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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jun. 24, 2013) — The Obama Administration and its corrupt subhuman minions including the ‘regressive’ Democrats of the Senate and the brainwashed zealots of their back pocket lamestreet press are systematically destroying the most prosperous and free nation on Earth.   The rule of law and the Constitution are being systematically  trashed by  Obama, Holder and their political operatives in corrupt federal agencies which include the  IRS, State Department, HSA, NSA, EPA (and possibly the FBI)  and the list keeps expanding  like a ‘jack in the box’.   Many Americans are proverbial frogs in the pot as the heat is gradually turned up to boiling.   The question now is whether America continues to die a slow death or whether American liberty-loving patriots stand  up and go head to head with these criminals who deserve nothing more than jail time  in one of the many collapsing nations this administration has engineered in its vain attempt to install intolerant Islamic despots,  such as Morsi in Egypt—a nation which is now on the  verge of economic and political collapse.

This week, Barry Soetoro (alias ‘Barack Obama’ or ‘President of the United States’) will attempt to force his ideologically self-destructive environmental regulations based on the socialist fairy tale of ‘man-made global warming’ upon America through his puppet agency, the EPA.  This is part of his plan to crush any chance for American energy independence.  First, he reduced lease permits on  federal lands for oil drilling and fracking, then subsidized unproved financially wasteful wind and solar companies (which will never power transportation) with taxpayer dollars, and last year blocked the pipeline construction between Canada and the United States. If the new EPA regulations go unchallenged by Congress and We the People,  expect higher electricity and fuel prices, new taxes and oppressive rules on energy usage as the socialist agenda is further enacted using the scam excuse of decreasing carbon emissions.

America has lost respect from other nations worldwide as the Obama Administration pursues ‘peace through weakness’ diplomacy with enemies who do not fear anything but American strength.  Obama’s ideological fantasy (with no  historical basis)  is that he alone can command peace and respect amongst all nations of the world by first disarming America.  The nuclear power brokers of the world are laughing at us now.  According to top military experts such action by the Obama administration will put our nation in grave danger and potentially unable to handle future significant conflicts  at a time when Iran and North Korea are near if not already at the point of deployment of nuclear weapons.  Just today we saw  another example of  loss of respect for the  Administration’s retreat from ‘peace through strength’ with Hong Kong’s decision not to hold NSA contractor Snowden at the Administration’s request,  instead bowing to the wishes of nearby China that he be allowed to escape prosecution for theft of American classified intelligence.  Comically, Senator Schumer is so out of touch that he seems surprised that Russia would ‘poke its fingers in America’s eyes’.  Ask yourself what Russia has to lose?

On the domestic front,  the Obama Administration and his demagogues in the U.S. Senate (joined by a few brainwashed ‘living in the past’ Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain) have slapped legal immigrants and U.S. citizens in the face by proposing a bill which prioritizes amnesty for millions of  illegals BEFORE  confirmation that our national borders are secure.  No surprise here since the Obama Administration’s modus operandi  is achieving POWER through the corruption of our elections,  one element of which is amnesty for illegals, followed by false promises to them so they will vote to keep the current criminal Marxists in power,  while stealing taxpayer money through the Gestapo IRS and redistributing that wealth to the regressive Democrats’  newly recruited voter pool.  Any time one hears Obama push the Senate’s efforts pass a 1200  page bill (recall Obamacare?) which wraps prior failed promises (to protect our borders) with amnesty,  run the other way!    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has convinced himself that passing this ridiculous bill will help secure some  Hispanic votes for the GOP—-a false assumption based on false logic.   When the GOP passed immigration reform in 1986, Hispanics still voted predominantly for Democrats.  Moreover, most legal Hispanics oppose this bill without border security first.  Senator Graham’s reality check will  occur if  his party passes this bill—many patriots will vote out the GOP old-guard and replace them with conservative patriots like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  Keep up the good work Senator Graham!

That the Obama administration is anti-freedom has been amply demonstrated by their (mostly failed) attempts to disarm most Americans, while arming Mexican drug cartels as well as rogue IRS agents with hollow point bullets, turning that agency into a political weapon against freedom-loving patriots, and then rewarding these thugs with undeserved bonuses paid for by We the People.  FBI Director Mueller denied knowledge of any new investigation into this corruption when questioned by a Congressional committee despite promises by Obama weeks ago (instead the FBI is more interested in chasing the grave site of Jimmy Hoffa).  Hmm!  The Second Amendment has been infringed in New York, Illinois, Connecticut,  California,  New Jersey,  Maryland, Massachusetts, and Colorado where socialist  Democrats systematically eviscerated the Constitution.   Patriots in these states must rise up  to restore their rights under the U.S. Constitution and remember that  freedom Isn’t  free.  Doing  nothing is  consenting  to slavery under this Administration’s  Leninist  tactic which  force citizens to turn away from God and individual liberty to support an all-powerful Federal dictatorship which has already set the stage for a bankruptcy of ouhealth carere system through Obamacare and the destruction of the institution of marriage by allowing the SCOTUS to redefine an institution which long preceded the existence of America.   Are you kidding?!

If I could destroy America,  I would take the path Barry Soetoro  has—to discredit and weaken America both domestically and internationally.   ‘Obama’  has always and still does despise the qualities which have made America great, free and prosperous.   The ride is about to get rough for him and his criminal friends.  The rule of laws is stacked against them.  It is time for all patriots to pull together behind organizations whose goal it is to remove these criminals  from their thrones and hold them accountable for their crimes against America (see partial list below).   Call and write your  senators, representatives, governor,  and local political leaders until they know who you are and do not accept their  canned email responses—call them, attend their meetings!  Their contact numbers are listed by any search engine.   The ballot box must be secured and election fraud uncovered and prosecuted.  Support organizations whose mission it is to accomplish these and other goals which defend our Constitutional rights and the rule of law (Judicial Watch,  United States Justice Foundation,  Freedom Center,  Freedom Watch,  Liberty Counsel, and the NRA are just a few).   Our last and final option is to exercise our Constitutional right to fight for our liberty.

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