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by OPOVV, ©2013

Why are members of Congress indignantly seeking extradition of Edward Snowden when the man known as Barack Hussein Obama is using fraudulent images to fool the public and they do nothing?

(Jun. 24, 2013) — Every second of news air time wasted on Edward Snowden is that much time that should be spent reporting on the takeover government spying on the citizens of America. It’s a joke, a sick joke, and the joke’s on us, because with all this spying capability the government has, we STILL don’t know one thing about who Obama REALLY is.

Think about it for one lousy minute. If we don’t know who Obama really is, what’s his game plan? Well, to stay on subject, the game plan is to discourage any and all future whistleblowers from ever coming forward, so why is that? If the government has nothing to hide from us, then they shouldn’t be concerned about whistleblowers.

We’re not talking about sensitive secrets like underwater submarine listening devices, or any codes; what we’re discussing is the kind of intelligence warfare directed at average Americans being conducted behind closed doors for the purpose of using that information in real time or in some future time for targeting purposes, either with a warrant or a bullet.

We’ve always known about wiretapping, and that you need a court order to tap someone’s phone lines for a specific duration.  The same goes for search warrants:  they, too, have an expiration. Not so with the revelation that Snowden shared with us: open snooping, no court-ordered warrants, but rather, unending, in perpetuity.

We hear from members of Congress that our National Security has been breached, the same members who can’t seem to bring themselves to question the Birth Certificate issue, or the Treasury Department printing money for the Federal Reserve so the National Debt increases while the value of the dollar decreases, or why a gallon of gas is twice as much as it was when Bush and Cheney left office.

The thing is, with all of these scandals going on all around us, nothing has changed, nobody is getting fired and nobody is going to jail. The IRS is still dancing to the tune from the White House, as are the government employees of the NSA.

E-Verify can determine that a person is kosher or not, but can’t verify that Obama is an illegal immigrant and not an American citizen, and is using a stolen Social Security number.

No, Snowden isn’t the problem; Obama is, and the sooner the American people realize that simple fact, the sooner we can put the pieces back together.

To start, everything that Obama signed, every Executive Order and legislation, is to be rendered null and void.

Second, abolish the IRS, DHS, and the Federal Reserve Board.

Thirdly, actually make government employees do the jobs for which they were hired by deporting illegal immigrants and the Enemy (Muslims) from our country.

We have to get a handle on this, people, or what we’re seeing is the total destruction of our Constitution. A taking back of our government is in order to kick out the current Joint Chiefs of Staff, people who’ve allowed a kangaroo Court Martial to convict one of their own, LTC Terry Lakin,and to change the Rules of Engagement to from reading, “Kill the enemy, PERIOD.”

Forget Snowden and focus on the REAL problems at hand.


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  1. Spot on, thank you! If only Beck would have you and other “Patriot” posters from The Post & Email on his show, I just may watch/believe him.

    I know, I can still dream. I continue to pray for Almighty God to have mercy and intervene on our behalf.

  2. Beautifully put, as always! Thank you for your devotion to our nation, OPOVV. And thanks Post and Email! You provide a breath of fresh air in a world polluted by those who seek our destruction.

    1. Dear Sidesaddle and Windi Cooper,
      Thank you for the comments and the vote of confidence, it’s nice to know others are reading my editorials besides government nitwits who are wasting their time, and the taxpayer’s dime, trying to find some sort of threat against the Muslim usurper, besides advocating that he change his address from Public Housing Unit #1 to Cell #1, Gitmo Naval Base, Cuba.
      Unfortunately, Glenn Beck is one of those “Pretend Patriots” who speak well but don’t make a lick of sense.
      I used to watch him every night, for years, until the night that he said “Birthers, fight the fight that counts” and that us Birthers were wasting our time trying to spread the message that Obama, or whatever his name is, is nothing but a Cheap-Suit-Muslim plant to destroy America and Israel.
      I mean, as I’ve written in the past, my neighbor’s little grade school daughter figured-out that the White House BC was a fake, and she did it all on her own on her laptop. Smart kid. Smarter than, let’s say, the employees of NSA who know everything about Edward Snowden but NOTHING about their de facto president.
      Crazy. Have yourselves a stash of supplies on hand, you should anyway.
      Thanks again,