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by Bob Russell, ©2013

(May 2, 2013) — I wrote a blog article a while back pointing out how Barack Obama (Osama bin Obama) is putting the finishing touches on turning America into a police state. I have caught a lot of flak for my views and have been called paranoid and a fear-monger for pointing out the things I see happening to my America. It seems pretty clear to me what is happening and I know many people agree with me on this while others disagree to varying degrees.

What really surprised me was to hear Bill Maher agree with me.   To me, Bill Maher has always been a left-wing pompous jerk, with no semblance of reality apparent in anything he had to say. When I saw this video clip I was astonished, to say the least. Bill Maher saying the same things I have been saying??? Maher must have lost his marbles or my ears were playing tricks on me!!! But as I watched the clip I began to see something in him that changed my perspective.

I saw Maher stick to his guns when he got pushback, undeniably on shaky ground but pushback nonetheless, from those trying to dismiss his premise.  I was also surprised that Maher actually got some support from a member of the panel. The lady, Anna Smith, was right there with him and rightly pointed out that much of this has been happening for a long time, although on a smaller scale, such as the “stop and frisk” she mentioned. Not being from New York, I was not aware that this was a common practice. It is wrong and should be stopped.

What didn’t surprise me was Robert Traynham from MSNBC supporting the police state. Obama is at the top of the police state command and gets the support of an MSNBC liberal; no surprise there. As a side note, I wonder if Traynham would be so supportive if George W. Bush was in charge right now and a brown-skinned Muslim was the target of this manhunt. Maher, also a liberal through and through, was adamant about his point and showed pictures and a video of the state of a militarized police force that is not designed to write a traffic ticket.

This makes me wonder about Maher.  With his stand on this police state issue he brings a rationale that is normally missing from his “I hate everything about America” shtick. The one thing I have learned over the years is that liberals, the true “dyed-in-the-wool” liberals, have a utopian view of the world in general and in America in particular. Maher appears to be one of these. I have never thought of him as even remotely patriotic, or even a true American, but this gives me a different perspective on him.

The true liberal looks to an idealistic utopia that is impossible to obtain, but they have that goal and believe down deep in their hearts that it can be accomplished. All that is needed is the right group of people to make it happen. It seems Maher is one of those utopian true believers. From this video I believe he really thinks his view of America can become a reality. It can’t ever work because mankind is terribly flawed and those like Obama are beyond flawed, flawed to the point of being downright evil. I believe Maher originally saw Obama as the person that could pull off the utopia he envisioned but is now seeing what Obama’s agenda entails, and it frightens him. He said this is “very troubling” to him.  It is beyond troubling to me but I get his point.

Many people make the mistake of looking at Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Napolitano, Holder, and their ilk as liberals. They aren’t liberals; they are Marxists, and in Obama’s case a Muslim Marxist. They aren’t looking for some kind of utopia where everyone benefits equally and contributes equally. They are looking to establish a Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia-style dictatorship with them in charge and everyone else bowing to them. I believe this is the reality that Maher has finally seen for what it is. I saw and heard disappointment and shock in Maher’s expression and voice. He seems to have come to a realization that what he thought Obama would do isn’t what Obama is doing.

Maher made the same case I have been making, but didn’t get the same kind of backlash I have received, at least not yet. He made point after point about the actions of the police and stayed the course when others tried to intimidate him into accepting the necessity of what they did in Boston. I heard liberals defending a police state atmosphere and telling Maher that the police state tactic is for our own good.  Hearing liberals defend a dictatorship astounds me and Maher rightly rejected their premise outright.

He rightly pointed out the case of the gunfire aimed at the boat Tsarnaev was hiding in. He commented that they wanted him alive yet fired a sustained volley of bullets in their zeal to “take this kid alive” so they could question him. If they wanted him alive why did they fire so many shots, and how did they manage to miss him with that many shots fired? Trigger-happy cops seem to be the normal thing these days. I have written about that also, pointing out the number of innocent civilians who have been killed by the police without just cause, with the explanation of “Oh, it was a mistake.” That isn’t very comforting that I could be killed “by mistake” and those who kill me go right on out to do it again without any concerns about their actions. Maher also pointed out that Tsarnaev was given his Miranda rights way too early, thereby losing valuable information that could lead to the arrest of co-conspirators.

He agreed Miranda rights should be given but the law says 48 hours and the Obama regime jumped right in to make sure no information would be forthcoming.  Maher found this to be irresponsible and dangerous. Again, Bill and Bob are on the same page.

I found myself watching this clip and seeing myself sitting in Bill Maher’s chair, saying the exact same words and making the exact same case. As scary as that is, I find it refreshing at the same time. Maher is ultra-liberal and I am ultra-conservative. I have always seen him and me as polar opposites politically, yet we see this situation from exactly the same perspective. That is frightening yet encouraging on a level that goes far beyond liberal/conservative ideology.  When two people as diametrically opposite as Maher and me agree totally, something is terribly wrong, or something is very right, in our nation.

If someone had told me a week ago that I would be in agreement with Bill Maher I would have told them, “When that happens you will know Hell has frozen over.” Well, I guess it must be cold in Hell today because I find myself standing side-by-side with Bill Maher on this Boston bombing situation. As frightening as that is, it gives me hope that America just might survive. When two people like Maher and me see what is happening and come to the exact same conclusion, I know that I am not as far out in “tin foil hat” country as some would like to convince me I am.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility give to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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