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by Neil Sankey, ©2013

The Social Security number Obama is using indicates by its prefix that it was issued in the state of Connecticut, but there is no record of his having lived or worked in the Constitution State (image from Wikipedia)

(Jun. 1, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  The following commentary was submitted by Private Investigator Neil Sankey in response to information released by Cold Case Posse investigator Don Jeffrey, who was interviewed by Carl Gallups on his “Freedom Friday” radio show last night.

In 2008, Sankey performed a professional search on the Social Security number Obama is currently using, which appears to emanate from the state of Connecticut.  Sankey found many other numbers which appeared to be connected with Obama’s name and compiled a list of them.  Sankey concluded that further investigation of the phenomenon was necessary and continues to call for one currently.

The Post & Email previously interviewed Sankey about his findings here.


FYI – The Origins of my investigation and the list of names.

I certainly stand by my original list which, incidentally was originally formulated in 2008, long before the first coronation. The original list, as constructed was much longer, in fact, over two hundred names, bits of names and addresses and bits of addresses. I eventually put the list out, in refined and somewhat verified form through Orly, who uses it still in her cases, as an exhibit. I have not tried to interpret the cause of the list, that would be futile. But, because of factors, of which we are aware the list displays, to an experienced investigator if no-one else, the extreme need for a detailed and thorough investigation.

Remember, if nothing else, according to his own narrative, his Grandmother and mother were allegedly both in “Micro Banking” Remember also “Acorn” and the other “organizations” fraudulently collecting voter names (or similar) and, perhaps most importantly, was not the Weather Underground industriously engaged in collecting “false identities” for use in crime?

Yes, there was, and still is, a desperate need for a thorough investigation.

Such an investigation can only be done by people with complete access to records, including Social Security files. This means an unbiased, but honest and patriotic person who has integrity and an analytical mind, regardless of his personal feelings. You are only looking for the truth, not another theory. Such a person has not yet been found, obviously. Other alternatives include Judicial or Congressional investigation, the same applies.

The big question, repeatedly heard, is “Oh, why bother, it is just a number, there could be all kinds of reasons for it and it does not matter”.

Well, I strongly disagree.

I have credentials, I will not go into them here, except to say that I was an English Detective working at New Scotland Yard, specifically on a subject, aptly called “Revolutionary Criminality” I have been doing this for nearly fifty years. I have monitored the creep of Socialism, more specifically, under its loose overall title, Communism.

I left my native England in the early eighties, partly to get away from what I saw developing in Europe, and to get away from it I came here to the USA and became a Citizen. Guess what?

It was already here!.

I know Marxism. I was already familiar with Ayers, Dohrn, Leary and the use of Castro’s Cuba. I know the Weather Underground and the activities of M19CO. I have no doubt what they were, and are, up to.

So here, in the pre-election months of 2008, I began to wonder who this Barack Obama really was, it was a name I had not heard before.

As an investigator, I ran usual, Public Record searches, and I produced “The List” I did not know then what it could possibly mean, but it was obvious that the Social Security number attributed to him in his own handwriting, did not agree with the “Nativity story” that he was circulating.

Here we were, about to possibly elect someone who just did not check out. Surely that could not happen here. The FBI, CIA, Police, someone would never let that happen. How could we possibly have a man whose real identity we do not know (to this date), not only with the title of president (although fraudulently obtained) but in possession of all our secrets, Military and Civil. Be in control of the nuclear football!!

Anyway, that is why and how the list was born. Since then, five years of intense research has not alleviated the problem. I have met, and work with some incredibly talented people in all fields, particularly research and investigation. Many theories exist, many other will yet come, but only one will be the right one.

Obama has himself to blame totally. You cannot withhold this truth from the whole world. If you don’t tell the truth they will find it!

Or make it up.

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