Beck is an LDS false prophet. Why does this site keep giving him credence as if what he says matters? Beck has provided cover for Obama for the usurpation and what could he possibly say or do to rectify that? If he admitted the following then we could consider listening to him, maybe:
    1) I belong to a cult that is not Christian
    2) I covered for Obama
    3) I take my orders from the Mormon church, not my conscience or the real God or the bible.
    4) birthers are not wrong, I lied and I was wrong because I lack courage and honor and $$ rules.
    5) I am not worthy to live in a free country because I helped its destruction along.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: “Coverage” does not necessarily equate to “credence.” The question was whether or not he did what he said. I think we all have the answer.

  2. We are afraid of another “Glenn Beck Moment”! Hey Glen, glad to see you’re making plenty of money with your new network and other dealings but none of you recognized LTCDR Walter Fitzpatrick who was the first to serve this criminal POTUS sham with Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud. Many of you mike jocks have made big bucks on staying on the outside the real problems here and it’s reached the point of vomit, that’s why I don’t watch your program or radio show and can’t stand looking at all the exploitation of the people that are suffering while FOX and you cash in on keeping people just at the edge of showing the real deal while America burns. Basically, you stink, claiming to help Veterans and others while the real deal is to make big network money while playing the system. If you took the #10 models and high heels off FOX, all you have left is a few mike jocks that are not that credible as the end result is the people don’t know much more now than they did in 2008 and if it wasn’t for “The Post Email” and “Martha Trowbridge Terrible Truth”, very few people would know the truth about anything. The spin is dizzying at all levels of “media” and it’s reached levels of comedy way above most comedy shows. I have stopped watching and encourage all the people I contact to also stop watching your phony drama casts and looks elsewhere for truth that is beyond any of the hype and foolishness found on your idea of broadcasting of FOX’S “Fair And Balanced”. FOX would do better to sell a bikini calendar of all the “FOX GIRLS” and forget the news act. The people need the truth, not 6 and 7 figure news jocks that think they’re movie stars. We have enough “artificial celebrities” now which I think are the same as the “artificial politicians” we have in DC. The broken record has been playing so long, we don’t hear the song any more, our ears are deaf like the politicians in DC.

  3. So now; a full 13 days after Beck promised “A document” that would pretty much bring down the entire power structure, we have another Beck “positive promise of a possible maybe” and the listener’s (of which I am not one any more) are probably anxiously waiting for him to finally follow through on one of these “bait and ditch” deals.
    I certainly hope Beck can be a catalyst to make something happen – but I doubt it. I think he’s as big a phony as the Fraud from Indonesia? Kenya? Hawaii? Canada?.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: People are defined by their words and actions.

  4. So now it is the Fall when “something” big is going to be reported. Ohhhhh, The forgery, ID theft, fraudster, thief of student loans as foreign exchange student isn’t big enough?

    For one thing don’t use Bonhoffer in any way comparing Beck’s inept reporting. Second, Biblical accounts of any vision or encounter with the living God (nobody has seen Him and lived) were face down on the ground in Holy fear, not newsworthy upcoming events to tease you with and raise revenue subscriptions.