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by Sharon Rondeau

The Kaaba is located inside the Masjid al-Ḥarām, the holiest Muslim shrine in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Those making “the Hajj,” or pilgrimage to Mecca, must walk around the Kaaba seven times counter-clockwise

(Jun. 5, 2013) — On Sunday, The Post & Email learned that a website and radio show entitled freedomfighterradio.net had been shut down by its hosting company, GoDaddy.  We contacted the owner of the website, Mr. James Stachowiak, to ask about the circumstances surrounding the take-down of his radio station, which is dependent upon his main website.

Stachowiak has been disseminating information about the threat of Islam to the Western world and plans to launch a new initiative called the Sharia Opposition Force.  He reported a DDOS attack on his website on Monday, May 27 which disabled it.  The site has not been restored with the exception of about 45 minutes on Saturday.  Stachowiak stated that GoDaddy has not been responsive, having told him that “a query” had endangered other websites on the server on which his website was hosted, which was the same information The Post & Email was given during its nine-day downtime in late January 2012.  He said GoDaddy representatives told him that they had to reroute server traffic away from his site to protect the other websites hosted there.

When we told him that we experienced a similar problem with GoDaddy, he responded, “Tell me about it.  I’ve been down for a week now, but I will come back up!”

Investigative reporter Douglas Hagmann also left GoDaddy over service issues in June of last year.

Stachowiak will be moving to a private server with a new company.  He believes that GoDaddy  received “death threats from Al Qaeda,” which presumably had played a part in their failure to restore service to his website.  He said he received no notification from GoDaddy that his website would be shut down and had just renewed his hosting package on May 9.

Stachowiak has been blogging and broadcasting on Freedom Fighter Radio since 2007, with GoDaddy the host company for the entire time.  “My radio show is not with GoDaddy, but I can’t do a show if my website is not up,” he told us.  Until service is restored, downloads of previous shows can be accessed on ITunes.  He has been broadcasting once a week but plans to increase that to twice weekly after his site is back online.

Following the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, UK on May 22, Stachowiak voiced his concern about the level of political correctness exhibited in the UK surrounding radical Islam and believes the same phenomenon exists in the United States.  Rigby had a passion for joining the British Army from a young age and served in Afghanistan, Cyprus, Germany, and as a member of the Corps of Drums.  He is survived by his young widow, a two-year-old son, his mother, stepfather and siblings, who reportedly called for “calm” and for mourners to “show their respect in a peaceful manner.”

The murderers are thought to be part of a gang of approximately 300 Somali immigrants who the British press reports were “targeted” by terrorist groups for recruitment.  At least one of the suspects, Michael Adebolajo, is described as “an extremist” who converted to Islam when he was 16 and was “brainwashed by Islamic preachers.”   He was arrested by Kenyan authorities three years ago for “trying to join Islamist militants,” but recommended to be freed by “British security services.”

Stachowiak has two years working in law enforcement, and several members of his family have served in the U.S. military.  He wants to inform as many people as possible of what he sees as the dangers of Sharia courts being implemented in the United States as they have been in the UK.  “There have been Muslim gangs going all over Great Britain and throughout Europe committing acts of violence against people who don’t line up with their Islamic beliefs:  women, gays, lesbians, and people drinking alcohol or smoking.  They are beginning to set up ‘No Go’ zones in Great Britain.”

We asked Jim the topics he has discussed on Freedom Fighter Radio, to which he responded, “Standing up for the threat to freedom from Second Amendment issues, free speech issues, abuses of the police state, the IRS; basically everything.”  He also hosts a show on Friday nights on Arising Republic Radio and will be starting a new show called “Sharia Opposition Force 2,” which he said “is a new website and movement launching that is already in the process of pulling people together of like mind.”

The Post & Email asked what he believes is the biggest threat from Islam, to which he said, “The biggest threat is their destroying out ability to speak the truth, to criticize Islam.  The Justice Department is trying to criminalize free speech.  Today, as a journalist, my message to the people who  may not agree with us on Islam is that they may think it’s wonderful to take down sites like yours, mine and others, but if they suppress the criticism of Islam, tomorrow it will be criticism of the government.  Many of the enemies of my site and show have expressed things they don’t like about the government, but they won’t be able to do that if they get away with this.  So the biggest threat from Islam right now is to intimidate America, to create an atmosphere of fear, because that’s exactly how most wars are won.  Most wars are not won by fire power or numbers; they’re won by using the brain – that small gray matter that God put on our shoulders  – and knowing how to intimidate and create fear in the enemy.  That is what Islam is doing today:  creating fear in the enemy.”

Obama appointee William C. Killian has stated that anyone making “inflammatory” remarks about Muslims could be violating their “civil rights.” But what about the First Amendment?

On Tuesday, June 4, U.S. Attorney William C. Killian and Knoxville, TN FBI Chief Kenneth Moore met with Muslims to advise them of their “civil rights.”  Killian had been quoted by The Tellahoma News last week as having said that anyone posting “inflammatory documents” on social media or elsewhere could be federally prosecuted, to which a strong backlash ensued from constitutional attorneys, journalists, bloggers,commentators and writers.

Stachowiak continued:

“So many Americans are afraid to go out and speak.  As I was doing this interview with you today, I went to the store to get a chocolate milk.  I’m wearing a black shirt that says, “Nuke Mecca” on the front.  On the back, it says, “Islam is a cancer.”  Wearing shirts like that has enabled me to be an ice-breaker in public, even if it’s only for five minutes.  It gets people thinking, and they agree with it.  A lot of people are afraid to do things, but if a couple of people do it, then everybody starts getting up.  So that’s what we need to do.  We need to be bold and let the people around you see that you’re not afraid to call out the enemy.  The more people who do it, the more will be emboldened to speak up about Islam.

“There’s been a backlash of what I would call “lone-wolf, retaliatory counter-strikes.”  But can you really blame them?  There was a 23-year-old man in Britain who was in the street, debating Islam, who was arrested because they told him his voice got too loud.  You know why the British police and the government are doing this?  They feel that if they crack down as they should on Islam, the Muslims will become outraged.  So the government is saying, ‘We have to appease them,’ but the more we appease them, the worse it’s going to get.”

[Editor’s Note:  A Islamic cleric banned from the UK stated that Rigby’s killers were “heroes” and that “Islam permits such acts.”]

“Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson, who was going to be on my radio show before my site went down, has gotten death threats that they’re going to kidnap his wife, cut her head off, and commit atrocities against his children.

“There were at least 70 anti-Sharia silent marches held this weekend in support of Lee Rigby.  There have been clashes between them and supporters of Islam.  I think up to 50 people have been arrested.

“To prove my point, I’m going to be releasing links for people to download the actual Al Qaeda manuals on waging jihad.  In it, it clearly shows the source, which is a government website.  The reason I feel it’s important to do that is that this way, there can be no question on how and what they’re doing and what they plan to do.  If our government doesn’t want to identify the Islamic threat to our country, then we will.

“The enemy already has the training manuals.”

Regarding the current political situation in the United States, Stachowiak said:

Everybody who gets in the race is worried about being politically correct and offending people.  We have no Thomas Paines or Jeffersons or Patrick Henrys who don’t fear giving offense.  The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.  That’s why the Freedom movement has lost so much.  People can’t grasp that some of our leaders who speak against the things we’re against are actually working for them.  It’s like a chess board; you give up a few pieces as a decoy to give the appearance of “I’m on your side,” only to reach the other objectives.

I have a problem with the people who are afraid to stir the pot.  You’re either hot or cold.  You can’t have a light on and a light off.  You’re either free or you’re a slave.  We have to call for accountability within our own ranks.  It doesn’t matter if we get rid of the IRS, which I support, or the entire Obama administration and the Department of Education.  It doesn’t matter.  On the Obama thing, what good is it to replace one tyrant or 300 tyrants?  I’m not opposed to getting rid of him, but we have 300 tyrants waiting in the wings.

The Post & Email asked Mr. Stachowiak what a person can do today to take action on the danger which Sharia law poses, to which he responded:

Throw down the gauntlet.  We need to let the world know at a local level if we’re ever going to take our country back.  Let people know what Islam is all about.  Let them know that we should not be intimidated and that we are going to stand and resist it as well.  We can no longer allow ourselves to be victims of intimidation. I know not everyone will put signs in their windows or wear anti-Sharia T-shirts.

I think we should boycott any business that’s owned – and I hate to say this, because some believe there are “good Muslims” – but the “good Muslims” who aren’t doing violent jihad are supporting organizations such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which every mosque is a member of, to eviscerate our Bill of Rights.  Even the Muslim Writers Guild is supporting curbing free speech.   There needs to be a backlash against every Islamic-owned business, and I’m not saying firebombing them.  We commit assaults on these businesses through the pocketbook.  We should not do business with anybody if it’s a Muslim-owned or operated business.

Contractors who provide services to an Islamic business should also be boycotted and called out.  That’s the only way.  I’m not calling for violence, but an economic war on all Muslim-owned businesses through the almighty Federal Reserve Note from hereon out.

I will protect my First Amendment rights with the Second Amendment if I have to.  Anyone in your reading audience is welcome to contact me if they’d like to help me.  Silence is compliance.  In the spirit of the Founding Fathers, we will not submit to Islam.

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  1. There are two videos that every Jew and Christian should see:

    1. What Islam is NOT


    2. FITNA

    They are eye openers to the threat of Islam.

  2. The Concept of Bad and Good have different implications in Islam as those words do in Judeo-Christianity.

    Newer Islamic verses supersede the older verses. The earlier Q’uranic verses are more peaceful than the latter verses. The latter
    verses are the Jihadic verses.

    In the Bible,the stoning and eye for an eye verses are in the Old testament while the New Testament teaches forgiveness and love of thine enemy.

    Because of this Judeo-Christianity is at odds with Islam.

    When a Jew or Christian is being “Good” he/she is going about doing good,praying,doing works of mercy and love. When a Jew or Christian is being bad,he/she is sinning against God.

    Conversely, when a Muslim is being “Good” he is out killing infidels,raping women,conquering the earth for allah,engaging in Jihad,doing service to allah.

    Mr.S. refers to “good” Muslims as those who refrain from JJihad while Islam actually considers a “Good” muslim in the context of one who is “Good” at being a Jihadist.

    A “Bad” Muslim in Islam is considered in the context as one who is Bad at being a warrior,killer of Infidels and weak in the “Faith”.

  3. I think Killian should move to Islam. He looks a little puffy with that tie on maybe a Talaban outfit would fit him better with a beard. The U.S. needs to ban Muslim religion practice since they are the only “religion” that practices hatred and killing of all other religions other than their own as called for by the Kuran. Soon, they will try to turn the U.S. into another one of the European countries that they have overtaken. Hillary will be happy since the Democrats will use them to continue revenue collection for their retirement.

  4. Using the Nazi playbook of the takeover of Germany during the 1930’s by the Obama regime is working very well for the destruction of America today.
    Obama is a Muslim plant, an enemy operative, whose job is to destroy the US in as many way as possible, and one of the ways is to infiltrate millions of Muslims within our borders and within every facet of the government, including the military.
    Obama can not do this alone, and he’s had the assistance of ex-DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Pelosi, Reid, and thousands of government employees who never questioned his name on the 2008 ballot, a candidate that was never vetted.
    Obama is ineligible to be the POTUS because he is not a US citizen, wasn’t born in the US, father wasn’t a US citizen, is guilty of identity theft using a stolen Social Security number, fake Birth Certificate and has false information on his Selective Service Registration, and the list goes on, including using at least 22 aliases with false addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers.
    Destroying Israel is also on Osama’s agenda and, as you mentioned, to shove Sharia down our throats by trashing our Constitution by denying Free Speech and the Second Amendment, for starters.
    We need to continue to tell the Truth about the atrocities of Islam and to rat-out traitors such as DOJ employee Bill Killian who is on the Islam takeover bandwagon advocating limiting First Amendment rights by disallowing criticism of Islam.
    There’s certainly no shortage of shame here in America.