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Is Obama waging war on Christians even though he declared he was a Christian in 2008?

(Jun. 8, 2013) — Earlier this spring, a U.S. Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief called “Extremism & Extremist Organizations” describing “Evangelical Christianity” and “Catholicism” as examples of “religious extremism” was given at a reserve post.  A copy of the brief was given to the Christian Post by the Archdiocese for the Military Services and the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

According to the slide show, the numbers of hate groups, extremists and anti-government groups have mushroomed in the last few years according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Listed alongside “extremist” groups and organizations like the Klu Klux Klan and al-Qaida, the U.S. Army slideshow has “Evangelical Christianity” as the first bullet, followed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and farther down on the slide, Catholicism. This list is quite a stretch considering it was not Christians that sent planes into the Twin Towers, blew up the USS Cole or killed three with bombs at the Boston Marathon.

There are no dates on the slides indicating when the training was shown, but the Army Chief of Chaplains office has said that the training was not sanctioned by the U.S. Army Department and was discarded once exposed.

Why would any US Military entity allow this type of categorization of Christians? This question is easily answered when one learns where the definitions of “hate’ and “extreme” were taken from. It seems the DOJ is now getting its vocabulary definitions from anti-Christian political organizations such as the SPLC. Among its list of “known hate groups operating across the country,” the SPLC cites The American Family Association (AFA); Concerned Women for America (CWA); Coral Ridge Ministries (CRM) and the Family Research Council (FRC) based on their biblical views on marriage and sexuality. Anyone familiar with these groups knows they are most certainly not “hate groups,” but rather, are filled with salt-of-the-earth-type people. But to have contrary views on morality with many liberal groups today is to be a “hater.”

The description of these “hate groups” is so malevolent that one homosexual activist targeted the FRC after doing extensive research on allegedly anti-gay “hate groups” on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website. Floyd Lee Corkins II posed as a prospective intern for the Family Research Council (FRC) when he entered the building last August 15 with nearly 100 rounds of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches. He intended to kill as many people as possible, then smear the sandwiches on his dead victims’ faces because of their support for the Christian fast food chain. Fortunately for the people at the FRC, Corkins was tackled after injuring only one employee.

FRC President Tony Perkins points to the shooting as an example of the dire consequences of the SPLC’s reckless charges. He believes that the Judeo-Christian worldview which helped form this country does not deserve to be equated with “hate.”

But just one month after the shooting, SPLC President Richard Cohen responded that the FRC “richly deserves the ‘hate group’ label.”

If a supposed one-time collaboration between such a vile group and a US Military entity isn’t creepy enough, Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, has obtained nearly two dozen pages of emails from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights and Tax divisions revealing a familiarity between agency personnel and SPLC co-founder Morris Dees that is frightening. This set of emails was sent out as they negotiated his appearance at a July 31, 2012, “Diversity Training Event.” Judicial Watch obtained the records pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) submitted to the DOJ on September 10, 2012.

The horrible entity known as fundamentalist or dominion Christianity Mikey Weinstein

To add more fuel to the fire, On April 24th of this year, the radically outspoken anti-Christian Mikey Weinstein was able to press the Air Force into meeting with him and two other members of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) over the most pressing issue facing the US Military today:  Christian proselytizing in the ranks. According to Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell and attendee of the meeting, “The armed forces are on the verge of falling apart, aside from proselytizing, other problems include sexual assault, suicides, lowering entrance standards and war weariness. They are in trouble, and the leadership is oblivious.”

In an interview with The Huffington Post before meeting with the Air Force, Mikey presented the problem as he sees it: “Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.”

Mikey said in a different interview also before this meeting: “This is a national security threat. What is happening [aside from sexual assault] is spiritual rape. And what the Pentagon needs to understand is that it is sedition and treason. It should be punished.”

So, Weinstein met with Air Force officials to demand the Air Force take stiffer action to stop the intrusion of religion in the work place. The only way to do that, he contends, is to slap offenders with non-judicial and judicial punishment — including courts-martial.

After the meeting, Pentagon spokesperson LCDR Nate Christensen announced, The Department of Defense places a high value on the rights of members of the Military Services to observe the tenets of their respective religions and respects (and supports by its policy) the rights of others to their own religious beliefs, including the right to hold no beliefs. The Department does not endorse any one religion or religious organization, and provides free access of religion for all members of the military services.” “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense…. Court Martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis.”

Almost instantly, Christian and conservative groups lit up cyberspace with the clarion call that the DOD had declared war on Christians. The Family Research Council announced a petition on April 29 asking Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to “resist the demands of anti-Christian activists who are calling for a court-martial order upon chaplains and service members who share their faith.”  They gathered nearly 130,000 signatures within two days.

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, stated, “We want to see a statement from [DOD] that makes it very clear that they gave no assurances about prosecuting through court-martial people of the Christian faith, or any other faith, for openly expressing their beliefs.”

“Service members can share their faith,” clarified Christensen in a statement, “but must not force unwanted, intrusive attempts to convert others of any faith or no faith to one’s beliefs.”

One thing about this incident that should trouble all Americans, especially Christians and conservatives, is the ease with which a blatantly anti-Christian such as Mikey Weinstein can, at will, it seems, call the DOD and demand an audience with the top brass and get it.

This event should also show Christians and conservative groups the importance of doing their due diligence before writing articles, because it was widely reported that the Air Force had hired Mikey as a consultant; it did not.  According to Air Force spokeswoman Lt. Col. Laurel Tingley, the Air Force met with Weinstein to address his concerns and added, “He’s not a consultant for the Air Force, nor did we consult with him on Air Force policy on religious tolerance.”

However, the meeting came just as the Air Force was about to distribute its new pocket-sized “Blue Book,” a compilation of regulations on appearance, conduct and work environment. It includes a section that restates a 2011 service-wide memo directing leaders to balance constitutional protections on individual exercise of religion or other personal beliefs and the constitutional ban on governmental establishment of religion.

Failure to comply with any of the regulations — as with all military orders — is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

So, even though Mikey is not an official employee of the Pentagon, his intentions to keep pushing the persecution of Christians in the military is quite clear: “We should as a nation effusively applaud Lt. Col. Rich for his absolutely correct characterization of anti-gay religious extremist organizations as “hate groups” with no place in today’s U.S. military. But we are compelled to venture even further. We MUST vigorously support the continuing efforts to expose pathologically anti-gay, Islamophobic, and rabidly intolerant agitators for what they are: die-hard enemies of the United States Constitution. Monsters, one and all. To do any less would be to roll out a red carpet to those who would usher in a blood-drenched, draconian era of persecutions, nationalistic militarism, and superstitious theocracy. Human history is all too festooned and replete with countless examples of such bleak and forlorn tragedies.”

“If these fundamentalist Christian monsters of human degradation, marginalization, humiliation and tyranny cannot broker or barter your acceptance of their putrid theology, then they crave for your universal silence in the face of their rapacious reign of theocratic terror. Indeed, they ceaselessly lust, ache, and pine for you to do absolutely nothing to thwart their oppression. Comply, my friends, and you, too, become as monstrously savage as are they. I beg you; do not feed these hideous monsters with your stoic lethargy, callousness and neutrality. Do not lubricate the path of their racism, bigotry, and prejudice. Doing so directly threatens the national security of our beautiful nation. “

“I am not a dictator; I’m the president.”

As in the case of FDR and the Airmail service, Obama and his administration are willing to circumvent the Constitution whenever they want as they work to destroy anyone who opposes their agenda. Whether it’s gays in the military or forcing employers to fund abortions and birth control, Obama is bent on pushing through a program that is abhorrent to many Christians. As has been shown many times in the past, the best way to push through an agenda is to demonize those who oppose it. Obama might need a teleprompter to complete a sentence, but he is quite adept at slandering the opposition. And it cannot be stated enough that most Christians and true conservatives are in the ranks of the opposition.

It is interesting to note the American values Mr. Obama left out in his commencement address to the graduating class of The Ohio State University at Ohio Stadium on May 5, 2013:

“For all the turmoil, for all the times you’ve been let down or frustrated at the hand that you’ve been dealt, what I’ve seen — what we’ve witnessed from your generation — is that perennial quintessentially American value of optimism, altruism, empathy, tolerance, a sense of community, and a sense of service.”

So rugged individualism, enterprise, imagination, self-reliance, hard work, entrepreneurism, morality and/or faith in God are not American values?

If Obama has his way, our National Motto may soon go from “In God We Trust” to “For Government We Serve.”



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