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by OPOVV, ©2013

Some of the defendants at the Nuremberg Trials following World War II said that they were “just following orders” when they rounded up Jews, gypsies, the disabled, and anyone else Hitler targeted for extermination

(Jun. 13, 2013) — Americans are an unique lot. The demure of the American GI perplexed the Germans to no end. They couldn’t, for the life of them, figure out how such an unruly bunch beat the living daylights out of them. For instance, the Germans were continuously flabbergasted at how nonchalant, how relaxed our troops were around our officers, be they a First Louie or General “Blood and Guts” George Patton himself. The answer lies in a military force which represented America, from the Ivy-Leaguer to the Watts pick-up B-ball game expert. We, thankfully, came together as a people and defeated the foes of a Democracy that prided itself on living under the world’s most unique document: The United States Constitution.

Unfortunately, the America today isn’t the America of post-war World War II, where the feeling of “We did it” has been replaced with “Look what we’ve done to ourselves.”

The illusion was that the plantation system was destroyed with the Union’s Civil War victory, but what really happened was that the blacks traded Southern shacks for Northern ghettos. And that’s how it stayed: blacks got paid to stay in the ghetto (plantation) as long as they drank the Kool-Aid (reelecting Democrats). Generations of accepting Uncle Sam playing the father figure, dishing out taxpayer dollars to women who had children out of wedlock: the more children, the more money; no “real” fathers needed, or, for that matter, wanted. No morals taught here except negative ones: lying, cheating, which begets more lying and cheating. Generations of welfare victims who’ve become so drunk on the Kool-Aid that they can’t tell anymore when they’re being used and abused.  The substandard education levels therefore become standard when Affirmative Action requirements are lowered for all just so the stupid and lazy qualify.

Every segment of society suffers. Affirmative Action judges rule, not within the dictates of the law, but within a warped sense of “payback.” We have examples in the highest offices of government: incapable, unqualified, overpaid people who haven’t a clue what an illegal order looks like but are honored guests on Sunday morning news shows.

The Germans knew their goose was cooked, if not when they invaded Russia, but certainly when Hitler sacrificed his army at Stalingrad. A war machine was run by a madman, but they continued their atrocities, with the feeble expectation that “they were only following orders” to save them from any tribunal at war’s end.

It did not. “Following illegal orders” is not a defense, it doesn’t even qualify as an excuse. It does, however, expose them as criminals. Our Congress is made up of criminals, people who took the Oath to the Constitution, and turned their collective backs, as if there’s safety in numbers (there is not). Going along with the premise that Obama is an eligible president is ludicrous; they’ve known it just as we did that Obama is a Muslim plant.

When one first entered the military, at least back in the 1960s, we were taught that nothing supersedes our Oath to the Constitution:  no agreements, no collusion, no orders, can override the Oath. Edward Snowden signed a non-disclosure form, but the disclosure does not overreach the Constitution: nothing does.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and does everything a duck does, the chances that you’ve got a real duck are pretty darn good. So now that you’ve got a real 100% duck, now what? You got a real illegal order, knowledge of a crime against the American people.

Now, remember, most of America has been “dumbed-down” since World War II and wouldn’t have a clue what an “illegal order” even looks like, let alone means. How many “illegal Executive Orders” have spewed from the White House during the past four years? A rescue attempt denied the four Americans murdered in Benghazi takes the cake, with the IRS targeting citizens standing up for the Constitution also on the long list of harm this Administration has done to our country.

Yes, our military taught us about the Nuremberg Trials in great detail, about defending and protecting our Constitution. It’s too bad that same knowledge wasn’t passed on to our politicians, to Obots, to the people trapped on the plantation, and to our Congress. This is not the time to be afraid or fearful of the government; this is the time to recognize the duck.


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  1. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST. God is our judge and he has judged this nation in the past, He is now over due to whip us again. God bless

  2. Seems like I remember the sentence: “TO Preserve, Protect and Defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America from ALL Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic, This I Swear Without Hesitation nor Mental Reservation~SO Help Me GOD!!”
    Larry M. Meyer
    USN Sn#~535-03-66 @1960