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by Sharon Rondeau

Adolf Hitler circumvented the Reichstag in 1933 and made himself dictator of Germany, killing and rounding up political enemies and those “suspected” of opposing him

(Jun. 13, 2013) — European Union Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has asked putative Attorney General Eric Holder for “more information” prior to a meeting scheduled for Friday on the PRISM program conducted by the NSA as revealed to The UK Guardian by former security employee Edward Snowden.

On June 6, Snowden began divulging parts of the program to the press, which draws information from at least nine major internet companies on people’s online activity and supplies it to the NSA with the purported intent of identifying possible terrorist plots.

Reding is worried that European citizens might have been “targeted” and wants to know “how broad U.S. access to the data would have been and how EU companies and citizens can appeal against the monitoring of their private correspondence.”

Reuters reported that Reding’s letter to Holder is not the first time the EU has attempted to reach an agreement with the United States on the quantities of information from Europe which should be shared.

The meeting with Holder will take place in Dublin, Ireland, where Reding said she plans to “raise the issue with force and determination.”  Reding reportedly raised the issue in April, prior to Snowden’s disclosures, with Holder when she traveled to the U.S. for a meeting.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to raise the matter with Obama, who is scheduled to fly to Germany next week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s “I am a Berliner” speech made in 1963.  Some Germans recall Adolf Hitler’s reign, which included his use of Secret Police, or SS, to arrest a person “on suspicion that they were about to do wrong.”  Anyone resisting arrest or refusing to sign an acknowledgement of his arrest had his signature forged by the SS.

Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery, as determined by a law enforcement investigation and an experienced court-certified document examiner.

According to one source, in Nazi Germany, “Anybody considered to be a political threat was arrested.”

During testimony to Congress on Thursday afternoon, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller said he “did not know” why FBI agents paid visits to Tea Party members prior to the discrimination they received at the hands of the IRS revealed last month.  An editorial in Canada Free Press from 2009 supports the claim.

Mueller also told Congress he “did not know” who the FBI lead investigator is of the IRS corruption matter.  “What can you tell us about this?” Rep. Jim Jordan asked, which Mueller said he could not answer.

On June 7, commentator Glenn Beck stated that “America was becoming worse than Nazi Germany.”

Because of an edict issued by Hitler which was never altered, Germany does not allow parents to home-school their children.  Holder’s Justice Department and two courts have upheld the decision to deport a German home-schooling family currently residing in Tennessee who fled their home country for political asylum.

Congress is now investigating evidence of corruption within the IRS, DOJ, EPA, State Department, and Obama’s national intelligence circle, including National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who appears to have provided inaccurate testimony on the spying activities of the NSA.

As this article goes to press, Judge Andrew Napolitano is telling Fox News anchor Shepard Smith that the Fourth Amendment has been violated by the data-mining performed by the NSA.

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  1. If Obama is not brought to justice poste haste, Obama will surpass Hitler. Obama has already surpassed Benedict Arnold as America’s most infamous traitor and spy. Obama is a usurper of the Presidency of the United States of America. One of the most powerful nations on Earth if not the most powerful. A criminal deviant holds the access of the entire armed forces and nuclear arsenal of the United States. Obama is a clear and present danger, not only to the U.S. but to the World. Obama has already publicly and clearly stated, so as that it cannot be misconstrued that he is a “Citizen of the World” and that he advocates a “New World Order”. That a “New World Order” is on the agenda of at least three past Presidents, as well as the usurper “President” is public knowledge. BOTH Bushes, the Clintons, Obama and Biden have ALL Publicly supported the “New World Order”. The RICO Obama ‘administration” is infested with Trans-nationalists, Globalists and Islamists,who by the very nature of their sharia system makes it the duty of every muslim to work towards converting the entire world to Islam. Both parties have and continue to proffer candidates for President who are not “Natural-Born Citizen[s]”. Congress has attempted at least (8) times to legislate that requirement away. Like Hitler,Obama “wants to rule the World”. Yes, the world, not only Europe,has cause to be alarmed by Obama’s activities. He is a clear and Present threat to America and the world. Indeed,I cite the Government publication “Global Governance,2025” and urge you to read it now.