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by Doretta Wildes, ©2013, blogging at DorettaWildes

A new phenomenon is making the rounds in Connecticut. It goes something like this:

  • Force a perfectly sane, honorably discharged veteran to undergo a “wellness check” by a couple of police officers.
  • Search his home without a warrant and threaten to blow up his gun safe unless he opens it.
  • Confiscate his legally owned guns.
  • Trap him in a VA hospital psych ward, then declare him unfit to own guns.
  • Keep him locked up for a couple of days just to humiliate and shake him up.
  • Impound his dog.
  • Revoke his gun license.
  • Release him on his own “recognizance.”
  • Leave him with thousands of dollars in copays  for the privilege of being an involuntary inmate of the VA hospital psych ward.

It all happened this February to Navy veteran and Naugatuck resident David Schmecker, who recently told his story on Infowars.com.

A disabled vet who takes pain medications, David says his ordeal began last year when he requested a change in meds.

He was informed by the VA hospital that he would have to undergo psych evaluations and testing first. After David declined, the head trip began.

His doctor called his answering machine to “check up” on him in February and judged David’s phone message to be a bit “strange.” So he called the police and ordered a “wellness check.” See above for the rest of the head trip.

News of David’s ordeal prompted a New York psychiatrist to vouch for him, describing his own experience with the new veteran-targeted gun confiscation psyop. Not only does he validate the fact that this phenomenon is real–part of a government agenda to grab firearms from veterans and weaken the second amendment–but also says that VA psychiatrists are paid handsomely for every successful ambush: $3,000 a head.

Listen to the interview of the psychiatrist here. Be aware that his voice is disguised and identity is not revealed for obvious reasons, but I believe this psychiatric deep throat is a reliable source.

David Schmecker is still trying to retrieve his pistol license and pay for his hospital and legal costs. His dog is back home. His dignity is intact–because he had the courage to speak out.

If you’d like to help David defray the costs of this pernicious, unwarranted and illegal swoop, you can find more details about his story, plus his contact info here.

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  1. New psychiatric DSM codes are being formally issued in May at the American Association of Psychiatrists meeting in San Fran. Refer to an article by Erik Rush of Canada Free Press called ” Be afraid, be vary afraid” from earlier this year. Bottomline — the change from DSM 4 Codes to the newly issued DSM 5 Codes defining what is a mental illness will –EASILY — enable the Regime to declare over 50 % of the US adult population as mentally ill. THIS is the stealth attack against the second amendment. The Marxist / Muslim Invaders are desperate to GET ALL the GUNS because a BIG TIME push back is brewing RIGHT NOW.

    It is clear to me that the RACE to save the Republic is in the Home Stretch. The Race pits the Merxists / Muslim Invaders (lead by Soetoro) against the true blue Patriots — Gen Paul Vallely; the 700 Special Ops group; Sheriif Joe & the Cold Case Posse; Judge Roy ? ? Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Alabama, attorneys Larry Klayman & Orly Taitz and others. If Soetoro gets our guns, then we are finished !! If the Carl Gallups / Mike Zullo / Sheriff Joe arrest game plan is implemented VERY shortly, then the patriots will win the race and the war. And then, we the people MUST be MERCILESS in exterminating ALL the vermin that plotted and planned and damaged this once great country. The Next 60 to 90 days IS THE DEFINING MOMENT for AMERICA, if America is going to survive. You have done a great job of investigative reporting. You may or may not want to post this well informed opinion —- I do NOT care about that either way; just realize THE TIME IS VERY SHORT, before we all go over the cliff if the Invaders are not removed/ exterminated ! The time for writing is now over — ALL GLADIATORS MUST REPORT TO THE ARENA ! GOD SAVE US ALL !