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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is America about to fall off a cliff, or have we already crashed?

(Mar. 21, 2013) — Once upon a time a country was “conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” and welcomed all people who were willing to become a part of an unique social experiment where a person’s choices were limited to the extent of his imagination, all within the framework of the principles of the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, and plain old common sense.

Few restrictions existed to becoming a productive citizen. Basic reading and writing skills in the English language were a necessity, as were industriousness and commitment to the customs and morals of the society. For instance, as a construction company owner, one would not require work on Sunday, just as one would not rustle cattle or rob a bank on any other day of the week, including Sunday, the one day of the week set aside for contemplation while giving rest to the body and nourishment (Bible reading) to the soul.

Many gave up the ultimate sacrifice for the Constitution, the set of rules that limited government’s intrusive powers over the individual, so that the concept of Freedom could be passed from generation to generation.

We find ourselves at a crossroads in the destiny of our country, balanced upon the precipitous cliff, teetering towards the abyss of having failed those who died for our Freedom.  Many have proudly worn the mantle of Patriotism, promoting the concept of equality for all men and women based upon the content of their character and willingness to take that extra step that our Forefathers took before us.   Although there was never a guarantee of success, they knew that Good smites Evil and that the Righteous, in believing in a just cause, have an overwhelming advantage over ignorance, sloth, and deceit.

Yes, we, as a people, have enemies, envious people who have no concept of the work ethic, who substitute excuses rather than plow the field, who have never learned that complaints don’t harvest the grain.  Demonizing the success of others because of their own sloth and slovenly behavior is wrong and immoral, but they can’t see it that way because it’s the way they live themselves.

Just compare Israel to the people on the other side of the border: one side is green and vibrant, the other sand and human misery. One group of people works hard to achieve goals, while the other group complains and beats their women, even calling the murder of their wives and daughters “honor killings.”

The day of the (legal) immigrant (to America) has passed. The people who have arrived in the past 30 years, and especially since 9-11-2001, are here for two reasons. The first is money in the form of payouts by the government. The second is to take over our country, to discard the Constitution which proclaims Liberty for men AND women equally.

In the America of the future there will be no women race-car drivers, no women trying out for an NFL kicker. There will be roaming religious police with the immediate power to hang anybody for any reason.  A woman caught drinking a beer will be cause for torture until death. Gay couples will be strung up or pushed off tall buildings.

Our country is crumbling. Our Constitution has been rendered void. Our military is ineffective. Our news is tainted. We have failed to deport our enemy.

No, there is no “immigration” anymore. It’s called an invasion, pure and simple. The DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security have accelerated the timeline by years, thanks to the wimps in Congress. So go ahead and cheer for Rand Paul and Gov. Chris Christie.  Waste your time, just as we wasted our time over McCain and Romney. Pick losers. Pick worthless, spineless nobodies (Birth Certificate, anyone?) who wouldn’t know where the Sea Bat locker is on a CV.





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