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by OPOVV, ©2013

What happens to people who become politicians and government employees? Are they prima donnas in disguise?

(May 20, 2013) — We’ve all seen it: a person is elevated in position and turns into a Mr. Hyde. It’s quite an interesting psychological phenomena to witness, but it certainly isn’t an enjoyable one. A person whom you’ve been friends with for years suddenly becomes “one of them,” a despised and hated individual for lording his power over others just because they can. While in the military I saw it first-hand time and time again, and it was a rare occasion when those who were promoted remained the same.

As I said, it’s extremely rare when someone who has the power abstains from abusing the system that rewards incompetence, sloth, dishonesty and sloppiness to the nth degree. Yes, we’re discussing your average everyday government employee, be they city, county, state or federal; they all share (most) certain attributes, and one of them is to let you know that you can go to the back of the line at anytime for no reason.

Years ago I suggested at a public hearing that, at least one evening a week, all government offices be kept open until 9 pm to allow the working stiff time to take care of business without having to take time off from work. All of a sudden I was the leper among everyone. Why, the nerve of me. And to top it off I reminded the government workers that the Public was their boss. The nerve of me, for the animosity towards me from the government employees in the room was palpable. Not a good experience, addressing government employees at a public hearing.

That was some 20 years ago, and the disdain for the public has only gotten worse, the malaise is contagious, and the proof of that statement is that the government has increased in size and scope. Even government employees must eventually reach the conclusion that bigger means less efficient, which translates into yet more wasted tax dollars. Here is Truth: government employees, for some unknown reason, fail to equate wasting tax dollars to their job incompetence through wasteful spending and poor job performance, and it’s their own money.

Qualified, dedicated and honest people have no place working for Uncle Sam. Those who somehow sneak in are quickly identified and terminated ASAP. Some elected politicians are so disgusted with Washington that they leave before their first term is up, yet they are the ones we need in the trenches to cleanse the corruption, or at least try.

No, the IRS scandal isn’t a surprise after all, is it? Thousands, perhaps many millions, of our fellow citizens willing to deprive any one of us of our Civil Rights in a heartbeat, and they’ll think nothing of it, not give it a second thought. Just too bad, “therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee;” in other words, giving credence to a corrupt system works both ways, something that the Obots of the world don’t seem to grasp.

“We won, you lost” is probably the most childish phrase ever uttered by a human. How about changing it to “The Constitution was trampled, we all lost”? No, our government employees, on the whole, since there are far and few exceptions, have adopted self-destructive tendencies: targeting one particular group today can be just as easily focused on any other group tomorrow. Treating your neighbor unfairly can easily result in your being treated unfairly in the future. Is it too late to change the trend? I don’t know, but this I do know: the employees at the IRS have got to go by the people supporting a Nationwide Flat Tax and abolishing the IRS.

[*prima donna: a person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience; abuse of power as if it’s their “right” from a unsubstantiated belief system that they are “owed,” even though they didn’t work or pay to earn it.]


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