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by OPOVV, ©2013

Has America morphed into a monarchy with a king, queen and dukes who rule over us?

(Apr. 11, 2013) — No, we’re not talking Kings, Queens or Dukes; that’s a topic for another time. Today we’re discussing the “Lowarchy,” the dredges that one finds in any large group: the swindlers, the cheats, the liars and, as with any group, there’s a ladder of who’s on the top rung and what kind of animal lurks under the shadowy bottom rung.

Now I wouldn’t believe there’s anything on this earth that could be possibly lower than a child molester, although there can be “as bad,” like cruelty to animals and people who rape/torture/kill for the “fun of it” (“honor killings” come to mind).

And then we have bullies who inflict fear and corporal punishment on weaker individuals.  These tyrants are found in school yards or in homes where the husband beats his wife. These are the types of individuals who take perverse satisfaction in feeling “superior” over their victims, never realizing that by their own actions they’re condemning themselves to a life of a meaningless existence, and the world would really be a better place without them. These people (men and women) throw acid in women’s faces, gang-rape defenseless girls, and view reality through the lens of mob mentality even though they may disguise their actions “in the name of religion.”

We have arsonists, pistol-whippers, and a whole slew of marginal humanoids who infest both sides of the robber/cop, jailbird/guard coin; journalists who sold their integrity for a job and politicians and other government officials doing the same.

But perhaps the lowest of the low is a person who is so far removed from what society views as good and honorable that they don’t care for anybody, including ALL who inhabit the country they’re living in. Now there’s a fine line that mercenaries are aware of and that’s a decision each must make for himself. For instance, a government employee is told to sell weapons to an enemy of ours, but today this enemy is fighting another enemy of ours, so what does he do:  follow orders which may get our people killed in the future, or quit? But if he doesn’t do it (sell out), surely someone else will.

Each of us has a moral code. Some of us are trustworthy, keep our word, keep our Oath, while others have a lot to be desired. Each of us has to make decisions every day that could impugn our honor, whether we yield when we’re required to, tell the truth, or remembering our transgressions correctly in order to improve one’s life.

There’s a whole separate ladder with its unique scum-covered bottom rung reserved for traitors. One thing about traitors is that, on the whole, they get innocent people maimed and killed by turning their backs on a society that trusted them to exercise their moral code.

Falsifying Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate, allowing our enemy to infiltrate our government is bad enough, but to do it for lousy money is despicable. We have government employees (who know better, know that the Birth Certificates are fakes) who have actively supported Obama’s presidency, and each one is a traitor. Think about honor, and then think about selling out one’s country for money, maybe for hundreds of millions, maybe for a measly buck, but when you get right down to it, it all means the same: TRAITOR.


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