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by OPOVV, ©2013

How long will Americans delude themselves about Obama?

(Mar. 25, 2013) — “Well, now, it’s been over four years since the “Yes I Can” was sneaked into the White House, in the dark of night, surreptitiously shoed-in, bypassing the vetting process to see if he’s even a legal immigrant, let alone a US citizen. So, how’s it working out for you, the price of a gallon of gas doubled since 2009?”

“Gas was under-priced. And he showed his Hawaiian Birth Certificate.”

“In order for Muslim families to settle in every country in the world, from Sweden to Canada to New Zealand, the most logical method to raise funds was for the price of a barrel of oil to increase, and the planned invasion is going very well. Do you read the news out of England in regard to the Muslims? The EDL, the English Defence League, an organization which tries to spread the truth about Islam, is on the defense, having been accused of being a terrorist organization from their very own Obots, just as the Department of Homeland Security calls our very own veterans ‘terrorists.'”

“Islam is one of the great religions of the world. And our veterans are terrorists; they have guns. They don’t need guns, it’s why we have the police.”

“Well, now, Islam isn’t a religion, I don’t care if you read it in the encyclopedia or not. It’s a Totalitarian political philosophy which allows no criticism and treats the women as mere chattel, slaves, and when the husband/owner gets tired of them or is displeased with them, then he has the sanction of Islam to murder them as he sees fit. Burying a woman in the desert with just her head above the surface is one popular method, and burying alive is another. As far as our veterans having weapons goes, the police are a reactive force; it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones.”

“I don’t have weapons but if I did have one it would be a shotgun.”

“Good for you. So your wife, when she goes to the grocery store, lugs along the shotgun? What about your daughter going to Community College? Shotgun for her, too?”

“They stay in ‘Safe Zones.’”

“I understand Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet murders by guns occur quite often. How do you explain the fact that criminals just don’t care about the law; it’s why they’re criminals.”

“I’ve nothing to say on that subject.”

“What about our high school students being on the bottom of the list compared with students of other countries?”

“Simple:  we need to spend more money on education.”

“Muslims kill gays whenever they find them in Islamic countries. Obama is a Muslim and he has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. So, doesn’t it follow that, if America succumbs to Sharia Law, that gays will be pushed off tall buildings or hung by streetlights, or cranes?”

“I don’t know anything about that. I’m pro-same-sex marriage and it’ll never happen here.”

“Why in the heck did you vote for him:  a Muslim, a felon, a con artist, a lying bum?”

“He’s Black. He’s our first Black President.”



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