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by Sharon Rondeau

Inclusion of Islamics within the U.S. military has increased under Obama, who has long been suspected, and even said, that he is a member of the “Muslim faith”

(May 11, 2013) — On Thursday, Adm. James (Ace) Lyons (Ret.) stated at a press conference that the U.S. military and all other government departments have been infiltrated with members of The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group which has declared the United States its sworn enemy.

Various investigators agree.

The Muslim Brotherhood also now controls Egypt’s government following the Arab Spring uprisings, which were reported to have been the first step in bringing “democracy” to dictatorships throughout the Middle East.  Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has seized autocratic powers, disenfranchised secularists, and indicated that he views Israel as an enemy by calling Israelis “pigs,” “apes,” and “bloodsuckers.”

The Obama regime had praised Morsi for bringing democratic change to Egypt after calling for Mubarak’s ouster.  Mubarak was then arrested and reportedly became very ill.  Obama has since assisted the Morsi regime by sending fighter jets and other military equipment based on a contract made with deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak, who was not hostile to Israel.

Morsi’s cabinet recently had three Muslim Brotherhood members join its ranks, which brings the number of seats occupied by Brotherhood members to 10 out of 35.

Creeping Sharia has reported that the U.S. Air Force recently paid $5,000 for an advertisement in the magazine “Islamic Horizons,” published by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), described by The Clarion Project as “a Muslim Brotherhood front group.”

Clarion further reports:

ISNA is the first organization mentioned in a 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo’s list of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” The same memo describes its “work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

Islamic Horizons is produced by the Islamic Society of North America, which was addressed by White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett in 2009. According to The Investigative Project, ISNA was founded by members of The Muslim Brotherhood and was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, which charged the latter with funneling money to the terrorist group Hamas.

When The Clarion Project asked an Air Force spokesman if it planned to pay for more advertising space in Islamic publications going forward, the response was

A high-ranking aide to Obama “provided a keynote address” at an ISNA convention held in July 2009, six months after Obama took office.  The Investigative Project led by Steve Emerson has declared ISNA to hold extremist ideology and origins with The Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey fired and gave a negative review to Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley for teaching an approved course on the dangers of radical Islam after a group fo 57 Islamic organizations complained.  Dempsey has been named in the commission of treason against the U.S., along with Barack Hussein Obama and other criminal assistant.

At Thursday’s press conference, Adm. Lyons and others stated that political correctness has infected the military, obscuring the enemy and causing the unnecessary deaths and maiming of U.S. fighting forces, including the Navy SEALS killed on August 6, 2011 in a Chinook helicopter crash in Warmak Province, Afghanistan.

Parents of the fallen were outraged when a declared “certified translation” revealed that an Islamic imam who presided over the funerals for the servicemen “desecrated” their memory by a prayer in Arabic which said, beginning at 19:40, “The sinners and infidels who are fodder for hell fire ARE NOT EQUAL WITH the companions of heaven…(muslims)…are the winners.”  When asked, a spokesman for the U.S.  military did not respond with a comment on the claim of Islamic desecration of the American soldiers.

Maj. Nidal Hasan was a Muslim who communicated with a known Islamic terrorist overseas, Anwar al-Awlaki, who killed 13 service members in November 2009, including one who was pregnant.  Hasan has still not faced trial for the crime, which, instead of being classified as a terrorist attack by the Obama regime, has been called “workplace violence” to the outrage of the 30 people injured.

Awlaki had called for the deaths of Americans and had preached to three of the 19 hijackers who carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Awlaki and his son, who were considered U.S. citizens, were killed by drones ordered by Obama in October 2012.

John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, is reportedly a Muslim convert and apologist.

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  1. Obama as a Sunni Muslim, is in disguise running our country, secretly causing upset at every level of government, religion, education and slowly breaking down our system as we know it. They making up laws and rules without Congressional or Senate approval and most people in America don’t have any idea on what or how these things are coming about if they have not studied it from the beginning. It is sad how rogue governments can install themselves, America has not really seen this before, where in other countries it happens over and over and the people are helpless to do anything to change it. Obama is a puppet as part of a large network of Democratic/Socialist/Muslim operatives that know they can co-exist by doing what they do and how they do it. FOXBOW, Axelrod, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Waters, Sharpton, Jackson, Rangel, Dodd, Ayers and many others are top leaders in these networks. Look up in search box on your computer how many members of the American Communist Party are listed and how many are Democrats on the payroll in DC. They call it “The Progressive Socialist Party” now but it’s the old American Communist Party no matter what it’s called now. Why are these people allowed to remain on the payroll in our government when they are standing members in a political group that opposes our way of life? Look at all the members of the old Hollywood actors guild that were also members of the American Communist Party, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, the list goes on, how could you support movies on American life and freedom when you belong to a belief in a Marxist system that destroyed Europe and every country it touched? The Nazi Party was started to keep Communism out of Germany as they were trying to take over Germany in the 1920’s and if the Nazi Party had failed early on, Europe would have fallen to Marxism. The end result was that 50 million people died from two dictatorships-one Naze-the other Marxist. Then Communism destroyed most of Asia, Cuba, Africa, Central America, many parts of Europe and is now gaining fast in America. The next worst curse was the Islamic thrust in Europe, Middle East, Africa and now is spreading in America and aided by Hillary including them as “displaced minorities” to get all the same free benefits that all the illegal Mexicans get to the tune of $160 million per year to the taxpayers increasing the speed of national bankruptcy. Also, Muslims coming here are exempt from all zoning laws so they can build lots of Mosques to replace all the Christian churches. It is happening all over America and in the next 3 years we will see amazing increases in Muslim populations here, once they breed up to heavy numbers, they will be the majority rule and it’s happened in Detroit and other cities accross America. While the pretense and paychecks keep rolling in DC, most of the politicians are sleeping at the wheel waiting for the big retirement check while America slowly slips lower and lower. The Titanic was a popular movie, few knew about the fire in the coal bay below decks that was softening the side of the ship with extreme heat. The Captain knew about the fire but ordered the crew not to tell the passengers and cause panic. When the iceberg hit, it was much easier for it to rip through the side. The rest is history, our society is being softened up with the heat of Muslims flooding into America and their iceberg has already hit in Europe where many towns and large areas are now taken over by the Muslim power brokers there. The Democrats don’t care where their revenue comes from to reach their agenda and parasitic retirement as public trustees. As America slowly fails, they will suck blood and dollars from the immigrants and higher salary earners while it lasts. The rest of blue collar America is in big trouble and has been for the last 35 years since Vietnam ended in 1975 since that’s when the Democrats really started pushing to get control at any cost. Muslim’s don’t belong in America, her Military or anywhere but back home in the Middle East where they can push their Sharia on whoever they choose, they can mutilate their wives and children but cannot force their radical anti-Kufar Muslim superiority programs and death to any religion but Islam. Eventually maybe they will all kill each other and leave the rest of the world alone. Ask the families of the 911/Twin Towers/Boston and who will be next. See http://www.creepingsharia.wordpress.com. Lets clean out Washington and our Military of all the Muslim sympathizers and stop the butchering here and elsewhere. Send them all back to Mecca, not here. Europe is suffering with them, we don’t need any more suffering here.

  2. Mrs Rondeau, what of the story recently that a Muslim cleric read a prayer in Arabic calling fallen Navy Seals “infidels” to Allah?

    That would be an interesting article to read if you have any more information.

    What we do perceive, however, is that a noxious pattern is emerging and it fits right into an Islamo-fascist fantasy- America is becoming a totally DHIMMI state.

    We have Pro-Islamist groups being wooed with Taxpayer money.

    Ben Rhodes, a 35 year old college major in Fiction writing, penning lofty (he imagines) talks for Soetoro in which any negative references to terror and Al-Qaeda are expunged.

    A “president” who bows to an Islamic potentate.

    A “president” who PRETENDED to misspeak about “57 states” when it was really a cunning(he fancied himself) indicator of what his true core personality and goals were.

    Miss Napolitano telling America in a baldfaced way (yes, she had NO BEARD to cover her lie here) that there was NO EVIDENCE of a “broader plot” as regards the Boston Terror attack.

    In a welcome moment of honesty with conviction mixed with merited fervor, Mrs Pat Smith, the mother of fallen Benghazi Navy Seal, Sean Smith, told America EXACTLY what she thinks:

    (For Mother’s Day)

    “She (Hillary) has her child, but I don’t have MINE, because of HER!”

    GOD BLESS MRS SMITH and her SON and all the VICTIMS of Benghazi who are martyrs of Pro-Islamist forces in our own government who would rather sacrifice Patriots than rattle the sensibilities of America’s enemies.

    America is “getting it;” ABC is beginning to distinguish itself among media outlets even now.

    Who would have thought possible that MSNBC would devote 8 minutes of analysis recently to the term “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”..but they did!

    These next few weeks are going to be recorded in the annals of American history if the news coming forth is any indication.

    The guilty in this matter should rejoice that we are no longer in Olde Salem Village, for they would surely have had to stand with arms and head in the stocks for the townspeople to scorn.

    They would have been obliged to publicly repent like Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqtJrJ40Cio
    The military spokesman did not respond to the allegation.

    1. addendum: better put, any further developments into the Islamic prayer incident, as that is surely the tip of a malicious iceberg.

  3. When American Mothers and Fathers get sick and tired of mourning for their murdered sons and daughters, when young men and women say enough of missing friends forever, maybe they’ll get wise to the very real fact that the United States is in the process of being destroyed by Islam and not by a “few Muslim radicals”.
    When our men and women in uniform figure out that the enemy is Islam itself and they’re nothing more than pawns to be slaughtered for appeasement, that they are one step beyond expendable, that they are targets of opportunity for a Muslim to roll a grenade into the tent or shoot them, as happened at Ft. Hood, and the Commander in Chief calls it “Workplace Violence” and not the battlefield of world domination by Islam, maybe they’ll get wise and deal with the very real possibility of being murdered by “one of their own”, a Muslim in uniform who yearns to kill as many Jews and Infidels as possible.
    But as long as we allow Muslims in our country, government and military, as long as we call Islam a “religion” and not a bunch of insane psychopaths who believe that murdering “Unbelievers” and wives and daughters through some sort of warped code that results in “Honor Killings”, we will reap the rewards of our stupidity and ignorance.
    Had I been elected as the President there would not be one Muslim in our military, or within our country but just because I wasn’t elected doesn’t mean we have to take having these savages living among us.