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by Sharon Rondeau

The Syrian Arab Republic has been engulfed in civil war since the Arab Spring protests of 2011, with nearly 100,000 people dead

(Jun. 24, 2013) — On June 20, four members of the U.S. Senate, two Democrats and two Republicans, introduced a bill which would bar military intervention in the Syrian civil war which has been raging since the Arab Spring of 2011.

Earlier this month, Obama announced that he would aid the rebels who are attempting to unseat dictator Bashar al-Assad but stop short of “U.S. troops on the ground.”

Senators Chris Murphy, Tom Udall, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are co-sponsors of the bill and believe that U.S. weapons could reach Al Qaeda-related elements within Syria if they were to be provided.  All except Lee are members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which approved a bill authorizing Obama to send weapons to Syria on May 21, 2013 with the purpose of unseating Assad and providing $250,000,000 for “early transition institution building.”

The proposal also prohibited the sale of munitions and oil to the Assad regime and allows for “Targeting any person that the President determines has knowingly participated in or facilitated a transaction related to the sale or transfer of military equipment, arms, petroleum, or petroleum products to the Assad regime” (Emphasis The Post & Email’s).

The legislation does not say with what Obama would be “targeting” people.

Putative Secretary of State John Kerry has met with a coalition of Middle Eastern leaders who have pledged help to the rebels.

On Sunday, ten tourists and their guide were killed in Pakistan by an Islamic group reportedly to protest a drone strike carried out by the U.S. which killed its second-in-command.  Obama’s “kill list” involving drone strikes to carry out assassinations without capturing or arresting individuals has been described as “lethal action without hand-wringing.”

Articles written particularly from the left of the political spectrum have raised objections about the “secrecy” by which drone strikes are planned and the injuries caused to others not “targeted” by Obama.

During Obama’s first term, gunrunning to Mexican criminals resulted in the deaths of several hundred Mexican citizens and at least one American, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  Some have described U.S. military aid in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation as “Obama’s Fast & Furious in Syria.”

It has been reported that the U.S. may have been arming the Syrian rebels for some time but failed to make it public.  A terrorist attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 occurred just after the late Amb. Christopher Stevens, who was one of four killed in the attack, had met with the Turkish Consul General and may have discussed “a weapons transfer.”

Middle Eastern “security officials” have told WND reporter Aaron Klein that “the Benghazi mission was a planning headquarters for coordinating aid, including weapons distribution, to the jihadist-led rebels.”

Murphy, a Democrat, called Obama’s decision to arm the rebels “incredibly disturbing.”

Paul, a Republican, called arming the Syrian rebels “dangerous.” Paul believes that the defense of the United States should be Congress’s responsibility and said he is “very worried” about U.S. involvement in Syria.

Udall said it was “dangerous and unnecessary,” contending that the Obama regime is keeping the answers to his questions “secret.”

An American two-time veteran of the Iraq War applauded the senators who voiced opposition to arming the Syrian rebels, which he said are considered “terrorists” by the leaders of the Iraqi Army, whom the U.S. soldier helped to train.

Sen. John McCain, who ran for president against Obama in 2008 and is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recently visited Syrian rebels despite the misgivings of his colleagues.  McCain wants to send “heavy weapons” even though there have been reports of weapons having already been transferred to terrorists.

Although the Obama regime stated that chemical weapons have been used by Assad’s forces, experts have said that there is no evidence of that, while others say that the rebels used the chemical weapons.  Obama has described the use of such weapons as his “red line” that, if crossed, further U.S. action might be taken.

Two months ago, an Israeli intelligence officer reportedly said that Assad had used sarin gas on civilians.  On June 5, it was reported that the key city of Qusayr, a supply center used by the rebels, was retaken by pro-government forces.

On Sunday, Syria’s capital, Damascus, was attacked by suicide bombers and a car bomb, killing at least eight people.  It is not the first time suicide bombers have unleashed their weapons on the city. On June 13, CBS reported that the “entire region has become destabilized.”

The Obama regime has used sarin gas on “multiple” occasions and called Assad’s government “repressive.”  Assad has said that Western countries choosing to support the rebels will be making a mistake.  On April 17, 2013, NBC News stated that “Islamist militants have emerged as the most potent of the anti-Assad rebels.”

Loss of life on both sides has been reported involving car bombs, “guerilla tactics,” mortars, and explosives reportedly used by “rebels” against government buildings.  One car bomb placed by the rebels was a reported “six tons.”  Pro-Assad forces include members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah and possibly other terrorists from Iran.  More than 93,000 people have been killed as a result of the two-year conflict with atrocities reported as having been committed by both sides.

Assad is receiving assistance from Russia, whose Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, participated in an awkward meeting with Obama last Monday at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland.  The two men did not make eye contact, and Obama was seen with chewing gum in his mouth.  Both have said that their goal is to “end the violence” in Syria.

The Arab Spring protests resulted in the installation of Islamic governments in Somalia and Egypt, although “democracy” was the state goal.  Libya remains unstable, and U.S. forces have just been sent to Cairo in an attempt to ostensibly prevent war with Israel.

Sen. Paul placed the safety of Christians above “arming Islamic extremists.”

The bill proposed by the four senators is entitled the “Protecting Americans from the Proliferation of Weapons to Terrorists Act of 2013.”

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  1. Gee, wasn’t Princess Hillary involved in some gun running there and mysteriously bumped her head in that helicopter crash that one of our Spec Op people died in recently? I wonder if Bill Clinton had an “interest” in all those gun sales going on there? He’s making money in Haiti with hanky panky, why shouldn’t he be cashing in there too? We have another war zone starting up that will never end and now the U.S. has to rebuild the Middle East while the wealthy Arabs sit back and watch as we pay more each day. Maybe Hillary should send a few billion more to Egypt with our latest and greatest weapons. If Muslim Holder could do it in Mexico, they can pull it off in Syria, arming the rebels with lots of toys. I just hope they don’t try to use those weapons on our Military. This Obama admin needs to be removed and jailed waiting prosecution.