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by Sharon Rondeau

The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1789, after the Bill of Rights

(Jun. 19, 2013) — At 12:00 EDT, a rally organized by the Tea Party Patriots began at the U.S. Capitol designed to convince lawmakers to order an audit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which was found to have targeted Tea Party and other groups for unconstitutional scrutiny and delays in granting tax-exempt status.

Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-4) spoke about the Constitution and has introduced a bill in Congress to make IRS targeting of anyone a crime.

Other speakers included leaders of various Tea Party groups from around the country, including Katy, TX, Utah; Mississippi, California; Central Kentucky; YoungPatriots.com, and Dallas, TX.  Sonnie Thompson, a writer for Breitbart.com, also spoke and led the assembly in The Lord’s Prayer.

Anita Moncrief of TruetheVote.org spoke beginning at 3:40 p.m. EDT and said that that organization was “being targeted.”  “We are suing the federal government as well as individual IRS employees.  We will not take this sitting down,” Moncrief said to applause.

The leader of the Dallas Tea Party advocated for the Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and First Amendment.  She said that if speaking out for liberty made her radical, “Put me down as a radical extremist!”

“2010, we need to do it again in 2014,” she concluded.

Glenn Beck also spoke at the anti-IRS rally.

Seton Motley of “Less Government” spoke about the NSA, PRISM, subpoena of Verizon phone records, contending that the information being collected by the government is being provided to the IRS, which he called the “most thuggish” government department.

Suzanne Guggenheim, leader of Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC, who said she was born in Budapest, Hungary, began speaking about D-Day, which occurred on June 6, 1944 when Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy to defeat the Germans in their occupation of France.  She described her escape from communism as a child and her formative years spent in France.  She deplored the “socialism” she saw embedding itself in the French government.

“We will not give up; we will not give in!” Guggenheim said.

Two of the Tea Party leaders who spoke said they were “targeted” by the IRS.

A representative of the Katy, TX Tea Party was raised in the former Soviet Union and said he had to provide a “copy of his birth certificate” and other documents, be fingerprinted and go through an interview to obtain passage to the U.S. as a young man of 30.  In speaking of the IRS, he said, “You remind me of the KGB…I never though the tactics of tyranny would follow me to this magnificent nation of ours…I don’t want to be there, and neither do you…God bless you; I love you all!” he said, to much applause.

The Tea Parties stand for limited government, individual liberties based on the U.S. Constitution, border security and free markets.

The leader of the Central Kentucky Tea Party is an immigrant from the United Kingdom and decried being compelled to pay for “housing” and “welfare,” for illegals.  He called the Obama regime a “criminal government” and said he would fight against it.

A representative of “Tea Party Italia,” a freedom-oriented group based in Italy, said that currently, eight of ten members of his organization are socialists.  His group is the first of its type in Italy and was formed by his communications with Jenni Beth Martin, founder of Tea Party Patriots.  The speaker said the goal is to encourage citizens of Europe to form their own Tea Party groups.  “Their president seems to lead America into the storm from which we are trying to flee from European [sic] the man said of Obama.  “Freedom is not free…Freedom is worth living and fighting for.”

The master of ceremonies, Andrew Langer, resumed the podium at 3:47 p.m. and said, “The Republic is dying.”  He decried “social media monitoring programs” which have collected data on American citizens.  “You stand here in defiance of tyranny,” he said.  He called Obama a “tin-pot dictator” who has “hobbled” America and asked people to face that reality.  “The greatest republic in the history of the world does not allow for its watchdogs…to be harassed, and turn our heads away,” he said.  He said that bureaucrats have tried to “hijack” dissent from those speaking out against growing government.

“I leave you with this question:  What are you prepared to do…to fight?  I leave you with that,” Langer concluded.

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