Sen. James Inhofe: Benghazi “Biggest Cover-Up in History”

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by Sharon Rondeau

Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma has said that the “I” word will begin to be spoken since the revelations over the Obama regime’s cover-up of the events in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012

(May 10, 2013) — On Friday, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma told radio show Rusty Humphries that the Benghazi affair will go down as the “biggest cover-up in history.”

Comparing the Benghazi attack cover-up by the Obama regime to Nixon’s Pentagon Papers and Watergate and Reagan’s Iran Contra, he told Humphries that then-national security adviser John Brennan had admitted directly in February during “closed-door confirmation hearings” that the regime knew a “professional terrorist attack” had occurred rather than a “spontaneous protest.”

Inhofe said that former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also admitted to knowing.

When Hillary Clinton testified to two congressional committees last January, she asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” in regard to the cause of the deaths of four Americans at the U.S. compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

“This is clearly an orchestrated cover-up,” Inhofe told Humphries, after stating that the “I” word would probably be discussed, referring to “impeachment.”

Humphries asked Inhofe why Obama has not said where he was on the night of September 11, 2012, as the U.S. building in Benghazi was under attack.  “We don’t really need that…the facts that we know…somebody was responding, and it was the president…If the president thought that it would be close enough that…his Middle Eastern policy was a failure, that could cost him the election…purely, by definition, a cover-up.”

Inhofe said that presidents are not normally brought before Congress to testify and that Obama has been “insulated” from tough questions.  Obama has not said where he was or what he was doing on the night that the four Americans were killed.

On Friday, ABC News released emails which showed that at least a dozen revisions were made to the talking points provided by the CIA to United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice

“People need to know how serious this is,” Inhofe said.

He briefly addressed the large amounts of ammunition which the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies have been ordering, opining that he believes the purpose is to take ammunition “out of circulation” for the general public.  The Senate is discussing a bill which would limit such purchases by the federal government.



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