The Other Shoe Just Dropped


by OPOVV, ©2013

The Milky Way Galaxy contains between 200 and 400 billion stars

(Mar. 27, 2013) — Dear Readers of The Post & Email,

I was watching a program the other night about the universe, quasars and black holes, friction, heat, the whole shebang, and the narrator said something about there’s a billion stars in the galaxy we’re now looking at with the possibility that there’s at least a few earth-like planets floating around in there.

Which got me to think that, okay, that’s cool, I’ll buy into that; now what are the chances of someone like me watching the same type of show looking at our own Milky Way galaxy, what about that? Look at it this way: instead of being vast beyond human imagination, let’s bring it all down to earth and say, okay, big is good, AND I’M PART OF IT.

That’s right; the next time you get away from the city lights and look up and actually see the Milky Way, say to yourself that you’re an integral part of the whole, the collection of electrons and nuclei that make up our planet, solar system, Milky Way, local group, part of a string of groups, part of the whole.  That’s you:  no matter how you cut it, YOU’RE PART OF IT ALL.

Of course you’re part of it all when you’re dead, too. But the point is that, right now, this instant, you can think, you can imagine, you have the ability to open the same doors of discovery for others, for people you don’t know, people you’ll never know.

America is unique in many ways, and we’re all aware of the dire straights our country is in, and if you’re one of those who support the destruction of the Beacon of Freedom for the World (an Obot), well, I can’t help you, and really wouldn’t want to, not at this late stage, and I seriously doubt that you’re worth saving if you can’t discern between Slavery and Freedom. And, yes, I understand the argument about Freedom, that you can’t be totally free, you can’t act like a two-year old all your life, but following the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule doesn’t make for a difficult environment in which to raise our young.

In order for a society to function smoothly, everyone has to be aware of the consequences of straying the line, of doing harm to others by stealing a candy bar from a convenience store or insider trading on Wall Street. Committing a crime is bad enough, but what’s even worse for society is when the authorities don’t even go after the lawbreakers, let alone punish them, and there’s no better example than those in the United Nations stealing the money that were to go to starving children in Iraq in the “Oil for Food” program. Billions stolen and not one person was punished.

Like it or not, we’re a World Community, and the so-called policeman of the world, the UN, is corrupt beyond salvation. Secondly, the US has become likewise, allowing people to get away scot-free from taking responsibility of the murder of our Libyan Ambassador, for failing to prosecute those who sold weapons in the Fast and Furious scandal.  They ALL walked, with pay. No one in our government has the integrity to stand up and tell the truth.

So here you are, a part of it all, and because you’re alive you can direct your efforts into talking to people to make them aware that we have a major problem that must be addressed. It’s an information war, and since there are still Americans who are fooled by Obama, the Democrats, and the mainstream media, we need to teach them about the Birth Certificate, the stolen Social Security number, the Muslim Brotherhood, the mosques being nothing other than schools that teach hate and that Islam isn’t a religion but a Totalitarian government system that allows for no variations.

You’re a unique individual, an integral part of the universe. The question is, do you want the universe to be one of Light and Understanding, or are we to succumb to ignorance and hate and wallow in the Darkness? Go forth and spread the Word.


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