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by OPOVV, ©2013

Obama’s long-form birth certificate, presented to the public almost two years ago, has been reported to be a forgery by a law enforcement investigation, but Obama remains in office without accountability

(Mar. 11, 2013) — What we have, as close as I can tell, are round objects atop appendages emanating from a trunk. Within this sphere, like-object magnetic fields are in constant flux, even when dormant. The total absence of electrical activity is sufficient cause to render the verdict “deceased” (electrical and magnetic fields are manifestations of spinning electrons resulting in differences in polarity). Some subjects (spheres) have normal impulses while others have out-of-whack impulses, and we call those objects “Obots.”

The electrical brain activity of an Obot has billions of short circuits and is, in reality, incapable of rational thought. Here’s a for-instance: if a document is proven to be a forgery, it is, in fact, a forgery and therefore not to be substituted for the real thing. You and I can readily understand that a fake, when substituted as real, is still a fake, but, if you were an Obot, a fake somehow becomes the real McCoy just because it has been substituted.

If any of you needs an appraisal to have the authenticity of a signature or artwork verified, please don’t ask an Obot, because if they’re incapable of understanding that the TWO Birth Certificates presented by the Obama camp are total and complete fakes (in other words, object manufactured to deceive for the nefarious purpose of spreading disinformation [a lie]), how could they ever be trusted to tell you the truth about what you need verified?

And here’s more. I just learned today that the Democratic Party does not stand for nor supports the concept of capitalism. Oh, I knew that it morphed into wholehearted support of Socialism, but I didn’t realize that they hated everything about America, even though I was aware of the litany: not believing in the Constitution, the Bible, God, apple pie and Mom. Think of Obots as dirty little snitches turning in their parents for calling Obama an illegal immigrant to the DHS and you’ll get the picture, just as the Hitler Youth contacted the Gestapo in 1930’s Nazi Germany whenever their parents called Hitler the “Austrian Paperhanger.

People in our military, in addition to not having their ballots counted, have to keep their mouths shut and their thoughts to themselves in regard to the utter incompetence and professional failure to lend assistance to troops who called for help, referring to Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. I have a World War II friend who flew B-24’s out of Benghazi and he said it is “a hell of a place to die.”  Well, four Americans did die, and they might have been saved. Our troops don’t get First Amendment rights on this subject for fear of punishment and being prematurely discharged.

Making up any “fact” to fit is okay as you go along; after all, “What difference does it make?” Maybe hearing the truth, Hillary; now wouldn’t that be a novel idea?

What a joke. Here it is, approaching FIVE YEARS and still no Birth Certificate, the bum is still using a stolen Social Security number, he lied on the Selective Service Registration, and nothing has been done.

Oh, I know, our VP is a total incompetent, but at least he’s an American. On further review, he’s not even our Constitutionally qualified VP since the Obama/Biden ticket is invalid since Obama’s invalid because, you guessed it:  Obama isn’t Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of president of the US.

Just maybe, if the truth is told long enough, it will finally sink in that Obama needs to be deported back to Indonesia, at the least, after he returns all the money that he’s stolen from us taxpayers.


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  1. The simplest explaination, OPOVV, is that it all depends on what the definition of “IS” is. I suggest that the OBOTS do not believe in light sources but in a variety of “Dark Suckers”. You know those things that suck the dark out of a room, an area, the sky or shed light on what they want to hide. Yep, the light bulb is not a light bulb but just a Dark Sucker and the biggest Dark Sucker of them all in our neck of the universe is the Sun. Obots/Socialists/Liberals/Democrats/Politicians never let the LIGHT of day shine on anything they do; they hate Dark Suckers and We the People fit their definition of a Dark Sucker.
    Semper Fi

    1. Man, that was good. Funny. You get the award for the Best Comment Ever!
      And, please, take this as a sincere compliment, but ONLY a True Red Blooded Apple Pie Made-in-the-USA Marine could’ve come up with “Dark Suckers”.
      I’m just guessing here, but you just had to be a DI.
      Semper Fi