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by Sharon Rondeau, H/T GiveUsLiberty1776

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida told a Tea Party town hall meeting on Monday that he was aware of the Arpaio investigation but had not heard of any “evidence” being produced to show that Obama’s documents are fraudulent

(Jun. 5, 2013) — In a Skype interview between The Villages Tea Party and Sen. Marco Rubio on June 3, a citizen interviewer asked Rubio a question submitted by a member of the public which related that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had recently sent a member of his Cold Case Posse to “a meeting or convention” to discuss Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate posted on the White House website more than two years ago.

The questioner was referring to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association (CSPOA) convention held in St. Charles, MO this past weekend, at which Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo gave two presentations, the second of which was for credentialed attendees only who were required to pledge confidentiality about the information they were given.

The public meeting had a reported 300 peace officers, sheriffs, public and elected officials, and attorneys, while the limited-access gathering contained about 60 people.

The moderator completed the question to Rubio, “…Will DC finally investigate the birth certificate fraud issue?”

Rubio responded that he did not hear the question completely, asking, “Which birth certificate issue?  It’s garbled…I heard you say something about Chicago,” appearing a bit tense and blinking his eyelids rapidly.

The questioner had mistakenly identified Chicago as the location of the CSPOA.  However, she correctly identified Rep. Steve Stockman as the “keynote speaker” at the convention.  “Is DC finally going to investigate the fraud issue, whether he was born in the United States, but his release of his birth certificate and that it was fraudulent to begin with?” the moderator finished.

Rubio then responded, “Well, I haven’t heard the discussion that you’re outlining about the president’s birth certificate,” but admitted to knowing about “the Arpaio investigation.”  He then began speaking very quickly, saying, “If that birth certificate was fraudulent,…someone would have turned up that evidence by now.”

In response to his statement, members of the audience audibly said, “They have.” Rubio, however, continued speaking, his speech markedly accelerating, asking how “we’re going to recover” from Obama’s record spending, decrying over-regulation and the health care bill.  Almost breathlessly, he rambled, “We have to start realizing that we’re going to have a chance here in the next couple years, first with the elections of 2014 with the Congress, and hopefully we can take a majority of the Senate, and then in 2016, to once again start to undo some of the damage that this president has done…We should not underestimate the serious damage that all these decisions are doing to our country…some people will go out of business because they cannot comply with Obamacare and its mandates…and these are the things we need to start talking about and thinking about that right now.”

The moderator then shifted her focus by reading another question which had been submitted on a different topic.  In the context of the question, the moderator joked with Rubio about his response speech to Obama’s State of the Union address, when Rubio had taken a drink from a water bottle on a nearby table for which he was later ridiculed by political opponents. Rubio’s office had responded by selling bottles of water for $25.00 each, raising in excess of $125,000 for his political action committee.

In a visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the following week, Rubio capitalized on the publicity from the incident by exchanging a water bottle toast with Netanyahu following a formal photo-op session.

The long-form birth certificate image bearing Obama’s name remains on the White House server despite its having been declared an unequivocal forgery

For several months, Zullo has been meeting with “VIPs” to show them the evidence the posse has gathered which proves that the birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Having met with several people at CPAC in mid-March, the number of interested parties has reportedly grown, with a significant event planned for the near future.  Zullo’s appearance at CSPOA was an ancillary one, and he reportedly has more meetings scheduled with those who could be in a position to take action on the evidence.

In addition to the long-form birth certificate image proving to be a forgery, the Cold Case Posse found that Obama’s Selective Service registration form is also fraudulent.

CSPOA was founded by Sheriff Richard Mack, who told Carl Gallups in an interview on Tuesday that he had initially believed that the birth certificate was a “non-issue” until seeing the evidence for himself this past weekend.  Gallups, who had accompanied Zullo to CPAC and often interviews him to disseminate the latest news on the investigation, has a background in law enforcement and hosts a radio show, “Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups,” which airs on Fridays from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. CT.

Zullo, Mack, Gallups, Arpaio and others are calling upon Congress to investigate the fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service registration form as well as to find the answers to questions about the Social Security number Obama appears to be using.  Zullo has offered to travel to any “VIP,” which includes members of Congress, to show him or her the evidence in his possession.

In February, Zullo extended an offer to former Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell of an all-expenses-paid trip to Maricopa County, AZ, including lodging and meals, to show Powell the evidence the posse had collected after Powell had ridiculed “birtherism nonsense” attributed to the Republican Party.  Powell did not respond to the public challenge.

Since Zullo’s offer was made to Powell, a federally-certified document examiner who has performed work for Obama’s law firm, Perkins Coie, has gone on the record to say that Obama’s White House .pdf birth certificate image was a complete fabrication and a 100% forgery.”

For the last five years, members of Congress, the press, elected officials at all levels and many members of the public have been in denial, first regarding Obama’s lack of documentation and questionable constitutional eligibility, and later, about indications and analyses from graphics experts that the birth certificate image and Selective Service card did not originate with authentic, paper documents.

GiveUsLiberty1776 reported that as of 3:30 p.m. PDT, an individual had contacted Zullo to advise him of Rubio’s assertion that no evidence had yet become “public” on Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate.


Editor’s Note:  The Cold Case Posse operates strictly on donations which are solicited so that it can continue its work on the Obama document fraud investigation.

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  1. That the BC IS a forgery is fact. However,even IF Obama’s BC was real,a BC certifying birth on US Soil is NOT sufficient to meet the definition of a “Natural-Born Citizen”.

    One must also be born of Parents who are BOTH Americans at the time of one’s birth.

    It is PRIMA FACIE, without having to spin our wheels on the BC’s authenticity, that Obama is NOT Constitutionally qualified on OTHER grounds besides the BC.

    Obama also fails the NBC test because his Father was a foreigner.

    Rubio is in the SAME boat. Rubio’s Parents, BOTH of them were still Cuban Citizens when Rubio was born. Rubio is equally DQ’d.

    1. It was insightful to read recently in The Post Email where a congressman would not address NBC with a constituent who asked for a definition.

      The subversion of government may have already happened, and perhaps we are just finding out in painful dribs and drabs.

      We have read in The Post Email also that whole states seem to be complicit in Constitutional fraud.

      NYS comes to mind, where it was pointed out that its webpage on which qualifications for various elected offices are posted stated quite blatantly and quite UNCONSTITUTIONALLY that to be presiden one had to have been “born a citizen.”

      If Madame Ceaucescu and Stalin had had a baby while on vacation in Chicago, wouldn’t that baby have been “born a citizen?”

      According to NYS’s interpretation and that of myriad elected officials of whom Mrs Rondeau has reported, wouldn’t little Willy Ceaucescu-Stalin be able to run for president?

      It is simply a mess and a total robbery of liberty and enfranchisement from citizens who deserve to live in a country better than a banana republic.

  2. keep in mind that marco can never be constitutionally legal for potus since he is not art.2 sect.1 legal. more than half of the people in the republican party need to read the constitution and potus qualifications. it is funny to see all these people trying to get credits for rounding up the current criminal administration when all these coat and tie heroes were hiding under the rocks. the post email has posted all this information for years. it all started with walt fitzpatrick and monroe county and none of that has been reported en masse by the main media, the people that did all the fighting and work have been pushed aside while all the others want credit for all the work and suffering the others have done. we are seeing a typical entitlement pattern of public trustees that think they should be entitled to reap the rewards of others’ work to use for their own political or personal gain. These are the same type of people we have in office now. Still, nothing has been done to help and release fitzpatrick, lakin, wood, huff and other veterans from the devasting force of dnc operatives putting multi-government agencies against these veteran patriots that have stood up against this usurpation and money grab.

    1. good point, much to the chagrin of mainstream Republicans who probably resist going after Obama’s eligibility as they would have to lament the ineligibility of Rubio. The true ethics and Constitutional adherence of our elected officials are being tested. Many in both parties are falling very short on this matter.

      1. Both Parties are proffering candidates which have dual citizenship or other dual loyalty issues. I see it as a bipartisan effort to introduce foreign influence into our government and to erode our sovereignty. It can be shown that both McCain and Obama are DQ;d to be POTUS. McCain because he was NOT born on US Soil and Obama because his Father was NOT American. Obama may have also been born in Kenya or elsewhere then the USA. Cruz is Canadian born, Rubio’s Parents were both Cubans when he was born. Even Romney has issues on his citizenship status. BOTH Parties are involved in a ferocious effort to erode the NBC requirement which can ONLY be changed by Amendment. They have tried at least 8 Times in the last ten years to legislate the NBC requirement away. That there are both Republicans and Democrats that preach the “New World Order” should raise many RED Flags. BOTH Bushes, Obama and Biden have publicly denounced US Sovereignty by advocating a “New World Order”. See “Global Governance 2025”.

  3. It is very noticeable in that clip that Rubio has perfected the art of “filibuster”. He barely stops talking enough to draw a breath from the time he realizes he’s “trapped” till the end of the piece.
    He sure fit lot of irrelevant words into the remaining time.
    He knows the real story, and the look on his face says that he knows we know he knows.

    1. It was sort of like Obama’s Fifty seven states utterance after which he nervously kept on going. Rubio, according to Orly, has had this information for eons as SHE gave it to him and has receipts and emails which she has posted on her site.

      From all the articles on The Post Email from readers who have written to their congresspeople and senators, Rubio’s mantra seems to be the consecrated one from the RNC, that “He (Soebarkah) HAS a Birth Certificate!”

      That is the second lamest answer in the history of the US Government.

      It calls to mind also that people knew as early as Memorial Day the year that Pearl Harbor happened that is was going to happen. Not only FDR knew it, but the families of people in Military Intelligence who had tipped one too many at the bar knew it also and were not surprised to hear it on the radio on that Day that will live in Infamy.

      If the bigwigs knew about Pearl Harbor and kept it from the citizens, then Rubio is following in those very tainted footsteps, trying to hide Obama’s Fraud, when he knows darn well what the scoop is.

      Americans are VERY RESILIENT! We can handle TRUTH! We detest LYING and DECEIT, something with which Obama has infected Congress, turning even the best men and women into naughty school children sticking their gum under the desk.

  4. He seems to have fallen into a “DNC” mode of speech.

    He cannot really hope to think that we believe him when he asserts that he had not heard of any problems with Obama’s credentials.

    Just a few months ago, Mrs Rondeau, you published a piece about Republican donors NOT giving any more money to the RNC until they “manned up” to confront this apparent usurpation of the Executive Branch.

    Rubio has not heard this from people in the RNC and his Senate and Congressional colleagues?

    Even people in the grocery store know about this from the front covers of The Globe and The National Enquirer. It is common knowledge throughout the Land, even if ridiculed by some.

    His rising star in politics is getting a very quick tarnish and that is regrettable, as he seemed to be so promising (tho ineligible for president).

    1. Good point. Perhaps Rubio feigns ignorance as it opens up the whole can of worms about why HE cannot run for president if we follow the Constitution (which he has sworn to uphold). In other words, the glaring assault on the Constitution by Obama and the DNC, makes it difficult for Rubio to pretend the NATURAL BORN clause does not exist.

  5. “What we have here is failure to communicate”, as Strother Martin told Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke”.
    It’s not often that a person:
    1. Puts their foot in their mouth
    2. Reveals to the world how stupid they really are
    3. Proclaims complete and total ignorance of something that everyone on the whole planet knows
    I do believe Rubio just stole the “Look Ma, I’m ‘Out to Lunch’” award, previously held recently by Senator John McCain in his photo op with members Al Qaeda, a chapter of the very same Muslim Brotherhood that we see in the White House with de facto president Obama as their leader.
    Makes you proud, does it not, to be an American, where even really stupid people are allowed to leave the asylum unescorted.
    I’ll tell you what, will somebody please inform Rubio’s handlers to keep him locked-up, or zipper his mouth shut, ’cause he sure made one heck of a fool of himself.
    Typical Obot.