Recall Election: OPOVV vs. Obama


by OPOVV, ©2013

Why is Obama sitting in the White House with a fraudulent birth certificate?

(May 1, 2013) — Price of Admission: One legal Birth Certificate, candidate vetted to the hilt. Debates after the vetting process clear the candidates. IF (if and only if, we’re not flying, we have our feet planted firmly on the ground)) both candidates pass the comprehensive vetting process, election will be held between the two. Any improprieties will be met with the maximum sentence allowed by existing law which, in time of war, as we are now, means, at the minimum, 20 years of hard labor without the chance of parole.

Why not? We’ve certainly nothing to lose and our country to gain. The thought process goes thusly: besides the election in 2008 being a complete fraud, the candidate Obama is likewise; same for 2012.  The one candidate who has been on the Birther Wagon since 2008 has been OPOVV, and some others.  We have to get our country back and if we don’t come up with something, even this idea, what makes anyone think that Obama’s name won’t be on the 2016 (factious/pretend reminiscent of Comrade Stalin) ballot?

Some of us see reality while others live in some kind of “Denial Existence” where everything is the opposite, reminding one of the Contraries, a Sioux Indian adolescent stage where they did everything backwards that could be done backwards, including riding a horse into battle. That being said, these Sioux teenagers were brave in battle.

No so with today’s Americans who believe in the “Transparency Scam,” along with every other scam perpetuated by Obama, his Administration, the DNC and, for that matter, the RNC. They are hiding behind a fake Birth Certificate while Atlanta; Washington, DC, and all America burns to the ground outwardly assisted by Americans who are blind to the truth.  That is how the irrational and mentally imbalanced see into the future: the Muslim is in the White House for a reason, and that reason has nothing to do with your freedoms nor your longevity.

Me? I’d deport every illegal immigrant; none of this rewarding of lawbreakers with “reform” nonsense.

Muslims out of our country, as in yesterday.

So, the choice becomes clearer and clearer: Obama destroys American while OPOVV saves America, with your help.


2 Responses to "Recall Election: OPOVV vs. Obama"

  1. Kim Gibson   Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 6:31 AM

    I’m with OPOVV, from day 1 as well!

  2. meyerlm   Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 9:38 PM

    “COUNT ME, IN!!!”


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