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by OPOVV , ©2013           

William C. Killian was nominated in 2010 by Obama to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee. He was keynote speaker for the opening of a mosque in Chattanooga which had been opposed by many area residents and will be holding a “community outreach” meeting with Muslims on June 4

June 2, 3013

Bill Killian c/o U.S. Attorney’s Office
800 Market Street, Suite 211
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Dear Killian;

Ever since the usurper de facto president Obama came on the scene, many Americans have completely forgotten about the Constitution they swore to defend and protect.

Not only is this Nation, but Western Civilization, at war with Islam. Matter of fact, it is Islam who is at war with us, and with everyone else, for the last 1,400 years. This “War on Terror” isn’t a new phenomena, and the only reason why it’s affecting us is because Muslims have the means (money from petrol dollars) to finance their global jihad, and the ironic part is that we’re funding them through our inability to be energy independent and our pay-offs to Muslim countries, Egypt comes to mind, because the foreign policy of the United States does not necessarily reflect the concepts of “Freedom for all”.

Socialism has been a failure for every country who ever embraced it, and by denying free speech to people who want to tell the truth about a political philosophy that is opposed to ours is extremely puzzling, especially from someone who took the Oath to the Constitution unless, of course, you have been ordered to become a traitor or lose your job.

Which brings us to the point of this correspondence: you are supporting of a political philosophy (Islam) which is Totalitarian, reminding one of Nazi Germany. Big mistake.

There is no possible way for the followers of Islam to embrace any other form of government. Whenever Islam has taken hold of an area it has fallen to the law of Islam, which is called Sharia. Under Sharia there is no room for discussion, debate or contemplation other than what has been stated by the religious police (who have immediate unlimited powers over life or death: there is no mechanism for appeals). Those who are born under Islamic rule can never renounce Islam, except under penalty of death. Women are mere chattel under Islam, and have no rights. Muslim men murder woman under the protection of “honor killing”, a flimsy made-up excuse if there ever was one.

For you to take the position to deny free speech to those who would point out the horrors, the Truth, about Islam is unconscionable. Islam is not a religion: Islam is a horror show that is about to be let lose in the United States whose goal is to overthrow the Constitution and replace our laws with Sharia, with the assistance from people like you. Thanks a lot.

You have choices in life, but to turn your back on your country by promoting “intolerance” about criticism of Islam is not a wise choice. There are many ways each of us can be honorable: you should have the moxie to tell the Truth or resign. Lying about Islam doesn’t promote the concept of equal rights under the law, does not give homage to the Civil Rights Act or to the Constitution. One would have thought that an employee of the Department of Justice shouldn’t have to be reminded of their responsibilities.


Thomas G. MacLeran, aka OPOVV
Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran

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