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by Sharon Rondeau

In order to renew a pistol permit in Connecticut, the applicant must provide a copy of his or her birth certificate, but the President of the United States is not required to present one to run for office

(May 13, 2013) — The state of Connecticut requires more identification to renew a pistol permit than the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) or any state in the union requires from a candidate to run for President of the United States.

The renewal form issued by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection contains the following instructions in the upper-right corner:


1. Proof of legal and lawful presence in the United States:  Copy of U.S. Passport, Birth Certificate, or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued permanent residence identification/documentation.
2.  $70.00 Fee (Check or money order payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut”).   DO NOT SEND CASH.
3.  Copy of valid photo identification if providing a birth certificate as proof of legal and lawful presence in the United States.
4.  Notarization ONLY if renewing by mail.

A secondary page included with the form reiterates the requirements and the restrictions for acquiring or renewing a handgun permit in the state of Connecticut.

In order to obtain a pistol permit for the first time, the applicant must be at least 21 years of age, undergo fingerprinting and submit a photograph, submit to a background and criminal history “investigation,” take an approved pistol safety course, pay applicable fees, be held to a “suitability clause,” and must not be “an illegal alien.”

The “Constitution State” is among several states which passed more restrictive firearms laws in reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14 in Newtown, which is 60 miles northeast of New York City.

After Barack Hussein Obama declared that he would run for president in 2007, his biographer mysteriously changed his declared place of birth from Kenya to Hawaii and stated that he was raised in “Indonesia and Hawaii.”  Questions arose as to whether or not he met the requirements set forth in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, specifically that which states that the president must be a “natural born Citizen.”

Some sources have stated that a natural born Citizen is anyone born on U.S. soil, while others say that being “born in the United States” makes one only “a citizen.”  Dr. Herb Titus has said that a “natural born Citizen” refers to a person’s “relationship to the nation” based on the “law of nature.”  Titus claims that “A natural born citizen is one who is born to a father and a mother, each of whom is a citizen of the United States…”

Titus has said that because of Obama’s father’s Kenyan citizenship, Obama did not qualify to serve as president.

On June 12, 2008, The Daily KOS released an image of a short-form birth certificate bearing Obama’s name and alleged birth date of August 4, 1961.  The image has been declared a forgery, and, contrary to media reports, the Hawaii Department of Health has never authenticated the document or affirmed that it was officially generated.

After real estate mogul Donald Trump questioned Obama’s failure to produce a detailed birth certificate, school records, passport, and other probative documents, the White House released a second image on April 27, 2011, claiming it to be a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate containing the name of the hospital, delivery doctor, mother’s name and address of the parents.  Within 24 hours, the image was declared a forgery on the record by experts, with no one coming forward to authenticate it.

Only one reporter, Savannah Guthrie, stated that she obtained a paper copy of the image that was posted on the White House server, but it lacked a raised seal and other signs of authenticity.

An investigation was launched in September 2011 by a Cold Case Posse commissioned by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  After six months of probative work, the posse presented its conclusions at a press conference on March 1, 2012, declaring the image and that of Obama’s Selective Service registration card “computer-generated forgeries.”

The state of Arizona requires that presidential candidates sign a notarized statement that they are constitutionally eligible in order to have their names placed on the ballot, but it does not require proof that the statement submitted is accurate.

A second press conference offering more detail as to how the posse reached its conclusions occurred on July 17, 2012.  None of the major media launched its own investigation to prove or disprove the posse’s findings, nor did Congress.

In mid-March, posse lead investigator Mike Zullo and Pastor Carl Gallups met with several “VIPs” at CPAC to show them evidence gathered by the posse which Zullo stated proved beyond reasonable doubt that the birth certificate image released nearly two years before was a forgery.

Since that time, Gallups has reported on his weekly radio show that additional “VIPs” have come forward and asked to see the evidence.  A group has indicated that they see prosecution an option.  Zullo told Gallups on the show that the forgery of the birth certificate with an intent to deceive is a federal felony.

Earlier on Monday, this writer was interviewed on the “C2CSI” radio show hosted by Abel Danger’s Field McConnell, who stated that the man known as Barack Hussein Obama had attended Punahou School in Hawaii under the name “Barry Soetoro.”  McConnell has put us in touch with someone who is said to have more information on any documentation that might exist to prove the claim.

McConnell added that Obama had attended Occidental College on a Fulbright Scholarship, which is awarded only to students attending universities in countries foreign to their own.

Occidental has fought release of Obama’s alleged records and suggested that they do not even exist.

Multiple versions of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate have been submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court, which is expected to review an eligibility challenge brought on appeal by Atty. Larry Klayman.

Director of the Selective Service Administration Lawrence Romo did not cooperate when Zullo and Arpaio asked to inspect the purported original application signed by Obama.

Gallups has said that evidence points to Obama as lacking U.S. citizenship, and his background has never been vetted by the FBI, according to a spokesman.

Is there an illegal alien in the White House?



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