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by Robert Laity

The U.S. Secret Service is part of the Department of Homeland Security

(Jun. 20, 2013) — Two agents of the U.S. Secret Service paid me a visit today, June 19,2013. Special Agent Greg Gramiccioni and another agent of the Buffalo, New York Office of Homeland Security/Secret Service  came to my house to discuss my outspokenness regarding Barack Obama. I was sleeping on a living room chair with my arms inside my shirt because I was a bit cold. I had the Central Air on.  The agents were allowed in and saw me taking my arms out of my shirt. The agent had his hand close to his gun and said that it would be best if I took my hands out of my shirt which I was already in the process of doing. Agent Gramiccioni asked me if I knew why they were there. I said that it was probably about my criticism of Obama. The agent said that my use of the words “Execution” and “Death”  may be problematic. I told them that I would not be the one doing any executing and told them that I qualified my statements with the words “If Convicted” of the Treason that he now stands accused of. Agent Gramiccioni read from an online comment I made.

I informed the agents that I was on their side and had no intention of bringing harm to Obama. I told them also that I have formal complaints filed against Obama with the FBI and ICE as well as Secret Service. The subject of my frequent submissions of evidence to Mark Sullivan, Director of the Secret Service was broached by me.

I asked Gramiccioni what the status of those investigations was. He replied, “That is above my Pay grade.”

If you recall, Mark Sullivan stopped accepting Email submissions from me by his having blocked/rejected further submissions from my Email address. Now, Mr. Sullivan is due to retire.

The Agents asked if they could look around. I said yes. Three years ago two agents of the Department of Justice visited me with the same concerns.  The most recent visit by federal agents involved Department of Homeland Security/Secret Service agents. I was asked several questions. Do I Travel, have I been to Washington, DC and if I own Guns.  I was further asked if I ever visit Bomb making websites or other similar websites to which I responded No. I told the agents that I believe that they are risking their lives for a fraud.

I was asked to tone down the use of words such as “execution” or “Death”. I reiterated that the penalty for being convicted of treason or espionage IS death. I asked the agents if they wanted a cup of coffee but they declined. The agents made a cursory inspection of my  home. I happened to have some cash on my desk and was asked “Is that counterfeit”? I said no.

We had small talk about my federal service and my health concerns as well as my time in the Navy.

My Brother-in-Law was in my home at the time. The agent was a bit vigilant, putting his hand near his gun again when he heard my brother in law coming out of the bathroom. The agent asked “who is that”? I identified him as my brother in law to the agent.  My brother in law was also interviewed by the agents who gave him a business card and asked that he contact them if I went out of State or if I leave the Country.

Agent Gramiccioni noticed my NRA membership card and asked me why I am a member if I don’t own guns? I responded by asking him Why? Is it  illegal to be an NRA Member? He said “No”. I told him that I am the President of the Society for the Preservation of Democracy and that I had a vested interest in the Constitution and it’s being followed.  After about 30 minutes or so the agents left.


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  1. The Constitution is a torch lit several hundred years ago. It is every generation’s duty to carry that torch for a bit and then to pass it on to “posterity”. The Agents were polite and cordial but they were more concerned with my “problematic” appraisal that should Obama be convicted of the Treason that he has stood accused of for years now,he WILL face the Death penalty. See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381. Noteworthy is the fact that three years have passed since I was last visited by Federal Agents. What have they been doing about the Obama usurpation for the past THREE years?

    The Identification information and fingerprints of federal employees are on file with the FBI. I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for (26)years. They know who I am. I forgot to mention that they also took a picture of me with their cell phone during the visit. I asked them if I could have a copy.

  2. I would have asked if they had any job application forms with them since there aren’t many “jobs” under the current “administration”. Were they hired on the “shovel ready job program”? Has their department head know of the Criminal Constitutional violations going on in this usurpation?

  3. God bless Mr. Laity. Thank you for fearlessly speaking truth to treason and for refusing to buckle to the increasingly crude thuggery that flows from the anti-American fraudulent forces currently occupying our White House (i.e., the man himself, his handlers, his backers and his minions).

    And shame on those short-sighted/dimwitted federal agents for shirking their ultimate duty to uphold their oaths to defend our brilliant Constitution.

    Truly defending our Constitution requires vigilant individuals with a clear understanding of our founders’ vision, with the bravery to risk their personal comforts (and perhaps their very lives) and with the integrity to do so with a cool-headed strict adherence to the rule of law.

    I believe, you sir, are just such a man. You inspire me. :)

  4. Thanks for your update and insights regarding your visitors, Mr. Laity. Obviously they were sent over by obama to intimidate you; however, you gave normal, sane answers to all their questions, such that if they weren’t dyed-in-the wool obots like all of the democrats in congress and half of the republicans, then your answers must have gotten them thinking, if they weren’t already. It does not take great intelligence to see that there is something seriously wrong with this phony, nutcase, anti-Christian, lying, muslin, terrorist, illegal alien guy – Barry Soetoro or whatever?

  5. This is typical of the intimidation techniques being used across the board, by the now armed agents, of the various alphabet soaps of federal agencies.
    Unfortunately, it is working as many veterans and others have gone to ground instead of standing their ground.
    The appropriate response is to not interact with any of these attempts at intimidation and call your local Constitutional Sheriff to have the agents removed as “unwanted guests”. The agents have no cause to request a warrant and they have no right to enter without a sworn warrant according to the 4th Amendment.
    Do not fall for the ploy of, “let us in if you have nothing to hide”, as you can see from the above case they will find something to question you on. What if, in this case, the agents had found a bottle of Elavil, prescribed by the VA as a sleep aide? Elavil is a psychotropic drug and could have netted Laity a trip for “psychiatric evaluation”, loss of self management, loss of his carry permit, if he had one, and assignment to a legal guardian!

  6. Dear Robert,
    Isn’t it rewarding to know that there ARE people out there who read your comments.
    Your reporting is the epitome of restraint.
    If ever anyone ever wondered about the lowering of the standards of our public employees, we shall wonder no more.
    Words such as “audacity”, “wasteful”, “Nazi”, “Gestapo” and phrases such as “Seig Hiel!”, “you’d think they’d have better things to do” come to mind.
    Gee whiz, and to think you took the Oath to defend and protect the Constitution and joined the NAVY to keep America America, only to have a couple of Goons/Enforcers/Messengers sent from Obama’s water boy, Eric Holder, the punitive Attorney General, to “interview” you doesn’t say much for the state of the State.
    “Just following orders” wasn’t a “Get Out of Jail Card” for those who trampled on individual’s rights during WWII, and it won’t be when it’s all sorted and done with here at home.
    Good for you, Robert Laity, for continuing to serve your country, for your steadfast refusal to give-in to the enemy, for keeping your Oath to the Constitution.

  7. Fascinating story! Mr Laity and the agents involved as well as Mrs Rondeau and her readers are ALL citizens in this still wonderful, though tested, Nation.

    Revelation of the crimes many are sure have been committed seems about ready to appear in the Mainstream Press if Orly’s recent news bears fruit.

    She writes that she spoke for FIVE HOURS with an AP reporter at the recent DC Rally regarding the IRS.

    That is true progress.

    We all deserve answers, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Non-affiliated, even the Amish who traditionally do not vote.

    On another note, is it not ironic that Bill Ayres is criticizing the man for whom he wrote an “autobiography?” Now, if that is not a case of Rats jumping ship, what could be?

    For those who opine that “America is never coming back,” perhaps it is more appropriate to say “America NEVER WENT AWAY.” It is exactly the freedom, the Constitution,and the framework that our founding fathers bequeathed us (knowing that days such as ours had to occur) that will assure that America is a gem for generations to come.

    Do forces domestic and foreign, noxious to liberty, envy our way of life and wish to destroy it?

    Of course.

    Will they succeed?

    If you believe in the Constitution, the sacrifice of our men and women, and, to the chagrin of atheists, Communists,and Islamo-fascists, the God of Judeo-Christian heritage, then there is no need for despair.

    We mustn’t sit around playing tiddly-winks, because Paul Revere did not sit at home playing cards with his buddies when he braved all to warn the Nation that the enemy was at hand.