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by Sharon Rondeau

Chechnya is located in the Northern Caucasus Mountains and is predominantly Muslim. Chechnyans and Russians have launched brutal attacks against each other and been foes in two wars over the last 20 years

(Apr. 28, 2013) — On Friday, Fox News reported that investigators have “not ruled out” an accomplice to the two suspects in the bombing of the Boston Marathon on April 15 because of the method by which the crime was perpetrated.

The attack killed three people and wounded more than 260 others, some gravely.  On Thursday, April 18, two brothers of Chechen origin were named as suspects and shown in video surveillance footage carrying backpacks which they allegedly placed in two locations in the crowd of onlookers to the Boston Marathon, America’s oldest road race.

The older brother was killed in the early hours of Friday, April 19, following a reported gun battle with police and his younger brother Dzhokhar driving over him with a stolen vehicle.  Dzhokar was taken into custody on Friday evening following a manhunt through the neighborhoods of Watertown, MA.  After being hospitalized, he told investigators that the two brothers “acted alone.”

While fleeing from authorities, Dzhokar was described as “armed and dangerous,” and all Watertown residents were ordered to “shelter in place” until further notice on Friday.  Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick lifted the order at a brief news conference at 6:00 that evening after stating that the fugitive was not found in Watertown, although Dzhokar was found in a boat in the back yard of a Watertown resident approximately two hours later.

On April 23, Fox reported that the bombers likely accessed an Al-Qaeda publication containing instructions on how to build the explosives, but Catherine Herridge’s April 26 report appeared to contradict that.

Internet jihad supporters stated that the technique used by the Tsarnaev brothers is promoted by Inspire, an online magazine published by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which instructs potential terrorists in bomb-making with the intent to kill civilians.  The FBI reportedly believes that the Tsarnaev brothers received training in bomb-making other than the information available at Inspire.  Earlier analyses had described the attack as “homegrown.

Two young men said to have been acquaintances of Dzhokar Tsarnaev were taken into custody on alleged immigration violations four days after the Boston bombings. Both are from Kazakhstan, where the Tsarnaev brothers appear to have spent part of their childhoods.

Commissioner Ray Kelly has worked for the New York City Police Department for a total of 43 years. He holds J.D., LLM and MPA degrees.

On April 26, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stated during a news conference that the Tsarnaevs had intended to bomb Times Square following the Boston Marathon attacks.  The same day, The New York Daily News reported that the FBI failed to inform Kelly and other New York officials of the Tsarnaevs’ plans, stating that “disastrous consequences” could have resulted.

Various news outlets reported shortly after the explosions that a Saudi national designated a “person of interest” or “suspect” had been taken to the hospital and was under guard. Boston Mayor Thoman Menino refuted that anyone was “in custody” at the time but did not specifically deny the report of the Saudi national being guarded at the hospital.  Although the man’s apartment was searched in the early hours of Tuesday, authorities reportedly declared him “cleared” of any suspicion in the attacks later that day.

Both Menino and Gov. Patrick have been accommodating to Muslims who built an Islamic center on Malcolm X Boulevard in Roxbury, and Patrick accepted a check for $50,000 to train Massachusetts state employees, including police officers, in Muslim “sensitivity.”

Saudi Embassy officials in Washington, DC echoed the reported statements of U.S. law enforcers who said that the Saudi national “was being questioned as a witness only.”  However, a Boston television station had reported on April 15 that “SWAT teams, police and federal agents have completely surrounded Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, where other injured victims are being treated.”

Radio host Glenn Beck reported that he obtained information from within federal agencies indicating that the same Saudi man, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi, had been issued a student visa to attend college in Ohio but had never enrolled there.  Instead, he was attending a school in Boston and living in Revere with two Saudi roommates.  Beck described Al-Harbi as “a very bad, bad, bad man” and has insisted that a “cover-up” is in progress by the Department of Homeland Security regarding Al-Harbi.

On April 22, Beck began releasing the information gleaned from employees presumably within ICE and the Department of Homeland Security who had reportedly been threatened with “20 years in federal prison” for disclosing that a file had been started on the Saudi man on Tuesday, April 16 with a national security threat designation, then altered on Wednesday by a party as yet unnamed.  Like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Al-Harbi had reportedly been labeled “armed and dangerous” and was scheduled to be deported on April 23.

Beck’s The Blaze recapped a Fox News Sunday interview of House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, who stated that he believes that the Tsarnaev brothers had “a trainer” to help them accomplish their intent to murder and maim Americans. Members of the committee questioning the effectiveness of the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Intelligence Director in preventing domestic terrorist attacks.

The elder Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan, and his mother were reportedly on a terror “watch list” maintained by the FBI.  In January 2012, Tamerlan traveled to Russia and spent six months allegedly visiting relatives.  U.S. authorities are now investigating his activity while there.  The FBI was reportedly warned on several occasions by the Russian government that Tamerlan might be involved in radical activity based on at least one wiretapped phone call in which he and his mother discussed “jihad.”

CBS News reported that Russia had requested cooperation from the United States to investigate potential domestic terrorist plots to be carried out by ethnic Chechens.

The Obama regime and specifically, the FBI, have designated “potential domestic terrorists” as parents who home-school their children, believe in the Bible, quote from the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court cases, and who believe in states’ rights over a powerful central government. Veterans, white men and evangelical Christians have all been depicted as “extremists” by Obama’s political propagandists.  Directly following the Boston atrocity, writers aligned with the Obama regime expressed their “hope” that the perpetrator was “a white American.”

Dzhokar Tsarnaev had indicated an online affinity for Russian terrorists and radical Islam.  He was a student at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth until the time of his arrest following the bombings.

A Middle Eastern expert who spoke to The Post & Email last Friday pointed out that 10% of Newscorp, the parent corporation of Fox News, is owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed and that Newscorp CEO Rupert Murdoch has bought interest in a Saudi media firm.  The expert, Keith Davies, who works with Walid Shoebat, said that Saudi Arabia is “an enemy of the United States” and that the two countries have a relationship not transparent to most Americans and regardless of who occupies the White House.

A man who might have facilitated the radicalization of Tamerlan has been identified, although only by his alleged first name.

Abdullah became king of Saudi Arabia after his half-brother, King Fahd, passed away. Abdullah is reportedly the “wealthiest head of state in the world.”

In 2009, Obama appeared to bend down to kiss the ring or hand of King Abdullah, although the White House said that Obama simply bowed to show respect.  Former President George W. Bush had kissed Abdullah and held his hand in 2005, four years after the 9/11 terror attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people on U.S. soil.

In August 2009, Obama’s then-national security adviser, John Brennan, declared that “the war on terror is over.”  Brennan is now director of the CIA and took his oath on an archival copy of the U.S. Constitution rather than the customary Bible.  It has been widely reported that Brennan converted to Islam many years ago while working for the CIA in the Middle East.

The Obama regime also attempted to cover up the terrorist attack on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 which killed four Americans serving their country overseas.  Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice had both insisted that the torching of the building containing the U.S. ambassador to Libya and other Americans had resulted from a protest, not a terrorist attack as was confirmed by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Muslims have been appointed to prominent positions in the Obama regime, including in national security.  Obama’s Joint Chiefs Chairman, Martin Dempsey, severely chastised and damaged the career of a U.S. Army officer who was teaching an established class to soldiers on the dangers of radical Islam after 57 Muslim groups complained to Brennan that Islam was misrepresented by “biased, false and highly offensive training materials.”  The StandUpAmerica blog operated by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) described Dempsey’s actions as indicative of “complete infiltration” into the U.S. government by Islam.

At the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Saturday, Obama joked about the perception that he was a “young Muslim socialist.”  During the 2008 campaign, he referred to himself as a Muslim in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, after which Stephanopoulos quickly “corrected” Obama’s statement to refer to his alleged “Christian faith,” not “Muslim faith.”

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  1. Man, with all the pictures of all these people smiling, you’d almost think that all these people are having a good time and getting overpaid for doing nothing!? Especially when you see Bari Shabazz and Michelle with all those forced phony pretensive smiles, it’s easy to look honest when your stealing more than what you need. Buyer beware!

  2. The Al-Qaeda boast of bringing America down from the top obviously meant via the 2008 Election Heist of a.k.a. Obama. Whom history will show worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the 9-11 terrorists. God Help America, when it discovers who this man truly is.

  3. Bari Malik Shabazz, your time is getting short and your lies are losing effect. It is time for your arrest, prosecution and execution for High Treason and Identity Fraud with the usurpation of POTUS.

  4. Quite obviously the title is a rhetorical question.
    Be that as it may, the modus operandi of an Islamic takeover of a country begins with immigration, building mosques, bombings until the existing government gives in and then it’s ALL OVER.
    Once Sharia Law is implemented, any Civil Rights that women acquired through the last couple of thousand years are wiped off the face of the earth.
    Look at it this way: the way they treat the lowest, the helpless, those who are unable to protect themselves, and women, are the way they view human life and, for that matter, all life forms.
    Osama Bin Laden said that Muslims will win the war with Western Civilization because they worship Death while us Infidels worship Life.
    There is absolutely no common ground between Islam and the rest of Civilization, which is why, if we don’t deport the Muslims within our borders starting yesterday, we’ll just see more bombings, more killings, more maiming until we submit, unless we get with the program and deport them, and we ought to start with Obama.
    Now would be nice.

    1. After 9/11 Al-Qaeda put the USA and the West on notice saying that the “next time” it would bring down the USA from “the top” in a way Americans would not understand “until it is too late.”

      Sounds like a dismantling of Constitutional order from within, or?

    1. It certainly seems that there is an ungodly affinity between the administration and the “bros.”

      All this because the DNC did not enforce the Constitution and misguided or cowardly Repubs have refused to stand up for the Eligibility Claus.

      One deception begets another, and we see clearly EXACTLY why the Framers stipulated “NATURAL BORN” not “born a citizen” or “naturalized citizen.”

      They wanted a DISTINCT set of qualities and singular loyalty to Our Fair Land.

      Obama is NOT THE REAL DEAL.