Rhetorical Questions? We Don’t Need No More Stinkin’ Rhetorical Questions!


by Neil B. Turner, ©2013, Founder, Citizens for the Constitution

The American people’s demands for Barack Hussein Obama to release documentation proving his identity and history have been ignored by Congress, the courts, and the White House

(Mar. 17, 2013) — Questions like:

  • Why would Obama bow down to Dictators, Potentates, and Islamic Kings?
  • Why would Obama say that he gave the order to kill the long-dead Osama bin Laden, and then bury the forensic proof of this ‘re-elect me deed’ at sea? (NOTE: Even Navy SEAL Mark Owen, author of ‘No Easy Day’, said that they couldn’t identify the person they killed and carried away as Osama bin Laden. One of Obama’s ‘people’ had to ‘ID’ it in a hangar in Iraq – before they flew the ‘body’ away again for ‘burial at sea’, a non-Muslim ‘Muslim tradition’).
  • Why would Obama and his thugs say that the Republicans want to kill old people when they (the Republicans) try to kill the ‘old-people-killing’ Obamacare?
  • Why would Obama lie about:
    Ø  Benghazi?
    Ø  His Muslim faith?
    Ø  His Birth Certificate; his forged Selective Service Registration; his stolen SS# 042-68-4425?
  • Why would Obama want to raise taxes in a recession?

The answers to these and hundreds of other like-minded stupid (yes, STUPID) ‘rhetorical questions’ (FAQ’s) are obvious:

The person who is known as Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/AKA??? is:

  • A non-natural born Citizen (the preponderance of evidence would indicate that he is an Illegal-Alien, born anywhere but Hawaii) who is ineligible for the Office of President – making everything he says or does or appoints or signs – NULL and VOID, and making him ‘triable’ for Treason and/or Sedition;
  • A Muslim and follower of Islam (there is no evidence that he converted from Islam – per his Indonesian school records – to Christianity) – whose political and doctrinal aim is the complete subversion and overthrow of the Constitution for the United States, the annihilation of all those who are unwilling to convert to Islam, and the subjugation of the remaining converts to Islam to Sharia Law; (NOTE: It is now common knowledge that the ‘Obama administration’ has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood);
  • A usurper who was ‘installed’, twice, in the Office of President of the United States, – not elected by fair and impartial Constitutional votes of the people. (An Emperor Without Clothes),
  • “The greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.” (© 2012 Clint Eastwood)

Forget about the FAQ’s. No, the real questions are the Frequently Unanswered Questions (FUQ’s):

  • Who (or what) is it that has the power to turn our Media, our Courts, and our elected and appointed ‘leaders’ into deaf, dumb, and blind ‘blithering idiots’ when it comes to the question of who Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/AKA??? is, his obvious ineligibility for the Office of President, and his obvious acts of treason?
    • Who (or what) has the power to take the issue of Obama’s INELIGIBILITY and acts of TREASON off the table?

Since the media, conservative and liberal alike, only ask the rhetorical questions, while continuously paying homage to and legitimizing the usurper, thereby perpetuating these acts of treason, then it becomes obvious that it is the MEDIA, CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL ALIKE, who are just as much responsible for the imminent demise of our Constitutional Republic.

From Glenn Beck to Brian Williams, from Sean Hannity to Chris Matthews, from Michelle Malkin to Rachael Maddow, from Bill ‘I Saw the Birth Certificate’ O’Reilly to Bill Maher, from Ann Coulter to Arianna Huffington, from Mark Levin, Lou Dobbs & Judge Napolitano to Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, & Matt Lauer – all have become like blithering idiots when it comes to the real question of

  • Who (or what) has the power to take the issue of Obama’s INELIGIBILITY and acts of TREASON off the table?

NOTE:  Just two weeks ago, even Glenn Beck, the most dedicated, vociferous and effective exposer of the acts of Treason by Obama and his thugs, publicly stated on TheBLAZETV: “I have been called a ‘Birther’. Even though I’ve exposed the ‘Birther Nonsense’ over and over again. But it just doesn’t matter.”

I’ll tell you what doesn’t make sense. It’s that kind of blithering insanity of dismissing the number one crime of Obama (forged ID’s and a self-published stolen SS#042-68-4425 that fails E-Verify) as ‘Birther Nonsense’.  When such an intelligent and dedicated seeker of the TRUTH (The Truth Starts Here) as Glenn Beck gives such stupid and idiotic answers to the burning Frequently Unanswered Questions (FUG’s) of

  • Who (or what) has the power to take the issue of Obama’s INELIGIBILITY and acts of TREASON off the table?

… then you know wherein the problem lies.

Our only hope to stave off massive civil unrest appears to be:

  • Informing the masses of the massive treason that is taking place before their very eyes, and;
  • Making sure that our Military (Officers and Enlisted alike) will uphold their oaths – and not follow unlawful orders from an unlawful holder of the Office of Commander in Chief, and;
  • Getting the Becks and the Hannitys and the Malkins and the Coulters, the Levins, the Dobbses, and the Judge Napolitanos (forget about O’Reilly – there’s no hope there) to tell us:
  • Who (or what) has the power to take the issue of Obama’s INELIGIBILITY and acts of TREASON off the table?

When we find the answer to that one great Frequently Unasked Question, we may be able to save and restore our Constitutional Republic. Until then, we are faced with a Congress of baboons who must look themselves in the mirror each morning wondering ‘who (or what) has the power to make me lose my way … and my mind … and my shame … and my conscience?’

Neil B. Turner graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1957 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He served his country for 7 years as an Army Aviation Officer, then lived internationally in such diverse countries as Germany, The Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. In 2008, he was a CA Elector for the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Chuck Baldwin, and has been involved in the Article II, Section 1 constitutional requirements for the Office of President ever since.

He can be reached at: NBTurner@RoadRunner.com


One Response to "Rhetorical Questions? We Don’t Need No More Stinkin’ Rhetorical Questions!"

  1. Sidesaddle   Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    Dear Mr. Turner,

    Thank you for a ‘sage’ editorial! I heartily concur with everything you have written.

    I sit here scratching my head wondering why Glenn Beck was a guest speaker at CPAC.

    “Low information voters” and a few ‘aspiring’ politicians abound everywhere. Is it any wonder why people are leaving the Tea Party and CONgress is full of wimps!

    Thank you again for stating the truth.

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