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by Sharon Rondeau

President Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency on August 8, 1974 after his role in the Watergate scandal and cover-up were revealed to the American people. Unlike Obama, he was not suspected of having carried out identity fraud.

(May 14, 2013) — Last week, a new Obama regime scandal broke in which the IRS “apologized” for targeting “patriot” groups and others focused on advocating limited government, “patriot” issues and constitutional principles.

Several employees of the agency, created after the 16th Amendment was purportedly ratified in 1913, have “apologized” for the unwarranted invasion of privacy which included asking for lists of donors, scheduled public events and the names of relatives of the groups’ members characterized by one member of Congress as “intimidation.”

President Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace following the Watergate scandal of which he had been aware, also used the IRS to target his political enemies.

Since its inception, The Post & Email has consistently reported that the Obama regime and/or its supporters have demonized, ridiculed, harassed, tapped the phone lines, lied to and breached the email accounts of those seeking the truth about Obama’s identity, eligibility and background.

The targeting of political opponents by the Obama IRS was hailed by The New York Times last year as the agency “doing its job.” The editorial claimed that organizations operating under “social welfare” purposes should be “required to disclose their donors under the law.”  However,

When Nixon used the IRS to do the same thing, his actions were characterized as compiling an “enemies list.”

Sen. Ted Cruz said that the IRS’s recent actions are reminiscent of the Nixon presidency and “part of a distressing pattern of the Obama administration of being less than honest with the American people and using the machinery of government to target their political opponents.”

The Associated Press, which itself has been targeted by the Obama Justice Department by its secret seizing of phone records among four different AP offices, reported that “About 75 groups were inappropriately targeted.”

Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman had told the House Ways & Means Committee last year that no targeting of groups for political reasons was occurring under his watch.  The IRS reportedly has 90,000 employees and a $12 billion budget.

Stephen Miller is reported by The Washington Post to have “repeatedly failed to tell Congress that tea party groups were targeted.”

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have raised the question of whether or not criminal activity has been committed by the IRS in its

Some, including Maine’s governor, have called the IRS “the new Gestapo” for its involvement in enforcing the provision of Obamacare which compels every American adult to buy health insurance.  Last year, the IRS was reportedly set to hire 4,000 new agents and to spend $303,000,000 in enforcement procedures against Americans.  A separate report stated that the number of new agents could be as high as 16,500.

The Post & Email exclusively reported in April 2012 that Obama’s Justice Department, FBI, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and Department of Defense had worked together with Tennessee officials and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to label supporters of the U.S. Constitution, believers in the Bible, military veterans and home-schooling advocates “Sovereign Citizens,” with Obama’s FBI concurring.

A training program credited to those agencies included photographs and defamatory material about Darren Wesley Huff and CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, both of whom were working to expose corruption in Monroe County, TN, on the part of court clerks, judges, prosecutors and local grand juries.

The SPLC characterizes Fitzpatrick and Huff as participating in “militia madness” when neither had broken the law or participated in any violence whatsoever.  Huff is now serving a four-year prison term after Monroe County officials perjured themselves during his federal trial in October 2011.

Both FBI Special Agent Mark van Balen, in a sworn affidavit, and the SPLC on its website misreported the date on which Fitzpatrick conducted the citizen’s arrest as April 2 instead of April 1, 2010.

The AP disseminated stories widely which described Huff as “an extremist” and utilized some of the same language as the FBI in its “Gotcha” radio series on Huff’s conviction.

Fitzpatrick, Huff, other former military members and The Post & Email have concluded that the “Madisonville Hoax” was fabricated by Obama’s FBI in conjunction with members of The Fogbow, who admitted in their forum from which screenshots were obtained that they contacted Madisonville officials about “threats” of violence from Fitzpatrick which were never uttered.

Obama’s Justice Department insisted to The Post & Email that it possessed no documentation on the massive call-up of FBI and local law enforcers on April 20, 2010, when Fitzpatrick was scheduled for a brief assignment hearing from which most of the public was barred from attending by sheriff’s deputies with AK-47s in their hands at the courthouse entrance.

The regime has never prosecuted nor questioned the man who took responsibility for calling in the false threats, William L. Bryan.  Bryan also stated online that he had obstructed a Texas police officer’s initial investigation into Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve in 2009.

Fitzpatrick was jailed five times for standing up to the corruption, beginning after he conducted a citizen’s arrest on the grand jury foreman, who had been serving at the pleasure of the judge for almost three decades.  Upon his release from his fifth incarceration in the Monroe County jail, Fitzpatrick discovered that his military pension check had been garnished by two-thirds by the IRS without so much as a hearing.

An Obama support group called The Fogbow includes an IRS attorney named Mitzi Lynn Torri who spoke briefly with Fitzpatrick when he contacted her at her office.  A Fogbow member who guest-hosted their radio in September 2010 show was identified as “a White House attorney.”

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department members admitted to Fitzpatrick that the Knoxville FBI had classified him as a “Sovereign Citizen,” which was later confirmed by the leaking of the training program with Fitzpatrick’s photo and propaganda beneath it.

Huff was also included as a “Sovereign,” and the training program was circulated prior to his trial.  Public officials who testified at the trial were likely to have known about or even participated in preparing the materials.

The state of Tennessee wanted approximately $750 to release documentation on the program through an Open Records request.

Under Obama, federal agents have arrested, harassed, and questioned people for posting “anti-government views” on social media without probable cause.  Conversely, a clear case of voter intimidation from 2008 on the part of New Black Panther members was not prosecuted by Eric Holder and Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez.

While the AP reported in 2010 that Fitzpatrick had accused Obama of not “being a U.S. citizen,” others now involved in a law enforcement investigation which has reached the federal level had raised the question and were also demonized by left-wing propagandists.

As talk of impeachment begins to build momentum, Pastor Carl Gallups, who has been conducting his own investigation of Obama’s background and has extensive experience in law enforcement, has continued to question whether or not Obama is a U.S. citizen, claiming that the preponderance of evidence shows that he is not.

The Obama regime is also avoiding an explanation as to why four Americans were allowed to die during a terrorist attack on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 of last year.  After lying about the cause, ABC News reported last week that talking points prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shortly after the attack were modified at least 12 times to sanitize them of references to Al Qaeda and other terrorist elements seven weeks before the presidential election.

Obama has recently called the questions about why rescue operations were ceased by a “stand-down” order likely issued by him “a sideshow.”  Hillary Clinton asked during sworn testimony on January 23 “What difference does it make?” when asked why the regime initially characterized the Benghazi attack as “a protest” over an obscure internet video, including to the parents of those slain.

A first-hand account of the Benghazi events revealed to Fox News that witnesses were threatened with “decapitation” if they were to come forward and relate what they saw that night.

Late last month, an Indiana jury found several Democrat Party operatives guilty of forging signatures which would have been required to place the names of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the state ballot during the 2008 presidential election.  While evidence showed that Clinton might have had enough authentic signatures to qualify as a candidate there, Obama apparently did not.  Yet he ran for president on every state ballot and allegedly won the election, doing the same in 2012.

Obama’s short-form and long-form birth certificate images have been labeled crude forgeries by experts.  He has been reported to be using a Connecticut Social Security number and fraudulent Selective Service registration card.

The Fast & Furious scandal in which gun-running to Mexican criminals was orchestrated by members of the ATF and possibly the Justice Department, has been said by some to be “Obama’s Watergate.”  Last June, Obama and Holder colluded to withhold documentation from Congress, with Obama claiming “executive privilege” which initiated a lawsuit which is still pending.

On Friday, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe told radio show host Rusty Humphries that the “I” word, meaning “impeachment” of Obama, would likely be surfacing in the coming weeks.  He stated that the process could possibly go beyond the 2014 midterm elections.  However, if Obama is proven to not hold U.S. citizenship and having usurped the office of the presidency, as many have suspected, that timeline could change.

Since 2009, the Obama regime has proudly proclaimed that it “controlled the media,” after which several journalists revealed that they had been intimidated, insulted and threatened by Obama’s employees.  Some have received perceived or very graphic death threats, including this writer.

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