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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(Jun. 13, 2013) — For the past five years, almost every bit of legislation intended to be passed by the ‘elect’ has been bitterly opposed by citizens concerned with the Nation’s debt, the standards of our Country, and founding principle.  What has been planned in order to “fundamentally change this Nation” is both antithetical to the Nature of our founded Nation, antithetical to first principles, and in keeping solely with a socialist form of nation.

The opposition has been to “fundamentally changing our Nation” as the legislation, including Obamacare, “targets our “natural rights,” specifically, our right to defend ourselves, our homes and families, and most important, “Our Nation” from self-styled tyrants.  The work has been to redefine our right to keep and bear arms such that we would have no such thing, with Congress routinely receiving some 70 to 80% correspondence demanding it back off and stop this attack on our rights, freedoms and liberties.

We have been completely disregarded, our clear, unambiguous demand that they stop ignoring the “Change you can believe in” to be implemented with no intent to allow “The People” to stop a perfectly good run at getting far greater control over the whole of the lives of everyone. Those in office believe they know best, and they intend to run us.  Dozens, if not hundreds, of acts which would have stopped any previous administration have been steamrolled right into oblivion, as if we had no say in our governing.

We are told how important it is to pass this legislation, and we are chastised for taking a stand against it.  We have been berated as fools, castigated as cold and uncaring, because we have stood on the fact our government is to serve us, while those running it stand on the idea we need, desperately, for them to run us, because someone must “run everything.”  This has existed in some, from the moment the first Congress went to work.

There has never been a moment of time when we were short of people intent on running everything; there have always been those who know better than everyone.  The problem has been to gain control when our form allows the voice of The People to come through, and we have been very clear in our demands.

To answer this problem, our Congress, with the urging of the illegal alien and a host of foreign prompters, has been to circumvent the legislative process, designed with specific legislation initiated in specific houses, with the full intent of preventing any from passing without the full support of “The People,” and we have been very successful in meeting our Sovereign responsibility.  The whole of Congress is supposed to be “deadlocked” anytime legislation repugnant to “The People,” even a large minority, is being pushed by the elect.

The problem we have now is “We the People” have accepted the explanation that “Congress has to pass this legislation, so Congress has to come up with novel solutions to deadlock.”  The system is working perfectly, yet we are confronted with the charge “They must make novel arrangements” because “We The People” have stopped their legislation.

An educated, rational People would be up in arms, proclaiming any such actions direct confrontation to our stand against the legislation.  We have fallen to the point we have accepted, as a society, their assertion, and from this we have had criminal collusions with specially-selected members of Congress forming “gangs,”  groups of like-minded legislators, from both “sides” (notably none from “The People’s” side), who have come together in special committees, hammered out the “necessary” specifics, such things “which must pass,” and having “compromised” among the gang, it is suggested this represents a compromise among all perspectives, and by this, we have legislation fit to pass.

For ten years and more, this has been the “fair way” by which Congress has passed legislation, while the taxpayers have stood completely against the proposals.  For all the millennia before America, 95% of the world were ruled by the 5% aristocracy.  We gave the world a new standard.  We stood up and said “That isn’t fair, but there is an equitable way.”

Make no mistake; the forming of “gangs” is only because the gang of Obama, by himself, was insufficient to accomplish the task intended, and almost completed.

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