What’s with all the Tea Party Turncoats?


by JB Williams, ©2013

Sen. Rand Paul was elected to public office for the first time in 2010 as the junior U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

(Mar. 20, 2013) — The shocking results of the 2008 election, placing an individual with a totally blank résumé void of any history of accomplishment or experience at running anything, in the highest office in our land, sparked the advent of the great American awaking most often associated with the Tea Party movement.

These independent factions were highly successful in recruiting and electing Tea Party candidates to Congress in 2010 intended to stop Obama’s massive march to global Marxism. Patriotic citizens got up off the couch and directly engaged in the political process with the clear purpose of replacing anti-American establishment politicians with patriotic politicians, but to what end?

Two of the most popular Tea Party politicians of 2010, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, have been brought into the establishment fold, bantered about as “the future of the Republican Party…” But what have they given up in exchange for this meteoric rise in political capital?

During their campaigns for office in the 2010 election, both candidates were aligned with the vast majority of Tea Party supporters on an array of critical issues…

  • Both were opposed to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens
  • Both were strongly for national sovereignty and security
  • Both espoused the Constitutional Rule of Law
  • Both opposed nationalized health care
  • Both opposed second amendment infringements
  • Both opposed unbridled federal authority
  • Both called themselves “constitutionalists”
  • Both opposed foreign entanglements and Obama’s toppling of foreign governments
  • Both promised to balance the federal budget
  • Both opposed any further raising of the debt ceiling

However, since their election in 2010, both have moved further and further to the left, no longer representing those who placed them in power and becoming more and more just another set of establishment Republicans.

Even Tea Party hero Glenn Beck was forced to call for a third party after Marco Rubio became the new national leader of the amnesty for illegals movement. Beck had a total meltdown on his Internet TV show when Rand Paul joined Rubio in support for amnesty for millions of illegals. Beck should have stood up for the Constitution on Article II four years ago. Every true constitutionalist knew that allowing Article II to die would allow the entire constitution to die.

Both men serve in Congress as the national debt continues to skyrocket and Congress fails to even pass a single authorized budget in more than four years. Neither has confronted the affront to Article II ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, neither objected to the most fraudulent election in American history, and Rubio refuses to disqualify himself from the Oval Office as the Natural Born son of two Cuban citizens, thereby not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States at birth. So much for the Constitution and Rule of Law…

Neither of these Tea Party darlings is telling the American people the truth, that Obama & Co. are forcing America into a third world status under a global New World Order and that our Constitutional Republic is already dead unless the American people save it themselves one state at a time.

So-called “conservative think tanks” like Heritage Foundation and Wall Builders, both working inside the beltway with the RNC establishment to oppose States’ and Individual Rights, have turned on the people, and many Tea Party candidates at both the federal and state levels have been fooled into supporting the federal establishment elites by opposing States’ and Individual Rights as well.

The bottom line is that Tea Party folks made a critical error in their effort to regain control of their runaway government. Instead of electing people they didn’t need to control after the election, people with a solid conservative moral compass who would do the right things no matter the odds, they tried to elect politicians that they could control… Now they are learning the hard way that when you elect people you want to control, you can’t control them after the election.

Lesson learned, I hope. So, on to the next stage of rescuing our Constitutional Republic.

Best I can tell — there is no one in Washington, D.C. today who is truly on the side of the American people. This means that there is no one in Washington, D.C. who should matter to the American people anymore. Washington, D.C. is not the solution to anything — it is, in fact, the problem today.

The so-called “experts” and “leaders” of our nation are leading the nation to total ruin. Through their use of Democratic Socialism via the Democratic Socialists of America congressional caucuses, Black, Progressive and Hispanic, our federal government is actively engaged in changing America from a Constitutional Republic to a third world member of the Global One World Order.

Like Rand Paul, Sen. Marco Rubio was elected to the U.S. Senate as Florida’s junior senator in 2010

American Democrat voters seem entirely clueless to the workings of their own party today. They claim to oppose socialism but support socialized health care. They claim to support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, yet support politicians who spend all day, every day assaulting the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Many Republican voters are only marginally better educated as to what is really happening in America today. Those age 50 and up seem keenly aware of the overt destruction of the greatest nation ever known to mankind. But those under age 50 seem entirely sold on “an acceptable level of socialism” as long as they can keep their big screen TV lifestyle.

Those who believe that communism died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union have never met Yuri Bezmenov. According to former Chaplain to the One World Order elite Pastor Lindsey Williams, “The Elite do not want a financial collapse or catastrophic event with the American dollar for at least two to three years, which gives people temporary economic opportunities, he continued. The reason behind this is “forced debt creation” such as through college loans, and government spending, he said. This will bring debt levels up so high that when the Elite get ready to pull the plug on the currencies of the world, people will give up the Constitution, and accept a new world order, he outlined, adding that the end game for this scenario was four years.”

He may or may not be right about the timing, but he is on the mark regarding the international elite’s plan for America and a future Global Government endorsed not only by the United Nations, but our own federal government, put in motion during the Clinton Administration.

Why are none of the Tea Party politicians telling the American people the truth?

Why have none of them stood up against our fraudulent Oval Office occupant?

Why has Congress not passed a federal budget in over four years?

Why are Tea Party politicians allowing our military to be decimated under homosexual experiments and sequester assaults on the budget while billions in foreign aid are still pouring out of the country, often to known terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why is gun-running in Mexico and all over the Middle East allowed to continue?

Why are none of the congressional investigations into a myriad of treasonous acts by the Obama administration going anywhere?

Why did members of Congress try to remove the Article II Natural Born Citizen requirement for office from the Constitution on eight different occasions leading up to the 2008 election?

Why is our federal government the biggest “prepper” in America, stockpiling millions of weapons, ammunition and military vehicles under DHS?

Why is our government desperate to disarm law-abiding American citizens while arming known terrorists all over the globe?

Why are dozens of known Jihad training camps allowed to exist on American soil while our veterans and patriotic citizens are being labeled “potential domestic terrorists?”

Where are the Tea Party Caucus members, as Obama drives our nation deeper and deeper into an economic abyss, following the same ill-fated fiscal policies that have the European Union on the verge of total collapse?

The American people had better forget about Washington, D.C. altogether and focus all energy on saving the Constitutional Republic state-by-state. They had better stop trying to play politics and start doing the right things, where they can influence the outcome, at the state and local levels.

They had also better stop waiting for anyone else to do the heavy lifting and start doing some heavy lifting for themselves. Tennessee is poised to be the first state in the union to pass a Constitutional Balance of Powers Act, setting the state on a proper footing to challenge federal abuses of power. A few other states are poised to follow the lead of Tennessee.

But to save our Constitutional Republic, most of the states will have to take similar actions immediately, or the people will lose their Constitutional Republic before the end of Obama’s second term.

At what point will Tea Party folks across the country stand up and force the people they put in power to do the right things? At what point will they hold their politicians accountable?


3 Responses to "What’s with all the Tea Party Turncoats?"

  1. Bob Russell   Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 2:25 PM

    I agree with Beck, and have been calling for a new political [arty for quite some time. Even good decent local people I know are buying the “party first” loyalty crap from republikrats. I am now an Independent again.

  2. Stephen Hiller   Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 7:38 AM

    “Power corrupts – absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  3. OPOVV   Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 5:56 AM

    Hey JB,
    Thank you for writing such a great editorial.
    Be they active or remotely controlled shills for the anti-American Obama regime, that is not the question, for who are we to question the motives of a politician except to get AT ANY COST reelected?
    CPAC adequately demonstrated to one and all, for the umpteenth time, that we’ve but ONE political party in the US: Democrats + Republicans = The Federal Reserve Party, and they set the rules (and if you don’t believe me, just replay the campaigns of McCain and Romney and do a search for “Birth Certificate”).
    Everyone at the CPAC convention had to know Orly Taitz was “in house”, but they sure did a great job of hiding that “inconvenient” fact.
    As far as “amnesty” for illegal immigrants, what do Paul, Rubio and the others care for the rule of law if they don’t even acknowledge that we better get out act together (guns and ammo) if we’re to keep OUR country?
    We do what we can with what we have, trouble is there’s millions of Americans who are too stupid to realize what’s happening before their very eyes.
    These fellow citizens are paving the way to their own destruction and THEY DON’T CARE. They actually believe the lies and no amount of truth, no exposure to the facts, will change their course one iota. They are actually proud to hate America and the Constitution, to love our enemy as much as they hate equality for women and free speech, democracy, dogs, animal rights issues, and anything that has to do with The Golden Rule and Christianity.

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