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by Sharon Rondeau

Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer in a power grab allowed by the German Reichstag. The U.S. Congress has failed to stop Obama in issuing executive orders by circumventing the legislative process.

(May 25, 2013) — On July 10, 1932, The New York times reported of the upcoming November election:

Another electoral battle impends in Germany.  This time the issue will be Hitlerism.  The result of the election will show whether the Reich will continue under a constitutional government or openly join the dictatorships.

During the 1932 campaign, Hitler’s speeches reportedly “no longer bristle with pointed references to the anti-Semitic cause.”

With a weak mandate resulting from the election, President Paul van Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler German Chancellor on January 30, 1933.  As von Hindenburg’s health failed, Hitler consolidated the positions of Chancellor and President, naming himself Fuhrer and abolishing all political parties except his National Socialist Party.  Less than two months after becoming Chancellor with the help of intimidation on the part of his Secret Police (SS), Hitler gained the ability to dictate his own laws without the Reichstag.

In a letter to the editor of The New York Times dated October 27, 1940 begins:

The next President of the United States will have one problem on his hands that overshadows all other political and economic tasks.  This paramount problem can be named Adolf Hitler.

By 1945, Hitler had exterminated 6,000,000 Jews and others deemed inferior to the Aryan race after rebuilding Germany’s army, invading sovereign countries in the interest of expanding “the Homeland,” and murdering any political opposition.

Some have raised the question as to whether or not U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts was intimidated into voting that Obama’s health care bill was constitutional last June.  It has been reported that Roberts had planned to vote against it and actually wrote both the minority and majority opinions.  After the ruling was announced, Roberts flew to Malta, which he described as an “impregnable island fortress,” to teach a seminar for two weeks.

Obama’s IRS has intimidated, harassed, and delayed approval of tax-exempt status to perceived political opponents in what may result in criminal prosecutions if the Republic stands and rule of law is upheld.

The Obama “Justice” Department has also been found to have been surveilling journalists since 2009 and naming at least one as a “criminal co-conspirator” in an affidavit signed by an FBI agent.  A second agent swore out a false affidavit in a case claiming that a man had planned to “take over the courthouse” when no such plan had been formulated nor carried out.  Contrary to the FBI agent’s statement, no one was observed carrying a weapon near the courthouse that day.

Nevertheless, Darren Wesley Huff remains in federal prison for attempting to speak out against local government corruption in Monroe County, TN, where criminal public officials worked with Obama accomplices to set up a false flag operation on April 20, 2010.

Obama has a history of crushing his political opponents with ridicule, embarrassment, lies, defamation, and intimidation.

A headline in an article published in The New York Times on February 22, 1933 attributed to The Associated Press reads:


Hitler was quoted as having said that European nations were expected to disarm following the Treaty of Versailles and that Germany had been waiting for such a move for “more than ten years.”  Hitler suggested that all countries should “Do away altogether with armies, and Germany will scrap hers also.”

Obama favors “unilateral nuclear disarmament” and “reaching out” to Muslim communities after terrorist attacks on U.S. soil perpetrated by radical Islam.  Obama said last week that a person’s U.S. citizenship should not preclude his regime from using a drone against him if capture is not possible.

Hitler grew up in Austria, not Germany, and invaded the country of his birth after becoming Fuhrer.  Obama’s life narrative states that he grew up in “Hawaii and Indonesia” and originally that he was “born in Kenya.”  Obama has sent U.S. troops to Africa to quell violence by “rebels” but refused to allow the U.S. military to carry out contingency plans on September 11, 2012, when Americans came under attack in Benghazi, Libya, allowing four to die and at least one person to be severely injured.

On this Memorial Day weekend, putative Secretary of State John Kerry is in Africa meeting with Ethiopian runners who could not finish the Boston Marathon due to Islamic extremists having set off explosives, killing three people and injuring approximately 260, and “to mark the 50th anniversary of the African Union.”

One of Obama’s half-brothers is reported to be working with a terrorist and President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, who supports Sharia law and has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes.  Obama recently met with Al-Bashir’s aide in Washington.  Two days following the attack in Benghazi, anti-American protesters attacked the U.S. embassy in Khartoum, Sudan.  According to The Los Angeles Times, “The protests were led by hardliner Altayeb Mustafa, an uncle of Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir.”

On June 16, 1933, a Times article reported that German Catholics and Protestants stood against “intervention” by the state in religious affairs, in response to which Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels, was quoted as saying, “Our party machine will be so expanded as to provide a substitute for Parliament” and “the State must stand for the principle of totality.”

On March 5, 1938, The Times reported that Pastor Martin Niemoller, who had opposed Hitler’s totalitarian regime and been thrown in a concentration camp, “is now reported to owe his rearrest on Wednesday to Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s personal orders.”

Hitler accomplished his takeover of Germany “in stages,” including silencing the media.  The American media failed to investigate Obama’s background at any time in his political career and was openly sycophantic in 2008 and 2012 as he ran for president, despite his questionable constitutional qualifications and election practices.  By 2009, the Obama campaign bragged that it “controlled the media.”

Obama’s involvement in the targeting of “conservatives” and political opponents during the 2008 presidential election has been suggested.  It is also known that he accepted money from foreign donors in violation of federal campaign law in both presidential elections.  He has ordered putative Attorney General Eric Holder, who first denied knowledge of the surveillance of journalists in perjured testimony to Congress, to investigate his own department in regard to its practices toward reporters attempting to hold the regime “accountable.”

Despite claiming to be “troubled” over the seizing of telephone records and the naming a journalist as a “criminal co-conspirator” based on a news report he was preparing by Holder, a cabal supportive of keeping Obama in office, whether or not he is constitutionally qualified or has committed treason for issuing a “stand-down” order to the military over the Benghazi attack, has used the Obama tactics of defamation, ridicule, false statements, and false police reports to discredit those seeking the truth about Obama’s background.

A law enforcement investigator has promised that more information on the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate presented to the public as a “deception” will be forthcoming within approximately two weeks at “a big meeting.”

Hitler, too, deceived his people into believing that he would be beneficial to Germany.

Whether or not Obama completely controls the Congress and the courts remains to be seen after the evidence the investigator has in his possession is made public.  To date, the American media have been silent on the issue.

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  1. Loggia, the “Nazi Party” was started to COUNTER the Communist Party from taking control of Germany during their depression after WWI. They were paying France $5 million for 5 years to pay “restitution” for the war. The Germans did not want the Godless design of Marx/Lenin/Engels system running their country. While Wilhelm the Keiser was nearly senile, it was easy for a political upstart to gain power in a depressed social system. Obama was installed and was part of a long DNC planned injection of the same type of person as Hitler. Both political candidates were Godless/ self love/ entitlement personality types. In Obama’s case, his entire time from the mother dropping him off at Jakarta’s Muslim boys prep school in Indonesia for 8 years was all part of fulfilling Malcolm X’s pathway since Jakarta was friends with fellow Muslim Malcolm X. Most do not know that Obama had to become an Indonesian Citizen to be an adopted student child in Indonesia under step father Soetoro, so if he is Art.2 Sect.1 Natural born under the parents being American Citizens, he is still ILLEGAL under the article stating that you cannot hold DUAL CITIZENSHIP and become POTUS. Why are his papers still being hidden at Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle at a cost of over $4 million to taxpayers. Maybe you should ask David Axelrod Socialist/Communist Operative and Mastermind of DNC fame. You can compare Hitler to Obama and his operating modes but though Hitler was corrupted and caused the murder of millions, Hitler sadly to say was a thousand times more intelligent, devious and calculating than Obama. Obama is a puppet to the DNC operatives like Axelrod, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Clinton, Ayers Family, etc. His injection into POTUS was well planned since 1975 when the DNC tried to get amendments to Art.2 Sect.1 “Natural Born Citizen” though the original writing of Art.2 Sect.1 has never been rewritten and still stands as the writing of “The Grand Jury Powers” of the citizens to present information to the Judicial for prosecutions of crimes. Currently, the Judicial has had back door orders and Judges and families have been “threatened” to ignore any Criminal presentments by Hillary and we have seen no prosecutions in 5 years for political crimes of the Obama Chicago Machine, only ignorance/obfuscation of the facts so nothing can reach Discovery/no one gets prosecuted-blamed-held accountable-or stands trial for ANYTHING! It’s great to get paid, be guilty and not have to worry, just keep collecting paychecks and plan retirement! It’s a government and corporate norm in “new age” society and here we are! See Obama’s $35 million dollar retirement mansion at http://www.wnd.com punch in search box “Obama’s $35 million dollar retirement mansion in Hawaii. See how many “media outlets” have reported on that including “The Fair and Balanced” FOX News Agency. Only recently, now that FOX “Executives and News Castors” have been targeted by IRS has any mention of corruption of these departments been “allowed” on the outlets. WHAT ABOUT FITZPATRICK, LAKIN, WOOD, HUFF and others that were the first to REPORT about the corruption AND be ignored for 5 years while their lives and careers were destroyed standing up for the Constitution. All we are seeing now are people and groups trying to take credit for what others have done, which is very typical in today’s “new age” market.

  2. Let us not forget Erich Honecker in the German “Democratic” Republic (GDR) (Deutsche Demokratische Republik/DDR).

    It was German dictatorship under the guise of Marxism-Leninism with admiration for Stalin, but as repressive as the 1930s and 40s.

  3. Osama’s “reaching out” to Muslims got Ambassador Stevens tortured and murdered, and three other Americans killed.
    Following the Nazi play book has been very successful for the Obama regime.
    Meanwhile, our Joint Chiefs of Staff sat idly by while one of their own, LTC Terry Lakin, was sentenced to prison for asking to see the de facto’s Birth Certificate.
    The problem isn’t Obama per se, but our traitorous government employees and politicians who have the power, yet do nothing to protect our Constitution from the usurper. Thanks a lot Secret Service, FBI, Homeland Security and ICE, for turning your backs on your country.

  4. Outstanding point by point analysis. I studied 4 years of german language in high school taught by a teacher who had been in Hitlers germany from the mid 1930’s until 1939 or 1940. I also studied 2 outstanding history courses in my senior year of college; they focused on Germany and the Second World War. I have hosted 2 exchange students from germany ( 1992 and 1997, 1998) and conversed with their parents and grandparents about Germany’s darkest period. I believe I, like you, have an abundance of knowledge on the topic of NAZI control slowly being blanketed over all of Germany, and beyond. The same process is damn near complete here in the former republic –the US of America.
    What is most frightening to me is the number of highly educated, successful people I personally know who are ABSOLUTELY DISMISSIVE of the danger this country is in – TODAY ! So many still sing the stupid song — ” Oh it is just politics, corrupt politicians, too many lobbyists – it has always been this way — they steal from each other and they scandalize each other — but it does not effect me. Come on Rich, shut up about this stuff — you are depressing us all! Lets party on dude !!” A normalcy bias — one that will let you walk right into a train car, and then wake up and ask — hey where are you taking me anyway ???

      Don’t have a clue.
      No idea.
      Didn’t see it on television.
      He’d showed his Birth Certificate.
      We won, you lost.
      The elections were honest and above board.
      Senators Franken and Reid are in, forget about it.
      The war on terror is over.
      He called it “workplace violence”, accept it.
      “Arab Spring and Democracy”.
      Poor Palestinians.
      Benghazi was last year.
      “I’ll get to the bottom of it”.
      “Those who are responsible will be punished”.
      “The most transparent”.
      Say what?
      Welcome to the Club, where being a Patriot, a Constitutionalist, supporter of the Second Amendment will get you labeled as a “terrorist” from what used to be our government, but now is a collection of thieves, traitors, and other despicable gutter dwellers who condone the murder of females for immature perceived notions of “honor” when they haven’t an ounce of honor in their being and never will, lost souls, dolts, idiots parroting gibberish, child noises, barnyard noises, swine comes to mind.

  5. “More shades of Hitler in Obama”… while Hitler had in his Gestapo criminals such as Goring, Bormann, Rosenberg, Eichmann, Himmler, Hess, Heydrich, Muller, Diels, and such, meanwhile Obama’s Gestapo has criminals like Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, Schumer, Leahy, Durbin, Boxer, Clyburn, Waters, Schultz, Feinstein, Levin, and Franken, all carrying the water for this illegal alien, usurper, criminal, aiding and abetting the demise of America. SO SAD and SO UNNECESSARY! Had we had the intelligence to get rid of evil when we saw it, we would now be oil-independent, wealthy, safe from Iran, and no radical Muslims in the country. One last thought: Barry Soetoro wants again to close Gitmo because he is afraid that he himself may end up incarcerated there as a foreign combatant.

  6. Regarding Hitler’s disarmament scheme: renowned historian Alan Bullock termed Hitler’s 1933-1937 regime as one of COUNTERFEIT PEACE – when Hitler pretended to be working to improve the lives of the German people, yet, in actual fact, behind closed doors he was madly building up for war, to take over the world he believed was his.

    With a.k.a. Obama, the aim is to so weaken, break and dispirit America that it falls prey to a coalition of aggressors. At which point, he fancies, he will ascend to Grand Ruler, be it in the form of Caliphate or not.

    The United States Presidency was a mere stepping stone.

  7. Because our “DICTATOR” shuns responsibilities and does NOT possess the ability to think and/or create anything original~the situations that the “Republic” and her Citizens have faced since 2007 and the beginning of this FARCE called Obama are page by page from “Mein Kamph” and all of Hitler’s Rantings!!
    What I find hard to believe is that the Population of America is suffering the same STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE as though in a “Time Warp” back to 1938!!
    “History Repeats Itself, AGAIN!!