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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Obama using the “national socialist” model of Hitler to indoctrinate children?

(Apr. 7, 2013) — On or about April 6, 2013, a Florida family’s two young boys were allegedly removed from their parents’ custody after the parents attended a rally to protest aspects of government in Louisiana and an alleged discovery of marijuana in the home.

A university professor and commentator on MSNBC, which outwardly boasts a “progressive” orientation and the slogan “Lean Forward,” suggested that children are actually property of “whole communities” and that “better investments” are made once the idea is put into practice.

Hillary Clinton had said that “It takes a village to raise a child.”  In searching for the quote, pages of announcements from various news sources reported that a memoir of Clinton’s is due to be published in 2014 but did not readily produce the information sought.

In 2009, Obama addressed schoolchildren nationally to much opposition by various organizations.  His message to school students asked them to detail ways in which they could “help” him but were explained as “encouraging kids to stay in school.” Obama has focused on promoting the alleged need for education “reform,” paid for from grants from the U.S. Department of Education.  His education secretary, Arne Duncan, believes that preschool-age children should attend school regularly at taxpayer expense.

Although the White House asks that information about Obama’s children be removed from circulation, others’ children praising him have been made quite public.  Obama has surrounded himself with children demanding greater gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting as well as to assist with his re-election campaign through “Families for Obama.”

In Chicago this past February, Obama decried the shooting deaths of children over the past several years to a pre-selected audience to push his gun-control agenda.

Homeschooling families have been the subject of government scrutiny and harassment at local levels in recent years. A Christian homeschooling family who sought political asylum in the United States may face imminent deportation by Obama’s “Justice” Department this year.  Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, a holdover law from the days of Hitler.

Adolf Hitler forced boys and girls to participate in his “Hitler Youth Corps” to indoctrinate them in the ways of aggression, military training and collectivism with the pupose of becoming “prepared for…future duties.”  In a New York Times article dated September 22, 1938 describing a meeting between Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, the “Hitler Youth” were to participate in a “grand parade” and a “wave of enthusiasm” about Mussolini’s partnering with Hitler to create a “renewed demonstration of the political solidarity uniting the two States.”

The Nazi Party received support from “the party newspaper” to publicize and “demand” that youths ages 14-18 join the Youth Corps to fight the Jews in order to save “the Fatherland.”  By the end of 1939, more than 7,000,000 youths had been recruited to the Hitler Youth Corps to promote Hitler’s national socialist ideals.  Youths took the following oath upon joining:

In the presence of this blood-banner which represents our Fuehrer I swear to devote all my energies, and my strength to the Savior of our Country, Adolf Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me God. One People, one Reich, one Fuehrer.

Before Obama’s election to the presidency, a group of black youths dressed partially in Army fatigues praised Obama in a military-type march and drill, chanting in unison, “Yes, we can!” including a push for nationalized health care.  During his first presidential campaign, Obama stated that a “civilian national security force” would be necessary to achieve his unnamed “national security objectives.” An “Obama Youth Corps” has reportedly already been formed and “funded.”

In 2009, a group of children performed a politically-oriented song on national television to promote Obama’s nationalized health care plan using the slogan “Obama says everyone needs health care now.”  At the end of the performance, the CNN anchor made no apparent remarks about the political indoctrination of the song’s lyrics, but rather commented that “If they aren’t running this country, they are going platinum.”

A performance of children in casual uniforms singing a song advocating “change” under Obama has been labeled by YouTube as “potentially offensive or inappropriate” but not removed.

On his political action organization’s website, Obama has a section called “Kids for Obama” which instructs on how children can “get involved” in helping him accomplish his agenda for America.  Children at an unidentified school sing praises to Obama as the “first African-American president” and say that they will study hard “like Barack.”

Obama was reportedly a mediocre student in college, although he refuses to release his records.

How did Hitler think of children?

Hitler used children as props on many occasions but killed millions of Jewish children in the Holocaust in concentration camps, where they died of malnutrition, disease and horrendous living conditions.

Children have actively participated in promoting Obama’s objectives in a collectivist fashion, singing that “change” is necessary but not understanding what that “change” could mean for their individual liberties and constitutionally-guaranteed rights.  Praises to Obama by children have been reported in schools in Houston, New Jersey, and overseas.

Hitler outlawed all political parties except his own.  Obama has set out to ridicule and marginalize any opposition by calling Republicans “members of the ‘Flat Earth Society.'”

Has “Barack Hussein Obama” become the new Fuehrer?  Has the U.S. Department of Education encouraged it?  Praises to Obama have been written using the melody of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Funding from Obama’s health care bill has provided millions of dollars to teach five-year-olds about topics which were once considered the purview of parents at the appropriate time, not schools, indoctrinating children to believe that sexual activity is acceptable as long as it does not result in pregnancy or certain diseases.

In an article published on September 4, 1938, The New York Times reported:

Germans are on the march— from lively youngsters to husky, brown-shirted Storm Troopers—to rally around Chancellor Adolf Hitler in the tenth annual congress of the Nazi party at Nuremberg…The Hitler Youth will have their great day at the rally next Saturday when they will parade before Hitler and other Nazi leaders.

Obama’s Department of Defense is now promoting homosexuality and women serving in combat.  Obama has discouraged or prohibited religious icons from being displayed while he has delivered remarks, and to the outrage of many, the U.S. Army is now actively promoting religious groups as possible domestic terrorists.  The Southern Poverty Law Center equates “Patriot” groups to domestic terrorism and is an active adviser to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice by its own admission.

Two years ago, the Obama regime refused to observe the Defense of Marriage Act signed by former President Bill Clinton and is now challenging the U.S. Supreme Court to embrace homosexual marriage as legitimate and able to imposed on states where the people have voted against it.

Sixty years ago a mother typically stayed home to raise her children, and fathers were generally the breadwinners.  Having both a mother and father have been shown to be beneficial to young children as they grow.  The Bush administration had worked to promote heterosexual marriage for the benefit of the children.  One writer opined that Obama “claimed to be pro-family” but lives his life in an opposite manner.  Reports have surfaced that he and Michelle are not happy together, and in February they took separate vacations. On Thursday, Michelle said that she is a single mother, a statement which the sycophantic press was quick to explain as a “slip” or “mistake.”

Increased funding beginning in the Bush years to the Department of Health and Human Services, which delivers it to state child welfare agencies, is reportedly responsible for a marked increase in children having been removed from their parents’ custody, with 24,000 more removals predicted by 2014.  “Controversial” reasons for child removal have been promoted during Obama’s term, including to promote “health” in the case of obesity.

Obama’s childhood was reported to be a patchwork of single-parent mentoring, an absent father, two divorces on the part of his mother, his maternal grandparents raising him for a time, and his attendance at schools inside and outside of the United States.

In April 2009, a leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security stated that returning veterans, opponents of abortion or illegal immigration could be considered “rightwing extremists.”

“Patriot” can mean Tea Party members who have participated in peaceful protests of government spending and other policies.  Left-wing media have falsely reported that “Most terrorists are Christians.”

The FBI lists Bible-believers and constitutional supporters as “Sovereign Citizens.”  Although the number of such threats is reportedly increasing, a reported 18 convictions were made in 2011.

Although having a ruling in its favor by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2004, the Boy Scouts are again under attack for its principle of forbidding homosexuals from participating as Scouts or scoutmasters.  Pressure from churches which foster inclusiveness regardless of sexual orientation have made if difficult for the Boy Scouts to obtain or retain local sponsorships.

Obama changed the Mexico City policy of prohibiting U.S. funds “international family planning groups” which provide abortions in foreign countries.  Both Barack and Michelle Obama oppose a ban on partial-birth abortion.  The church that the Obama family attended on Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Day, did not preach the Biblical accounts of Christ’s resurrection from the dead to absolve mankind for his sons, but rather, chided at “captains of the religious right” in possible violation of federal law.

Obama’s ideology has reportedly divided many extended families.

What effects do Obama’s policies have on America’s children?  Does Obama consider them the government’s property to indoctrinate?

In his first term, a pro-family group described his cabinet members as “the Most Anti-Life, Anti-Family Radicals.”  What will his second-term cabinet members be?

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